Chapter 3: School, School, School

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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A demon gave me his power?

Why is this water stuck to my hand? Get off me you stupid lot of water.
jeez that water was a bit odd just going around in circles on my hand honestly this day is full of surprises but incredibly boring like next is history, well I better go to my friend

I walk towards my friend

"Alright big man I'm back," I say

"do not say big man it's gay" he replied

"yeah ok I'll stop my drilla" I say with the biggest smirk ever

"Just shut up" he balintly replies

we walk outside and play some games however I have a deck of cards so I show him some magic tricks though honestly I only know one that works properly and it's the simplest card trick ever

"right pick a card, any card," I say

"umm this one," he says

"ok remember it" I say 

"Right I'm ready" he says

"ok so I'm gonna place them in a column like this" I say ready to do the trick

I lay out a column of 3 cards placing one on top of the other

"and this card was your card"

flips over the card to show 10 of diamonds

"Bro it was how'd you know that brooooo that's cool," he said sarcastically 

"you don't have to say it like that" I reply

the bell rings and lesion starts

I swear this is a very odd day like that dream with realistic pain and that water sticking to my hand it's almost like the dream did happen.

I know I'll try to imagine  fire in my hand see if anything happens

I focus intensely on my hand to produce some fire... nothing happens


a spark of fire shows but I don't notice

well of course it didn't work like I could summon a demon and gain all of its "magical" power

it's the end of the day now and me and my friends are on the bus just about to get off

"well, I'll catch you tomorrow Sho-

the bus skkrrts because of a car suddenly appearing

"jeez, where'd that car come from? Well I'll see you tomorrow then" Miyuki says

"yeah bye then Miyuk" I reply

we get off the bus and part ways

you know it's kind of still odd tho I thought i heard a spark light I hit flint and steel together and made a speck of fire,... when I get home ill try again just in case

I get home and take off my jacket and lay on my bed

alright clear my mind... 1 breathe, 2 breathe, 3 breathe, release

ok right fire in my hand

five seconds pass but nothing happened

Muda Muda!!! it's completely useless


a bit of fire is in my... my hand actual fire is in my hand.

wait lemme touch it... OUCH! yeah, that is real fire.

I can't believe it there is real fire in my HAND. FIRE ON MY HAND FROM ME ON ME FROM ME ON ME! I CAN DO MAGIC!

I have to see what else I can do with this magic, however, the flame seems small and I imagine a regular-sized flame but it is much smaller. So I guess that dream was real then huh? So from what he said the magic was weak so I shouldn't expect more than this for now but let's see if I can produce any other element from my hand, heck even my foot if possible.

I can do so much with this but I should keep this a secret, for now, don't want my friends to know and make my life harder for myself.

I stay up for 4 hours looking to do another type of elemental magic other than fire

ok so rock and air didn't work so let's try water after all that weird piece of water from back at school did seem to react to me touching it, ok

1 breathe

2 breathe

3 breathe


drip, drip, drip


"SHUT UP" my mum says

"Sorry mum" I reply scaredly

 I head off to sleep so I can be ready for school in the morning

Hello my lovely people if  liked the chapter please like and umm please tell me if you want the chapters to be longer or shorter as I have planned around 8 chapters ahead from this point on, ofc by the time I upload this I'll be on chapter 4 (working on it) so until then good byeeeee

Submitted: April 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Regular kid writer. All rights reserved.


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