A Dangerous Game # 3_ Fishbait True Colors

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

To a large degree Fishbait already knew I wasn't committed to being single and living alone. He used this vulnerability against me. My openness to remarriage


This was The first Valentine's that Fishbait was living with me,  My emotions which were running rampant were my responsibility, not his


I wanted to be at the Sweetheart Banquet, the dinner theater. It wasn't socially acceptable for a widow of five months to be out socializing in the community. To most it would appear that I have no respect for my departed husband. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The truth is I have no respect for loneliness. I was breaking a social norm. But, tonight I didn't care.


Fishbait,was the new crew member. He was the newest member of my household. And,  I thought Fishbait could and should be my escort..At his own insistence he was bound to me by a collar ceremony and his signature on a Mistress/ slave contract. I was trying my best to ignore the BDSM and slavery aspect of the relationship.


The reasons he should have accepted the invitation was I asked him. At 55 I wasn't a fashion model. But, I wasn't the Bride of Frankenstein either. I admit Fish Bait was 17 years my junior. Still, were these reasons to decline my invitation. 


 I had purchased the tickets. I had purchased the clothes we both would wear. 


The clothes maybe shouldn't count. I would have purchased clothes for Fish Bait because he was still wearing the white Capri pants he had on when I met him and welcomed him into my home and aboard my ship. And, it still wasn't an acceptable look for an adult man.


 The second reason t thought he would accept was  It was a free meal and dinner theater. Dinner theater was more  my and Gnarly's outlet. It was a taste culture and refinement not usually found at sea or in space.ii


 All Fish Bait had to do was show up and behave like any gentleman would. That could be where I went wrong, I expected a pirate to conduct himself as a gentleman for one evening.


The greatest reason Fishbait should have willingly  accepted was it is an honor to dine at the Captain's table.or, am I mistaken. 


Aboard ship,land, sea, or space he was my Swabby, and cabin boy. Fishbait had consensually agreed to become my slave. Two separate contracts that of  cabin boy and that of slave said he was to be attentive to me and my needs. Both contracts specified Fishbait would serve me and my crew. Tonight I required his service as a dinner companion.


Fishbait had his excuses for not wanting to escort me to the Valentine's banquet. He rationalized that he and I were not sweethearts. He had zero romantic interest in me and I in him. There was absolutely no chance he was anticipating having sex with me. His excuses for not finding me sexually attractive were my age, my weight, and the private personal information he'd pirated from my digital diaries and journals. His evidence against me was at age 21 I was sexually assaulted by two black men. From information he had no business reading, I was condemned , a traitor to my race and my species.


Fishbait was a bigot , A bigot is a person who is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles, or identities that are different from their own. Mostly, the person's opinions are based on prejudice. He was a hypocrite as well, he wouldn't romance me, or be seen in public with me but, he didn't have a problem living in my house, sleeping in my bed and eating my food. Also, he had no problem taking my money whether he earned it or not.


His thieving upset me some but, pirates steal , it is what they know best.


Tonight I'd play my Mistress / slave card if being his Captain and host failed to bring me the results I wanted. I was going to the Sweetheart Banquet with Fish Bait if it meant I'd have to go into Hell and fight the devil.


 Throughout the evening Fishbait was a hopeless womanizer. I forced myself to adopt some tolerance of him and his clit chasing demeanor. No one, not even a fit chaser like Fish Bait was going to spoil my evening.


Clit chasers are charming


Charming, Fishbait was charming at times. He was very charming , if a woman had something he wanted or thought he needed. My problem was and still is,he is seldom charming with me. Fishbait is attentive with every woman he sees. When he is with me, I want him to be attentive with me. Fishbait is flirtatious. Again, when he's with me on a date, celebrating some special occasion for me, I expect him to be flirtatious toward me.


Clit chasers are overly complimentary.


He’s overly complimentary. I've heard these words quite often  “You have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.” “You’re gorgeous, and I don’t throw that term around lightly.” 


“I’ve never been able to open up with a woman the way I have with you.” Fishbait usually used flattery and compliments while he was robbing my wallets and bank accounts. He never stopped  electronically cyberpiraten others including me.


If he says all of this to another woman within the first five minutes of your date with him, he's a womanizer.and if he's Fish Bait, he's after your money and sexual favors that will not be reciprocated.


When Fishbait spoke to me he called me Kathy or one of three other women's names. I not only knew there were other women, I knew he was getting under my skin. And, I knew he was purposely not keeping us apart. I wanted to keep my composure. I could manage that , I have years of experience keeping my emotions in check. and I wanted to even the score but , how?


 I was being humiliated. This campus was Gnarly and my Alma_ Marta. Whatever I choose to do or have done to correct the situation, it has to be subtle but effective. I have to teach this Swabby pirate a lesson he'll never forget.


I wasn't thinking much about it, but, when I met his mother on the phone she had the same difficulty keeping my name straight. She also warned me " Get Away from him as quickly as possible, He will hurt you. He has hurt other women before you. I seriously doubt you'll be any different.


What was his " Mommy " telling me without actually saying the words ? What injury had he caused another woman ? Why was his mother telling me he will hurt me and to get away from him as soon as possible. I agree what he has done to others, he'll do to me.


