Hi, I'm Lizzy. Welcome to the story of all the trials and tribulations me and my mates go through with all aspects of every day life.

Whilst my best mate's a bad boy magnet, one guy I want to attract is off limits, and this other guy I sort of have chemistry with is basically a needle in a haystack. What's a girl to do?

With some mates dating other mates, some mates discovering mind-blowing, life-changing family secrets, and others having to make hard choices between where their heart lies and what they know is right, and throwing college and work in the mix, it's all left me confused.

It's not easy for me to worry about what I want when I don't know where following our hearts will lead us.

Still, life goes on and we all survive.

Well, nearly all of us, anyway.

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Table of Contents

Lizzy's First

  Chapter 1:   Lizzy’s First   Saturday 15th September 2007 'Are you okay there?' a vo... Read Chapter

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