A Dangerous Game 4 _ Shipboard Justice

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Fishbait deprived Captain Gnarly Hume of his sacred resting place. This is unacceptable even for a pirate. The code has not been written to adequately punish your offense.

Desanctification is the deliberate act of vandalism or burglary that deprives a   deceased person or an object of its sanctification or sacred status .


Fishbait deprived Captain Gnarly Hume of his sacred resting place.  This is unacceptable even for a pirate. The code has not been written to adequately punish your offense.


When you directed your Captain  to dispose of her late husband's ashes . You sojourned to cause her to dispose of the urn and contents in an illegal manner. you enticed her to commit desanctification. You solicited her to join in your crime.


Fishbait argued, " i did not tell her to throw his urn or ashes in the Waste Management dumpster. I forbade her to keep his ashes in the house where I lived. Having his remains on her side of our bed was creepy. Your honor, she could have kept her former husband outside in a flower pot, she could have buried him.


Fishbait, your Captain, could have buried her husband's ashes. But, the ashes were her property , to do with as she pleased. If having his remains resting on her bedside table brought her comfort , what gave you the authority to deny your Captain that right?

Swabby, you're among the lowest enlisted members of her crew, your place is to take orders, not give them. The ship's roster lists you as a Swabby, cabin boy and slave. I fail to see where you have the authority to forbid anything.


But, having him there, that close to her was creepy.


Swabby, you're not in a position to determine what is or isn't creepy. The remains of Captain Gnarly Hume and you are property of Captain Maria Hume. I think your superstition has gotten the best of you. 


Swabby, slave are you afraid of the competition ? When competing for her heart Captain Gnarly will win everytime. 


No, I have no romantic interest in the Captain.Your Honor I lived there. Too. Didn't I have the right to be comfortable ?


If we forgo the slavery issue, there remains the fact, you were her scrubby, a deck hand and cabin boy by hire. If you were dissatisfied with the living or working conditions aboard her ship, you had the right to find other employment that better suited you.


Where was I supposed to go? Where was I supposed to live and work? I am a convicted felon.


Yes, three times a convicted felon.  But, aren't we all. Every pirate aboard any pirate vessel is a condemned man or woman awaiting execution. 


By right,and by law, you should be living in a cell at Huntsville, Prison in Texas. You should be working at whatever odd job the prison assigned you.


 If the other judicial systems had done their job. We wouldn't be here.you would have a home for life. If Texas had not released you, Captain Maria's life would not be hanging in the balance along with her career.


When your Captain, Maria, obeyed you and dropped the urn into a public trash bin you and she did knowingly desecrate his grave. Death and eternal damnation in Hell is the punishment for your crime.


Maria Hume, there is no excuse or justification for you, a superior officer to follow instructions given by an enlistee. If Fishbait was truly your slave property , you would not place any more value on him or his commands than you would instructions given by your shoe. 


There is but one defense, insanity. Temporary or permanent insanity and to voluntarily relinquish command. Your actions in this matter testify negatively, where Fishbait is concerned, Captain you're unfit to command. Too often  you've extended undeserved lenancy to the crew member Fishbait. Captain your Command is terminated immediately. Maria, is he worth it ? Is he worth relinquishing your life's work?


 After numerous consultations with many legal authorities on the topic it is best described in the words of a former U.S. President There is no punishment which can justly fit the heinous nature of the offense. Therefore, you are to be punished under spiritual or Biblical law.


I personally disagree. But, I am no longer Captain. There are established laws that define the offense and punishment thereof.2032  Mississippi StatuteTitle 21. Crimes and Punishments


§21-1161.1. Desecration of a human corpse - PUniversal Citation: 21 OK Stat § 21-1161.1 (2032 )  which clearly states, " It is unlawful for any person to knowingly and willfully desecrate a human corpse for any purpose" 


In your written statement to the court you stated that Maria Deathbringer Hume murdered her Captain and husband on or near September 9,2070  The court has found no evidence of murder by euthenasia. If your statements were true, the Universal Citation: 21 OK Stat § 21-1161.1 (2032 )  applies to anyone Tampering with the evidence of a crime;


 The Universal statues also cover the disposal of a human body.which returns us to the business at hand.


The laws of Moses Biblical and spiritual law  decree that a thief will repay what he has taken from the victim sevenfold. If convicted,  This court orders that you will purchase seven urns identical to the one you caused to be thrown in the Waste Management dumpster.


 You will find the ashes of Captain Gnarly Hume and return them to his widow sevenfold. The court does not care how you produce the items and the content only that it be done . Seven days from this date you will deliver the urns and ashes of the departed to his widow with the DNA diagnostic proof that every ash is that of her husband.


 Fishbait pleaded, " Your honor, there is no way I can comply.  How do I resurrect the dead?


