Chapter 6: Mutation? Psychic? What now?

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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From now on I'm going to do a special bit at the end of each page/chapter looking thing


A demon gave me his power?


"You mean to tell me that you have theoretical powers you know powers that don't exist? When did you get these powers?" My mum exclaimed

"Yes theoretical powers I got them about six months ago now"

"You know what? I'm going to bed"


My mum walked upstairs and went to sleep




You have one unspent power point



'What who said that, one unspent power point?' I think to myself

Due to your sixth month of being a magic caster you have gained one unspent power point which means you may invest it into some skills. This is only for you as you do not seem to be naturally born with it because of this you are not a regular magic caster. You may invest them into


1. Greater pyrokinesis

2. Lesser geokinesis


'wait wait wait one second please. I'm not a regular magic caster? This whole magic thing is weird and now I'm an abnormal magic user. I need to tell the headmaster about this.'


You have 5 seconds left to pick either greater pyrokinesis or lesser geokinesis.









choosing a power...


Hidden upgrade selected 'mutation'




you have selected mutation...






Mutation complete.


You are now a 'psychic'.


Forgotten 'magic caster'.


'Right well I better go to sleep and then tell the headmaster.'


As the clock strikes 20:00 I go alseep and tuck into bed for my goods night rest.


2 hours pass making it 22:00 and I get teleported back to the school.

I go straight to the headmasters office and tell her about it.


"So you had gained these powers actually 6 months ago and and you are not a magical caster anymore but a psychic and there is some sort of voice supposedly in your head telling you what exactly?"


"Yes when I first heard it, it said I had one unspent power point because of my sixth month of being a magic caster and I didn't choose a power in time and it choose a random one but it choose an item not being 1 of the 3 and said mutation and then we'll it said I'm now a psychic, guess you could say my life is disastrous"






"Well anyways, see if you can respond to it, try saying some commands like open panel or quests show something like that"



Showing current commands that you may access at the moment 


• open quest

• assistant

• Open inventory

• help

• Logout

• show skills




"Is everything alright Shoto?"


"Yeah yeah everything is fine just got surprised by something"


"Ok right. So from this something is it alright to assume that it was a command pannel of some sort?"


"No... It wasn't but if something does show up I'll come straight to you."


"Ok right, if there is nothing else feel free to leave and resume your class."


I get up out of my chair and start to walk down the halls to my class. 


The basics of magic casting


The lesson begins.


"Hellllo class, I am your teacher Leroy James and I am from United States of America in America from planet earth."


"Planet earth my good sir, are you saying there are people here from a planet apart from earth?"


"No there isn't but I thought I'd give you a fright. But anyways let's continue with your lesson today shall we."


"Firstly let's talk about how we found and learnt these ability's, it was around a long time ago"




"Thats right I do not remember when but be quiet please and let's continue with the backstory. A long time ago a man was wandering around a area hiking as a man would do when he noticed as he got to the top of the hill that something felt off, he looked around the area but nothing was wrong however when he went to the very top of the mountain he noticed he was sort of levitating off the floor a little bit so he dug underneath the snow and found a dead body but not of anything he'd seen before. So he picked up the body but as soon as he touched it he well the whole mountain sort of exploded right there and then completely evaporating the body and his surroundings he didn't realize it at first but he blew up the mountain. He went home as quickly as he possibly could making sure nothing was behind him and when he got home he relaxed and 20 years had past and nothing happened until he got angry and destroyed the whole house and died but one of his kids escaped with lingering powers and eventually found out how to use it and we are all descendents of that kid and also who made this school that's why we all can inspect each other abilitys however the odd thing is that you Shoto I can't see your magic power at all not in the least. You must be a pretty weak caster but still that is really abnormal."


"Well... I wish I could say but I can't"


"Well we'll just have to live with it for now. Anyways class let's get on with our lesson as it's been like 20 minutes technically so let's move on."


"Right so does anyone know how to create a group healing spell?"


"Yes I do" A student said


'Well come up to the front and cast the group healing spell. You can chant if you wish to' the teacher said


'I don't like chanting so I'll do the drawing metod instead'


'Well go right ahead' 


'right so we put this here, add this and that and the final touch... Boom perfect now to activate it... ?çtîv?t?'


The circle he drew on the board begins to glow a bright green 


'Well it's almost perfect just practise it a bit more and you'll most likely ace it. Right go take a seat'


'Hey you Shoto right, well anyways I want you to come up here and show me a spell you can do that's amazing or something' the teacher implys


'Yes sir.' I say


'Go ahead do your best but don't do any major damage' 


Show skills.


You current skills are:





Show off.


Right so mutating gave me some bonus abilitys. Explain show off.


The ability show off, can make any ability happen that you own 50x more powerful but does the same damage as the original version.






A massive flame Bursts out my hand and going above every person's head covering most the class.


Then I say telepathy under my breath.


Please specify name in which person's thoughts you'd like to hear or provide a radius.


Umm from the side of the right wall to the left wall.


Activating telepathy


'Wow how'd he do that'

'Why did he shout out his ability'

'Show off?'

'This student is powerful.'


Ahhh not telepathy.


Telepathy stopped.


'Well then class, class dismissed.'


End of chapter six


Special bonus page thing


"Yo myuki been a while hasn't it..." I say


"No it's been like one day" he says


"Yes I suppose it has." 


"Wanna see me do magic?"




"Right watch my hand..."










"Boom your gay"


"Your stupid"

Submitted: June 21, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Regular kid writer. All rights reserved.


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