My Angel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The story about me cheating on my ex girlfriend until I founf the right one

I’m no saint. I’ve cheated on a good lady, and have probably hurt a couple more throughout the process. This girl that I cheated on, she was a good person and her heart was in the right place.

This girl that I’ve cheated on for a good while, I liked her from the get-go. She was beautiful, and sexy, and at the time, that was enough for me to make her my girlfriend. So, I did, and as the relationship blossomed, I got to know her more, and figured out the many differences we had, and that our personalities didn’t really click. It was also then that I figured out that I wasn’t really into the kind of person that she was.  The sex was good, but we didn’t really have similar sexual kinks, and we didn’t really have the same sexual drive.

It was around 4 years into the relationship when I realized that we weren’t compatible, and the relationship I was in felt more like a job than anything else. She wanted me to do endless favors for her, and she wanted too many material things from me through surprises. She nagged about wanting me to surprise her, give her gifts, post photos of her, and show her off to the world. Foolish that I was, I stayed in the relationship, cause in my mind, this was the girl I was probably going to marry anyway. She’s already met my entire family, and I have hers as well. We’ve already made connections and friends around each other’s families, and to me, that was enough reason to stay. I knew too many people would be bummed out if I didn’t end up with this nice girl.

However, around the 4th year, I started hooking up with other girls. The thrill and freshness of new girls excited me, and to me, I wasn’t lying to these other girls because they knew I had a girlfriend and they knew where they stood in my life. They knew we weren’t getting into anything serious. Since I wasn’t getting caught, I thought it was a win for me. I got to hook up with other girls on the side, and I got to come home to my girlfriend.

We were the perfect social media couple. A lot of people admired us for how long we’ve managed to stay together, and how sweet our photos looked. It didn’t matter to me then, because I knew that behind those photos were the many fights and misunderstandings that we had just because we wanted different things in life, and we had different opinions about a lot of things.

It was 8 years into the relationship when my girlfriend finally caught me cheating. This was the time the cheating wasn’t just sexual for me. I’d met this new girl online, we’ve never met, and her personality seemed amazing to me. She was beautiful in pictures, and when we talked, her mind enchanted me. This was the first time I was getting emotionally attached to another girl who I’ve never even actually met yet. The first time I’m admiring someone for the person that she is. She was a strong, independent woman in her own right. She had achieved so many things in her life, and she was a success story in the making. Her intelligence took me off guard and her wit just blew my mind away. I decided that I didn’t want this girl to be just some fling. So I built a friendship with her.

My friendship with this girl was effortless cause we shared so many things in common. We had the same humor, and talked in the same language. It was the first time I felt like I was talking to someone who fully understood me, and the first time I was fully letting someone get to know me for all my ugly parts too, and the first time I opened up to someone without being judged for the person that I was. She seemed like the type of girl I didn’t deserve. Scratch that- I knew for sure she was way out of my league, and that I didn’t deserve her

So back to my ex-girlfriend- she caught me cheating on her with this other girl, and she talked to Angel (the girl I met online). She confronted Angel about it, told our families about my affairs, and made sure they talked to Angel too to warn her that’s she’s been someone’s other woman. They told Angel to cut communication with me and leave me alone as I was already in a long-running relationship. They told me to just focus on Rose (ex-girlfriend) because she was the one I was meant to be with.

Angel apologized to all of them and she started to keep her distance from me.  She was getting cold and she ignored most of my messages. Days go by, and I do my best to apologize to Rose for all that I’ve done in the span of our relationship because I knew she deserved better. She deserved a man who’d break up with her when things didn’t feel right from the get-go. Instead, she had me, a coward who stayed in the relationship despite my unhappiness because I got used to her.

The days go by and Angel and I still haven’t spoken. Rose and I had already broken up after all my apologies. We decided our differences were irreconcilable, and to be honest, it was the easiest way out of the unhappy relationship I forced myself to put up with. On top of all that, I couldn’t keep Angel out of my mind. She was all that I thought of, even when the people around me told me to try my best to get Rose back, all I could really focus on was that my life would suck if I was to lose Angel.