While we were " on a date " Fishbait was texting other women.  I shouldn't have eavesdropped but, I had surpassed my endurance for public humiliation. I glanced at his phone and A third  of his online contacts appeared far too young for a 39 year old man. 


I had given Fishbait permission to date other women that permission did not mean he could date multiple women while he was dating me. My permission came with a requirement, The requirement was that he be discreet. I wrongly thought he would have enough common sense to not flaunt his gigolo ways in front of me.


The images looked very elementary and junior high in age. I'm not prepared to suggest that Fish Bait is or has ever been a pedophile. That is a serious accusation.one I will not make without ironclad evidence.


Fishbait the womanizer, was doing his best to convince me he was my future. He did his best to paint rainbows and unicorns in my womanly mind.


 I feasted on the attention he was showing me knowing it was a fleeting illusion. I had not been charmed or glamoured for three almost four months. This was the root of my vulnerability..I needed a man's attention.


His plan was for me to bring his mother into my home. He and mama would have be declared incompetent, unfit for command. Fishbait was already telling some people he was my caregiver. I wasn't too concerned, at first, most people in the community knew the truth. And many told him he was lying. I didn't need anyone taking care of me.


 When I spoke my words broke the charm. Fishbait, you're free to visit your mother anytime you have the passage home . Your mama can visit us as often as she wants but she can't stay. I operate a business and it isn't a boarding house.

To a large degree Fishbait already knew I wasn't committed to being single and living alone. He used this vulnerability against me. My openness to remarriage was my weakness. 


His solution to my vulnerability and soft desire to be remarried was for him to pimp me out. 


He seemed bewildered when I flaty refused to participate in what I considered sexual slavery  I wasn't about to date some unsuspecting man and during the night take his wallet. 


 I wasn't bringing my I'll gotten gain home to Fishbait .Prostitution isn't my kind of party. 


 Fishbait is : a criminal who is associated with, usually exerts control over one or more prostitutes . I am no prostitute.


He charms women to make use of  them often dishonorably for his own  gain or benefit. This womanizer is a pimp.


Fishbait said his mommy does it all the time. There isn't anything wrong with dating men for the services they can provide. He seemed confident once his mother lived with us, we'd have a portion of her dating revenue.


I leaned in as close as I could and whispered " Fishbait, pandering is a felony. Attempting to solicit anyone for Prostitution is pandering. Trust me you don't want to go to prison, not here. He was too engulfed in the game for my warnings to register. I was going to  have to try another approach.


Fishbait, when we get home, you and I are going to have a serious talk. After we talk I think two hours seated on the cucking stool". will provide the necessary time you need to rethink your words and actions . To drive home the point I'll  have several crew members parade you and your cuckling stool through town, especially this college campus.


Mistress, Captain Maria, please not that. The cuckling stool has no seat, not even a commode seat. It is humiliating and painfully uncomfortable. Everyone will see my junk. Please ! Don't embarrass me.


Yes, just as your behavior and conversation has been humiliating and uncomfortable for me.  Tonight You've been an embarrassment to me. Your punishment is subject to being repeated for every phone call from some lady's husband, father, brother,or boyfriend. That isn't fair. You can't do that, it hasn't been voted on.


I've made an executive decision. The punishment will be executed.


Captain, I'm sorry. I've learned my lesson. It will never happen again. I promise.


I know exactly how sorry you are.. And I know exactly how sorry you're going to be. The purpose of punishment is to have you think about your inappropriate behaviors and hopefully you'll not repeat the offense again.


Fishbait didn't have platonic girlfriends. He didn't need female friends, women were  in existence to serve the needs of men and discarded when they were no longer useful.


These are all traits of a womanizer. A womanizer knows exactly how to make a woman feel special, different from the rest, and like his one and only. The difference  between a traditional womanizer and Fishbait is that a womanizer acts in this manner to get in your pants. Fishbait wants to enslave you and steal your wealth.


As I cautioned him it could be,  Fishbait the punishment was repeated 32 times. I punished him each time someone complained about his behavior and sternly requested I reign in my Husband. Fishbait was not my husband.


As I am the justice system aboard my ship and within my home  the justice, would take it one step further and strap him into a "ducking stool". I could dunk him 32 times in the nearest river or pond.There was a chance he would die.His crime wasn't worthy of death, at least not yet.



I am more inclined to use the scold's  bridle on him. The Scold's Bridle was an iron cage for the face, used to punish "those  – who nagged, gossiped, talked back, or just talked too much. The bridle would be locked on to his  head, and a protruding piece of metal covered in spikes would be forced inside his mouth. Every time he  moved his tongue, the spikes would lacerate it. If he can't talk, he can't flirt and entice young women.it may curb his lying


Sometimes the bridle  was chained to a hook by the fireplace in the home until he learned his lesson. Or  he could be led through town wearing the mask to increase the humiliation. The walk of shame sounds delicious after what he has put me throughWhatever punishment I select it will Be memorable.



Submitted: April 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 M.L. Williamson Hume. All rights reserved.

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