The Rockstar - Journey's End

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An old homily states that, “one should save the best for the last”! The final book in The Rockstar trilogy brings the story of Aaron Donnelly to a likely end. As a fledgling writer, I learned much in my odyssey of writing a novel and gained much experience. As a result, i feel this last book was the best. It was intended to draw a positive closure to a series of denouements that emerged in the story.

In journey's end, justice is served but does that end the story? What about righting the many emergent wrongs? When you have fame and fortune you can do many things. The Rockstar assumes a quest to make things right and fulfill his one final music dream.

Table of Contents

Tribulations and Trials

“Daddy, Daddy!Why are you crying?”  The little voice of Aaron Michael Donnelly penetrated the dark mists of the sleeping Rocksta... Read Chapter

The New Trial

“All Rise!  The Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta is now in session.  Justice Stanley McGovern presiding.”  With tha... Read Chapter

The Family Evolves

“Daddy, Daddy, Mommy, Mommy!  We are home in Hawaii!  Luana, Apollo and I walked to the edge of the beach.There are many new ... Read Chapter

Challenges of Altruism

The Rockstar’s homecoming from the hospital was akin to the clusters of adoring fans he experienced during his many years as a performe... Read Chapter

New Sole of Soul to Soul

Upon his return home from the business trip to the mainland, the Rockstar needed to reconnect with his preferred reality.  He spent ... Read Chapter


Going home to experience another Canadian winter drew the Rockstar and his family to the mainland.  Not entirely so was the case as ... Read Chapter

The Many Faces of Success

Home in Hawaii was a welcome relief for the entire Donnelly family upon their return from the mainland.  Everyone felt good about th... Read Chapter

Life Happens

Life back at home in Hawaii evolved into a gentle routine based on initiatives that were now functioning smoothly.  Sales and chart ... Read Chapter

Evil Resurfaces

The spectre of something subconsciously feared is always with us.  The Rockstar’s spectre surfaced very early one morning when his... Read Chapter

The Last Hurrah

The overnight flight home from Calgary was an opportunity to sleep a little and debrief what happened less than 24 hours ago.  It wa... Read Chapter

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