Good places

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

A small story about there are wonderful places for everyone in the world

The most ordinary day of the most ordinary Swedish family has come... Stop! What kind of Swedish?

It’s "Karlsson-on-the-Roof" story!

But ... you know, our dear readers, the day came really ordinary, the spring sun was shining in the morning, and the most ordinary girl from the most ordinary family opened her eyes, waking up and slowly getting out of the warm bed.

Her name is Maya.

After washing her face with cool water, brushing her teeth and combing her hair thoroughly, she went to the kitchen, where her mother was sitting already and had green tea with a small spoonful of honey. She began to cook delicious oatmeal.

But really ... Maya is very fond of jam. And sometimes her hands immediately literally reach for the refrigerator, for cherry sweetness. And then she makes black tea or takes yogurt, and spreads this wonderful yummy and source of vitamins on a fresh white bun.

And it's just Super! The main thing is not to overeat. But Maya knows very well about it and no need to worry. She is seventeen years old, and she is quite an adult and independent person.


After a light breakfast, she returned to her room and began to prepare for school.

Today, in tenth grade timetable was mathematics, physics, chemistry and literature. Four subjects. In mathematics there was a test on derivatives of functions and differential equations, in physics was a report on space rockets of a new type, a new work with gelatin was expected in the chemical laboratory, and in literature class (more precisely it was called a "literary living room") of pupils expected reading aloud and discussion on new interesting fiction book.

Maya loves to read very much. And today she decided to put one her wonderful book in her small backpack. It was Magic Book!

…”how’s that?” you may ask.

But it does, our dear readers. Of course, every boy and girl have his own that Book. Maybe not everyone knows and guesses about it. But this is absolutely certain. And Maya had one too. Beautiful, bluish, no name, small and straightforward designed to be comfortable to hold, read and carry.

And what was so magical?

Well, you see, Book has completely alive Letters that lives their own quiet life. And they can get out of the Book, and then climb back, changing all of its contents. Sometimes not all Letters appeared, but only some: out of names of the author of story and titles of the chapters. Or from the very end of the Book, when its story was ending. The Letters were happy, warm and Maya was always rejoice them.

Today she decided to show this book to her friends after school. Maya kissed her mother before leaving and went to study.

And now, half day past, the study is over. Mathematics test was confidently solved, the report on missiles was a success and active discussion, a laboratory with gelatin was successfully conducted in the chemistry classroom, and an essay was written in the literary class.

Maya went with three girls, her school friends, to the pond next to the school and, sitting on a bench in the shade of green limes, opened her backpack ...

‘That's what I have here.’ she said and gave the book to one girl in her hands. She opened it and looked at Maya in surprise.

‘What is that, Maya? Immediately there is nothing inside, empty, only one inscription in simple pencil. Is this some kind of joke?’ said Stella with a smile.

Maya took the book back and read what was written in it:


“Where have you gone?” only thought Maya. She was embarrassed, said that this was something incomprehensible and at home everything would be cleared up. But this embarrassment soon passed. It was just not up to it. The book was returned to backpack and Maya went with her friends to the wonderful park that located just beyond the pond.

Taking ice cream, they rode a huge Ferris wheel, and then decided to go to the cinema. An Italian film premiered today. The poster said that an interesting melodrama awaited them and they were all awaiting it with awe.

And it really was. The movie was amazing and the girls were very impressed. Saying goodbye for today, everyone went home.


Maya was a little pleasantly tired today and, in the evening, she had decided don't do anything special. Tomorrow there are new lessons at school, new classes.

After supper, at half past seven she went to her room. Her mom was supposed to come very late today, and dad was still on a trip, and she just became to rest. After putting everything out of her backpack and placing her Magic Book on the table by the window, she went to the bookcase and picked up one of the two books by Françoise Sagan, in a sand-colored cover.

Maya had been reading it for the second week, leisurely. And today she decided to sit with her for a bit, for pleasure. The book opened to a bookmarked page and Maya began to read...

After three pages, she was about to put down the book and go to bed, but turned over another sheet and felt the familiar warmth. Among the usual letters and marks of the interesting text of Sagan, she saw others that highlighted in bold.

They were clearly from a different place. Although it was very quiet, no one moved, Maya recognized them immediately.

It was them! Letters from the Magic Book!

'There you are.' uttered Maya after flip further a little through the book. It was so quiet!

Probably, only Letter "Z" heard this. The only one in the book. And no one else in the house. And she certainly smiled.

However, this silence was broken soon. The Letters appeared from the book again. They carefully climbed out of it and went to the table, to the Magic Book. Maya saw this already closing her eyes and falling asleep.

The Letters were settled down one by one in their paper House, on the pages. And on the first page was written colorfully:


And then, surprisingly ... the very romantic story began, which the girls watched in the cinema today.

Maya is already sleep and she has a very good, kind dream. Let's not bother her. And tomorrow she will go to school and will certainly surprise her friends with a small, blue and very Magic Book.

Submitted: April 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Alexander Melnicov. All rights reserved.

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