Gently, Sweetly Home Again - Part 15 by Allen Henriquez

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Gently, Sweetly Home Again - Part 15

by Allen Henriquez


The Emergency Room

Peninsula Hospital

The Rockaways

Zack and Denise arrive in the emergency room, with Zack inquiring about his father. A nurse speaks to Zack, with a doctor arriving to provide more details. The news Zack receives causes him to nod in acknowledgment then find the nearest chair to slump into.

Denise sits next to Zack and asks “What happen to your father, Zack?”

“My mother is with my father. I’m going to see him, wit her for me” Zack states then leaves the Emergency Room headed into another area of the hospital as Denise stands and watches him walk away.


Greenwood Cemetery Brooklyn

A number of people are present at the burial site as they were for the funeral, for Xavier Yates.

Evelyn Yates crying continuously would’ve collapsed at the services if not for her sister Carmen; literally holding her up.

Xavier drowned while swimming in the Rockaways, he’d gone there with Ursula Benitez. Ursula stated she and Xavier were wading in the water at Beach 105th street with a few of her friends, when Xavier swam further out. Ursula, when she told the story, became upset stating “He seemed to be trying to prove something. I, at first, thought he was showing off, but then I realized it was something he was trying to prove himself. We lost sight of him, until he was found.”


Three weeks later

Denise in a jogging outfit is running with her dog a Scottish terrier on Eastern Parkway nearing Washington avenue when she crosses paths with a male jogger who states “Nice dog lady.”

Denise is with the thought “Please not now, I’m happy.” However the voice sounds familiar, she turns to see a smiling Zack, who joins in the jog.




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