You do it, Find a way? You've destroyed a good woman with her career. This Commander finds no mercy for you. Your former shipmates find no mercy, It is unanimous, Fishbait, you're worthy of death.


 How ? 


Fish Bait, there are some acts of arrogance that can never be undone. Hopefully, this portion of the sentence will educate you, some sarcastic words can never be taken back or made right.


Son, no amount of restitution can ever atone for this one deliberate act . It is my hope , the hope of this Tribunal you will learn for every carelessly spoken word there is a consequence that will be paid.


 For this heinous act there can be no forgiveness. You will complete the sentence the best way you can.


The Captain of the accused and widow of the victim approached the newly elected Captain and judge,  Your honor, Fishbait, will not be able to fulfill the terms of the Biblical sentence handed down by this court . 


Fishbait, my co defendant, has returned the original urn with only minor blemishes. I have recovered what I believe to be one / third of the departed Captains cremated remains.


Fishbait recognized the error of the action without  prompting from me. He went into the waste Management dumpster and he recovered what was salvageable. He explained he hadn't meant for me to dispose of my husband in the dumpster. His intentions were for the remains to be buried in a flower bed or flower pot. 


I too regret my actions. I expect no mercy.


Maria, with what may be your last breath, you defend this scallywag. What hold has he got over you? 


I believe it would be impossible for the remaining ashes to be recovered and returned.


With the permission of the court I wish to recommend a series of alternative punishments that will partially satisfy the debt to the community   and the Captains family not including myself. 


Silence filled the ship  . Would Maria recommend leniency on behalf of Fish Bait ?  She has recommended extreme leniency in the past. Or would she seek an alternative punishment that could possibly restore some of her husband's honor . What atonement would she suggest to bring restoration of honor to Captain Gnarly. 


Your honor , I respectfully recommend the defendant and I be removed from this place and be extradited to the  Space or waters surrounding the state of Louisiana where we will both be keelhauled no less than three times from starboard to port or port to starboard., once three times  aboard the Audrey Ann once three times aboard the Paul- Anne, and the third time aboard the Patricia Anne. These ships are commanded by Captain's Leonard's, and Captain Achord.


 the court  discretion prevailing . Respectfully sir, is there a better way to restore honor to the captain of a commercial shrimp trawler ?  I submit to you , and the court an ancient mariner punishment for a crime committed against an ancient mariner


 The judge interrupted. There is little to no chance you can complete the sentence .   keelhauling results in death. Do you understand?Your proposed punishment is a death sentence for yourself and Fish Bait ? This is if the boats haven't been dry docked.


your honor i do. may i and my co defendant  die quickly and mercifully our bodies will be shark bait.  Again the effectiveness of your proposal is depending on if the three boats have been recently dry docked.


Your honor whether there are barnacles on the hull of the ships is irreverent. In all certainty I and Fish Bait will meet our death, we will  drown.


It has been entered into court record ; it is so ordered . With the following amendments  prior to the Keelhauling both parties will be taken aboard the commercial trawler where they will each be bound to a sturdy structure . They will be stripped of all clothing You and the defendant are to be  flogged .


 When the Audrey Anne or one of her sister ships reaches the shark  infested waters beyond the five mile limit you both will be keelhauled in the manner you have set forth.


Your honor, with the Court's permission, I propose we each receive thirty_nine full lashes with the cat_o_nine. May I also propose a small steel ball shot be tied or otherwise attached to each tail or tongues  of the flogger.


Your honor this punishment alone places us at the mercy of the elements. When the keel_ hauling is carried out Mr.Fish Bait and I will be at the mercy of the tiger shark, the bull shark, and every scavenger in the Gulf Of Mexico.


 As it pertains to Maria Hume, The sentence will not l be amended to include the co_ Defendants proposals. Her sentence will be a complete psychiatric evaluation. Treatment and temporary loss of her command in addition to the  punishment decreed by the hosting Captain's each a blood relative of Captain Gnarly Hume


 However,  Fish Bait , should he survive shall  Upon conviction, shall be guilty of a  4th felony punishable by imprisonment in the  Department of Corrections ( Parchmen) for a term not less than seven (7) years, and not to exceed life And by a fine not exceeding Eight Thousand Dollars ($8,000.00), or by both such fine and imprisonment. I sentenced  him to imprisonment and fine. 


It is my recommendation that Fishbait remain incarcerated for life or, until the fine imposed by this court is paid in full without assistance from any outside source. 


 Immediately after the process of the legal paperwork the two were taken aboard the Audrey Anne where Captain Paul Leonard  welcomed Maria back aboard her vessel . The Officer showed the legal paperwork to the Captain, Paul Leonard and explained the pair were aboard for keelhauling. 


Captain Leonardread read  the orders , He began with Maria , Maria you are accused of desertification of the cremated remains of your former spouse and captain ; Woman, how do you plead?


