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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jesse has just moved to a now town and a new school. He ends up falling for a jock from the football team. Things get a bit intense and he is glad to have his friend Alana's support through the ordeal.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Moving

Moving  Well here we are again, a new house, a new town and another school. I don’t particularly care for school. I never real... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Chapter 2  In the short few weeks of school I acquired a girlfriend named Alana. A friend that’s a girl that’s is because I... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 I found Alana the next day at school, we were sitting in the cafeteria. “My mom said its cool if you want to come over.... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

The Party  Friday afternoon came quick and I was sitting in my room thinking about what I was going to wear to the party. I put ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

He put his arm over my shoulder. I flinched.  “Are you alright,” he asked. “Do I make you nervous.”  “No I ju... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Chapter 6  I looked at my phone it was 9:00 I told my mom we'd be home by 10. I put my hearing aids back on and left the room to... Read Chapter

The morning after

Chapter 7 the morning after  I woke up at about 9:30. I was surprised my mom hadn’t come upstairs to drag me out of bed or if ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 It was Monday and I decided to go into school early so I could talk to the guidance counselor. the world was going to know ... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 I saw Chad and his parents Tuesday morning as I was going to homeroom. They were going into Ms. Ruiz’s office. Thank good... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Monday came around fast. I wasn’t looking forward to chad coming back and I was shocked when I saw him. he was very quit... Read Chapter

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