Chapter 4: (v.2) magic school?

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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a demon gave me his power?


As I drift off into my sleep hear loads of voices around me but I ignore them.

I fall asleep


Ah good morning and this time it really is as I can work on my magiiicccc, EEEE im so excited to learn more magic

a loud voice begins shouting nearby 

"Hello and good morning all students, today we a few new guests joining our school. If you are one of these new people please refer to the main hall" a lady's voice says

Everyone around looked at me with a death stare and one of them said 

"We don't accept weaklings here now leave this school"

after that they all walking into school- oh my gosh they have dragons flying everywhere. Ok calm down this  is probably a dream well a lucid one now hehe

I walk towards the school building and go into the main hall area.

Woah this place is bigger on the inside 

I look around and see 4 other... students?

well they all look incredibly powerful for me to go against

"Ok everyone these is the new five students, we will test them here as always and find out their ranks." the teacher said

"Ok, so the students' names are Kirito, Louca, Nendou, and Kimi, last but not least a man named Shoto. If you five students would like to line up in front of this crystal that would be absolutely great."

all five of us go towards the crystal and line up. First was Kirino then Louca then Nendou then Kimi and Me

"Ok, so should I just touch the crystal or what?" Kirito askes

"yes just touch it and it'll show your rank" the teacher replies

He put his hand on the crystal and it shone a bright green color

"good green is good, green means you will be a D-Rank student"

"thank you," Kirito says

Next is Louca

she touches it and the crystal shone a lovely purple like color

"E-Rank," the teacher says

Nendo is next, he touches it and the crystal turns white, still the same color just a lot darker


someone shouts from the crowd 


next was Kimi and it shone green as well


now it was me... I can only produce a little spark of fire and droplets of water so im expecting an F-Rank

I put my hand on it...

"it's not working," I say

the teacher stood there in shock

Oh now, am I so bad that the color didn't even change?

"SHOTO RUN" the teacher exclaims in horror

The teacher says to run so I do I run and 2 seconds after the whole crystal explodes behind me and the shards fly everywhere and one hit me in the arm but only producing a little cut

the teacher then teleports all the parts away from the room and heals me 

"Right then it looks like the crystal was used too many times, but I saw it for a second it was blue, though it kinda looked like... No, it was blue so you are a B-Rank"

B-Rank YES that must be good for a beginner like me so does that mean I can make bigger fires?


No, I can still only create a little spark, well it's better than nothing I hope.


*15 minutes pass*


the crystal malfunctioned so I think it was a bit off... BY A LOT LIKE HOW AM I GOING TO BE A B-RANK AND ONLY MAKE LITTLE SPARKS OF FIRE AND DROPLETS OF WATER!!!

Well, I better calm down...

"Hey punk," someone says

oh no already a bully

"im going to have to beat you up to prove that your not a B-Rank magic producer, OK?" he said

"Ummm please no" I say

"too bad if you really are a B-Rank then you should be able to dodge this attack," he says in an angry voice


an intensely loud sound of a clock ticking rings down my ears

was that you attack that was pretty... weak?

why is he stood still like that and not moving to attack me?

"Hey, you had a perfect shot to hit me so why are you standing still?" I say

No response

I move around him and hit him slightly. He moves but not more than a millisecond.

What is going on why is no one moving?

at that moment I start getting a huge headache and then hear that sound of ticking again go down my eardrums


he gets blown to the wall at an intense speed as he was about to punch thin air

he got knocked out and everyone around him ran away including me as I didn't want to be late for class.

"Hello and welcome to your class for today, we have a new student joining our class his name is Shoto." the teacher says politely

"Hi, yes I'm Shoto I will be joining your class today"

"Also Shoto you might find it weird that you are hereafter waking up from a dream but we teleported you here and don't worry about real lessons back at home because time here runs 500% slower than normal"

Submitted: April 24, 2021

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