Guilty ,


 This formal list of charges names you as the accomplice not, the initiator of such crime . As we were once family , I must ask why? I was ordered to dispose of the urn and ashes by my slave and deck hand, He credit's himself as being my husband.  I promise you A valid marriage never existed.


Maria, you never took crap off the Captain Gnarly . He was  six three and weighed 400 pounds dry. Your husband was four if not five times the size scrawny crackhead. Before I carry out this court ordered sentence please  explain why you allowed this street thug to control you. 


I can't, at least not in terms you would understand. I wanted someone to love me. I wanted someone to prevent my being alone and dying 


Whale Poop! The scum has something on you? 


No! He has issued threats against both Gnaly's family and mine.


His threats die with him.


Once, you were the captains Lady,and first_mate aboard this very vessel. You once we're a woman who commanded respect. Once you were a woman to be reckoned with. now  a condemned prisoner in chains before me . why?


Bind her hands and feet for keelhauling , drag her body to the most secure post on this vessel . I sentence her to 10 lashes with the Cat o nine . so that justice may be served add her  remaining 29 lashes to her " husband" . The two will be flogged and keelhauled together as Maria wishes.


One hundred twenty lashes fell across the exposed back and buttocks of the criminal pair more fell on Fish Bait than Maria. A man is responsible for the actions of his " wife" the captain repeated with everything lash.  And he repeated , for Maria, A Captain commands her ship and crew. 


Maria successfully suppressed her urge to scream out in pain. As lash after lash cut into her flesh she bit her lips and moaned but, not one tear was  shed. As the flogging continued Maria refrained from screaming out the pleas for mercy . 


Her crime was worse than that of Fish Bait , he knew the Captain as more than  an urn and ashes. She knew Gnarly, as a friend, her companion, lover and husband for 31 years. She participated in the crime. She had the option of saying No and marooning Fish Bait.


When her bound body was released for attachment to the Keelhaul ropes Captain Leonard told her why did you not cry . I know the flogger hurts ; it hurts like Hell . So why no tears, no cries for mercy ? 


Lenny you were once my cousin , i speak to you as family. I deserve no mercy.


Captain Lenny , I am guilty . Then the captain bent low to whisper in her ear . I can adjust the keel ropes where escape is possible. You can swim can't you ?


No, carry out the sentence ; I deserve the same mercy and consideration any criminal in my position would receive. 


The problem I have is, no one has been keelhauled in centuries. What is the customary time and procedure? 


Captain Leonard stood between the two condemned prisoners ; The ideal outcome of this sentence is you both survive and will be pulled from the Abyss alive. May God be merciful to your souls.


 Maria whispered Amen 


The first possible outcome is unfortunate , it is highly possible that the Bull sharks, the tiger sharks, and every shark in the Gulf will attempt to feed on your flesh. You know how sharks are attracted to the scent of blood , Should this happen it is possible there will be a feeding frenzy. I say this  with great remorse ; in such an event , neither of you will survive very long.


The second possibility being , you are both keelhauled  Each time you pass beneath the hull of the boat the barnacles which have attached themselves to the underside of this vessel will slice and dice your backs, your buttocks, and your legs to shreds . Following the  punishment the deck hands will haul you back aboard as rapidly as possible and have a medivac chopper waiting to whisk you to the nearest trauma center. 


The third and final outcome is, you are lowered to a depth where the barnacles will not rip your flesh at all. In this scenario the likely outcome will be you both will drown . the sharks , the barnacles , or drowning . I do not envy your odds of emerging from this punishment alive . . 




Maria was the first to be brought up; she  was unconscious but alive . The First officer summoned a flying cutter and Angel Flight to transport her to the trauma center at LSUNO as fast as possible.


Don't worry she'll be inside the trauma bay before the triage is complete. I swear ! The wife of Captain Hume isn't going out like this, not on my watch.


If she dies, it is at my hand. Her husband, Captain Hume, will haunt me to Hell and back for several eternities. He loved her and she loves him.


Then the deck hands brought Fishbait aboard . He was more dead than alive still, the Captain called for the flying cutter  and a second Air Evacuation The medical crew took him to the nearest Trauma center in The Florida keys . Hopefully, he would recover and return  to complete his sentence in Parchman Prison. However, I wish his incarceration was Angola. That way it would be truth in sentencing. Fishbait would die in prison or be paroled a very old pirate.


MAY GOD TAKE PITY ON YOUR DEMENTED SOUL . MAY HE GRANT YOU ABSOLUTION AND ETERNAL PEACE Amen !! Because if you ever come aboard my / Marias  vessel again you're dead!

Submitted: April 20, 2021

© Copyright 2021 M.L. Williamson Hume. All rights reserved.

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