Chapter 7: Completing my first quest!

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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By the way I just realized that power point is like PowerPoint.exe lol anyways


'Alright class today we are going to test out our abilitys' the teacher exclaims


'ok I'll draw my magic circle' the student says with a posh accent


'activate!' he shouts but whispers at the same time


'well done the teacher says proudly


'Now you Shoto' the teacher exclaims


'show off, PYROKINESIS!' I quietly say the first half then shout the other half



A demon gave me his power? YAY CHAPTER 7 ???



A whole bunch of people follow behind me saying that I'm so powerful for a B-rank classed caster


'actually I got retested and I'm only a C-Rank class' I say




'A C-RANK THAT GOOD AT MAGIC, NO' they all said at the same time by coincidence


'Thats just not physically possible because I'm a B-Class and I'm not as good it would seem... I know you used a cheat to do that. You cheated'


'Ask the teacher to see if I cheated because I bet he'd say otherwise' one of them exclaimed


As he walks back to the teachers room I go up the hall to go outside to test some stuff.


'Right so there was a levels option let's try it out.' I say




'you are currently level 2 and have 1 unspent power point. Would you like to invest your power point?'




Power point has not been invested


'so I'm level 2... Right hmmm.




there are no current available quests. If you would like to get a quest just say quest again




Choosing quest... ... ... Quest. Choosen:

Break ten trees in the span of two minutes. You have one day to complete this quest. Upon completion you get 50EXP and a random item.


'random item hmmm I wonder what that could be...... Does it mean like anything in the world?'


'and can I even break ten trees in a row? Well I better try'


'Show Skills'


Your current skills are:





Show off.


'i suppose that pyrokinesis would be the best choice because water isn't going to do anything'


'wait... I dont even know how powerful my powers are since mutation let me test it really quick




'hmmm yes a little flame except it fits my whole hand now. Let's go. Why would I even need thoughtography though?' Like what is the literal point of that. I don't care I'm going to try it out anyways.'


'Right it's lucky that I have some paper on me otherwise I wouldn't be able to test it... Right?'


'Anyways umm guess I'll think of umm err... WHYS IT SO HARD TO THINK OF A THING ON THE SPOT! my house mhm yes I'll do that then... Thoughtography?'


'Right nice it's my house awesome sauce'


'so what was that about logging off hmm... I'm not sure I want to to try it but ummmm logout information?'


Info on logging out:

Upon logging out you will be transported out of the system in which me mange you can re-enter any time however once you do this life will not be the same for you and telling others about "logging out" your account will be reset and you will most likely die


'right then I'm not logging out I might do it later but probably not'


'it feels weird that I changed my name to Shoto though. Supposed I really liked the name but I might go back to my original name'


'But let's try... WAIT THAT'S IT! 10 trees that could also mean saplings which are sticks I done properly so I'll just break them. Now this is the big brain plays'


After about 10 minutes of finding 10 sticks.


'Perfect now pyrokinesis PEW! PEW! Yay little sound effects. No I'm man I should stop doing sound effects except, pew pew'


Quest complete: You gained 50EXP and one random item from a choice of these three that will be shuffled. 


1. 50EXP

2. £100

3. Power Crystal 


Shuffling... Shuffling... Shuffling...

Shuffle complete please pick the number 1 to 3 please.




£100 chosen


'OOOOOOH. One hundred whole British pounds let's go'


'But what am I going to do with £100 I mean it's not even that much moolah'


'So far I like being an esper.'


End of Chapter 7




'Hey I got £100' I say


'How' Myuki response


'simple become a psychic and do quests' I replied


'yeah sure whatever but seriously how' he says a bit ticked off


'have nice grandparents' I say


'Right' Myuki says

Submitted: June 25, 2021

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I read the whole book.. I like the way how you note down, what a boring math class point.. Great Job!! Waiting for the next chapter.. Again nicely written boy!
Wish u all the best in future journey =)

Tue, August 3rd, 2021 5:17pm

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