A day at school

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I woke up with the usual call of my mom.

"Thomas! Are you up yet?"She yelled from the opposite side of the bedroom door.

"Yeah," I said, sitting up. "I'm up"

"Hurry up, it's seven fifty!"


"Breakfast's on the table, have a nice day, kido" Dad called out.

"You too" I replied as I stood up.

Mom and dad. They work in a restaurant near my school. My dad's a serif, my mom's a waitress. They've been working on making it the best restaurant on the city since, like, two years ago?

I changed into my school uniform and went out of my room. A sandwich was left on the table with a cup of milk. I gulped it all down in five minutes, and went back into my room. I started packing my school bag. I hung it around my shoulder and checked my phone as I left my room.

Twenty two messages. No, twenty three. Now four.

[Hey, Tommy, you out already?]



[Anybody home?]

Stuff like that.

My best friend, Andrew.

[Comin' out two minutes] I texed back.

I went out of the house and ran down the steps, three at a time.

"Yo, Tommy!" Andrew called.

"Hey, buddy, what's up?" I punched him in the arm.

"We're late for school" He said.

"Well darn!"

We ran all the way to school, taking shortcuts and jumping over fences. When we arrived, it was 9:59. We grinned at each other and slowly walked past Mr. Sator, who narrowed his eyes and checked his watch.

"Fifteen minutes left. Last time was thirty three" He said.

"Got up eighteen seconds late, sir. Lucky we got here on time" Andrew said.

"Run along, now, what are you waiting for?" He waved his hand

"Have a nice day, sir!" I yelled

"Have a very wonderful day indeed, sir!" Andrew said.

We ran into our classroom, throwing our bags on the desk and sat down just as Ms. White walked in. We gave each other a thumbs up, and our day started.

We had every class together, and today was included. First class was History, second was science, and miserably, third was math.

All those things about numbers and X, Ys... I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. The same was going on with Andrew.

"Andrew, would you have a try on this problem?" Ms. Collins asked.

"Sorry, uh, ma'am, but, can you tell me how to solve it one more time?" Andrew said, "In English, please"

Everyone laughed.

The next was french. I skipped it, because the locker on the door of the bathroom didn't open, and Andrew had to come and find me after class finished. Guess what? I was turning the locks to the other side. I swear, I had no idea. None.

Lunchtime was great. I ate half an apple and some of Andrew's chips.

We had P. E in the last two hour. To be exact, it was cooking, but the classroom was a mess, flower powder and tomato sause sprayed all around. So Mr. Green had to ask Ms. Prime to look after us for another hour until they clean the room up. I can swear that I saw red stain on Andrew's clothes. Not that I'm gonna tell anyone, of course.

We had a game of soccer, and BOOM! School was over.

I said goodby to Andrew and walked home. Maby dad's fried chicken for dinner, I thought as I opened the door.

Submitted: April 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 jenyee. All rights reserved.

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