The Lady of the World

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Let us remember this moment to respect this leader for all the time devotion and dearest friendship in those moments of decision that says the best in any human birth. May one of us always share this honor for your commitment. Thank you very much for this oneness.

There is a trust edge promising the first steps any respect will honor a gifted human birth. Suppose everything is a rare miracle of individuality and character in this bliss of immortal richness. Sometimes the true living story reveals a person’s only obligation to believe in this very auspicious moment as our faithful commitment for one humanity.

If history repeats what made our all-time outstanding Chancellor, Angela Merkel, as a leader for tomorrow, thinking with great dreams on a mission. All the love in our world will make a billion thanksgiving prayer how a distance prepares us to be humble and kind for this big quiet moment.

Today we must rise to be fond of a dearest lifetime pound in peace and happiness for our oneness, always hoping it is worth infinite milestones before mankind on this living Earth. If any life’s machinery shall do the wonders that show away for an endless faith within. I don’t know beneath this commitment lived to fight another day, there is a little advice so lucky worth newly-plowed fields.

Tomorrow when you look back, her political career far succeeded the own responsibility with dignity and one day to leave them pride. Thankfully, a new moment overwhelms this indebtedness, praising this best young friend as “The Lady of the World.”  Once again, let me wish you the best healthy, long-lived lifetime for every most beautiful moment God be with us.

It is long but interesting...



With six minutes of warm applause on the streets, balconies, windows, the whole Country applauded for 6 minutes - a spectacular example of leadership and defense of humanity, chapeaux!


The Germans elected her to lead them, and she led 80 million Germans for 18 years with competence, skill, dedication and sincerity.

During these eighteen years of her leadership of the authority in her country, no transgressions were recorded against her .. She did not assign any of her relatives a secretary .. She did not claim that she was the maker of glories .. She did not get millions out of her, nor did anyone cheer her life, she did not receive charters and pledges, she did not fight those who preceded her and did not dissolve her. The blood of her fellow countrymen .. She did not utter nonsense .. She did not appear in the alleys of Berlin to be photographed.

It is (Angelica Merkel) the woman who was dubbed “The Lady of the World” and was described as the equivalent of six million men.

Yesterday, Merkel left the party leadership position and handed it over to those after her, and Germany and its German people are in the best condition.

The reaction of the Germans was unprecedented in the history of the Germans .. The whole people went out to the balconies of the houses and clapped for her spontaneously for 6 continuous minutes of warm applause, without popular poets, scum, scum, impudence, colorists and climbers ..

Germany stood as one body bidding farewell to the leader of Germany, a chemical physicist who was not tempted by the fashion or the lights and did not buy real estate, cars, yachts and private planes, knowing that she is from former East Germany ..

She left her post after leaving Germany at the top .. She left and her relatives did not repeat (We are the elders of the country) .. Eighteen years and did not change her old clothes ..

God be upon this silent leader.
God be upon the greatness of Germany ..

At a press conference, a female journalist asked Merkel: We notice that your suit is repeated, don’t you have another?

She replied: I am a government employee and not a model.

At another press conference, they asked her: Do you have housemaids who clean the house, prepare meals and so on?

Her answer was: No, I do not have female workers and I do not need them. My husband and I do this work at home every day.

Then another journalist asked: Who is washing the clothes, you or your husband?

Their answer: I arrange the clothes, and my husband is the one who operates the washing machine, and it is usually at night, because electricity is available and there is no pressure on it, and the most important thing is to take into the account the neighbors from the inconvenience, and the wall separating our apartment from the neighbors is thick.

She said: To them, I expected you to ask me about the successes and failures in our work in the government.

Mrs. Merkel lives in a normal apartment like any other citizen .. This apartment she lives in before being elected Prime Minister of Germany and she did not leave it and does not own a villa, servants, swimming pools and gardens ..

This is Merkel, the Prime Minister of Germany, the largest economy in Europe.


Submitted: April 22, 2021

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