Just about embracing things that are scary.

Embracing You

I never knew you existed until I met something that proved it to be true.

My vision blurred by version of it I’ve seen people show for proof.

Afraid it could be real I backed down and pushed you away.

I found shelter in my stubborn ways and chose toxicity because it felt safe.


Shaped by the world, my actions drove me to resent you.

I hurt everything that resembled you and hated those that claimed to know you.

Wounded by my past, I shut it out and blamed everyone but me.

You never judged me for my shackles, in fact it was you that set me free.


Everything around me screamed I needed you to grow.

But I was afraid that just like the seasons you’d come for awhile and go.

For others you made them blind, but for me you allowed me to see.

They spent their lives searching for you, while I chose to sit and let you find me.


Now that I’m wiser, I spread the word about you everywhere.

I’ve gotten so lost in your image that when people see me, they stop and stare.

The real you can’t be bought, only sent from Heaven above.

Although life with you is scary, given the choice to travel with or without you Ill forever choose to travel with you Love.

Submitted: April 22, 2021

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