I talked to Angel and told her I couldn’t lose her as a friend too. She understood where I was coming from and I knew she couldn’t deny the connection that we had. It was too strong to ignore, and I knew that despite my being an ass of a person, she found a friend in me too. So we kept contact, and stayed friends.

Months pass and my life was at a better state than it was all those years in an unhappy relationship. I finally felt free, and I was able to do what I wanted to do at my own time- finally got to save up for things that I wanted, and finally freed myself from the obligatory boyfriend duties I put up with. This time, I was happy with my life as a single man. No girl told me what to do and I appreciated the freedom. However, all these past few months, I’ve talked to Angel on a daily basis and I enjoyed her virtual company more than ever.

I got to know her better, she got to know me better, and the connection was more undeniable now than ever. I learned that she had weaknesses too, and that she was still amazing nonetheless. A lot of my friends compared her to Rose for being too simple. People said she wasn’t even half as pretty as Rose. But in my eyes, she was beautiful. Way more beautiful, both inside and out. Her smile just takes my breath away every time, and her personality just captivates my soul. She’s the type of person I loved being accompanied with cause of the positive influence she brings in my life. She encourages me to do my best, and encourages me to spend time with my family and friends. She wasn’t the type of girl you flirted with that wanted all your attention on her alone. She wanted me to make connections, and expand my network. She gave me work advice, and gave me life advices that improved my relationship with my family and friends overtime. Keeping her friendship made me rekindle a lot of old friendships that I had to cut off only because Rose became jealous of my other female friends.

She was all in all, a positive impact in my life. She was a blessing. So I decided I want to meet her in person to finally make things official with her. Unlike my relationship with Rose, I’m not making things official with her due to her looks, although her looks could outdo anyone as she pleases. Unlike Rose, my relationship with Angel had been built on for months. I got to know her before I made her my girlfriend, and I was therefore getting myself in a relationship I was sure I wanted.

So I met her, made her my girlfriend, and made things official with her. I was ready to change and be the man that this amazing girl deserves. In my mind, I was finally willing to do all the things Rose forced me to do in our relationship, but this time, I wouldn’t feel forced to do it, cause this time, I’d be doing it willingly for Angel. I would take care of Angel the way a boyfriend should and she wouldn’t have to force me to do it because I’d want to do them anyway.

I was finally ready for a relationship, and this time, I finally saw a relationship where I was ready to finally fully commit myself and I finally saw marriage and family in the long run. I finally saw the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She gave me butterflies, and all the tingles, and I was a grown man who felt giddy when I heard her voice. She’s my person.

A few months and weeks and months into the relationship and I’m under the impression that I sucked as a boyfriend cause she’s independent. She almost didn’t need help with anything, and she took care of me. Yes, you read it right. She takes care of me. I don’t know how lucky I must be to deserve a sweet girl who takes care of me and understands me the way she does.

She gets me food, makes sure I get enough rest for work, offers to do my paperwork for me, all the while being a law student. Now, after being out of a relationship where I was required to provide everything, this was all new to me. She got me gifts, and she makes sure I feel listened to and appreciated. I’m not the guy who usually shows people off on social media cause it’s too toxic for me, but this is the first time I actually want to stake my claim over this person- the first time I actually want people to know she was mine.

I didn’t know what a healthy relationship was like because I wasn’t in one obviously as I was a cheater, and Rose was too selfish. But now, I feel like this relationship is the healthiest I’ve been a part of. She makes me better. She makes me want to do better, she makes me want to be more than the person I was when she met me. I know she loves me despite knowing about the terrible person that I was in the past, but I want to change- for her, because she deserves better, and I know my world would crumble if that man wasn’t me.

Submitted: April 21, 2021

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