The Isolated Town of Ventro

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the story of a man in a Ghost Town Named Ventro. It is a town that is once lively and now it is a town that is once dead when he continues to walk around town in search for peace when there is none.

The twilight came across the land and the city lights in the distance filled the sky with appalling wonder. The town is isolated and the town sees no light of life until the night is full and the people came out to do their rounds in the lands that only saw this commotion at night. Michael Wilson came out of the house to smell the day that is now night when he looked at the familiar places that is upon the lawn. He glanced there when he sauntered back into his house and the door is partially open for more than forty seconds when he came back out with the gas powered weed whacker that he kept in his care. It took some time to get the weed whacker going but he got it going just the same when he went to work.

Jessica Tessly is a woman of great care when she owned the salon shop for as long as she can remember. Jessica sleeps in the apartment block above the salon when she came down the narrow steps to get ready for the day. The plastic apron is wrapped around her body when she waited for the appointment that is scrawled on the organizer that is upon the table. She looked up and waited when she planted her hands under her chin when she remembered a time in her youth, a time when she used to swim in the Gramble River with her friends that have grown up and moved away when she is here in the town of Ventro with only her thoughts and the isolated qualms of her company.

She did not take the repercussions of having others around here when she feels content on her job when she felt happy on the nostalgia that is running through her mind. She felt comprised in happiness when she waited for the first customer to come which is by the name of Hank Annis. Who is this man by the name of Hank? Jessica does not have any recollection of this man when her memory started to get confused. Her brow furrowed when it is the time of seven o’clock and the night is still young. It is only seven o’clock.

When the clock struck eight o’clock is when the children go to school, waiting for the school bus that should be coming around like an eventual passing of something that will happen that is absolutely obvious. The three children at the edge of the intersection of the street looked to the right and to the left when they waited for the bus in time. They have a lot to learn today with the schedules of teachers being so constrained. They have a lot to learn when the children did not speak for themselves when they waited for the bus and the bus driver that drives it.

The name of the man that drives the school is Mr. Netley who is man that goes to church in being a strong, devoted catholic that he is. He did not like a single ounce of cursing on his bus when one passenger does it he will automatically give them a bus ticket for their filthy mouth. He has a rosary hanging on his fan that is bolted to the side of the bus’s interior that is next to the driver’s seat. He has been driving the bus for more than twenty seven years when he worked out his leg muscles on his off time so he doesn’t get a blood clot in them or worse have severe problems with his spine. He does not have anyone at home to speak to with the exception of his cat that he had for more than seven years and that is good enough for him. He did not hate people but he kept people at a distance for if there are too many people than it creates problems for him in his personal life that is simple and boring. The children waited just the same when time slowly fanned over to eight thirty when old man Donald Valance came out of bed to get his morning meal before he moseyed back into bed again.

Donald Valance is a man that worked since he was eleven years old and worked until he was seventy eight. All he wanted to do with the time that he had left on the earth is to just take it easy and to just sleep and nothing else. What Donald wanted to do is to just sleep when he got up to get something to eat and to go back to sleep again. It is the age of retirement when he slept in the rickety house next to O’Conner Street when he did the maintenance on the house when the maintenance is just and the maintenance on his truck is just. In his off time he just wanted to sleep and nothing else when he did not get a good night’s sleep in almost forty years. He wondered how Donald Valance is still alive when Donald had dreams and the dreams are odd indeed. It is the dreams of his youth when he remembered playing on the tire swing in front of his grandparent’s house that is no longer there. He remembered a time when he was filled with life as he can stay up and play board games with granddad before time took him away and left him with grandma which grandma was no fun at all to be around. She always had a mean streak her grandma when he dreamed, sometimes smiling and sometimes not smiling at all when he just waited to go to sleep and never wake up. Donald Valance is a man that did his time and all he wanted to do is to just sleep when time passed as the clock changed to ten o’clock as the night got older but the dawn is far away.

Edgar Mels is a man of principle and a man who is good with cards. He plays whenever there is a bet on Feverton Street. That is his life and he makes a good earning as well when it was paying more than working at the paper factory to the point that his back is hurting. He liked the object of sitting down when he played Blackjack well, he played Poker well, he played Baccarat well, and he is really good at playing roulette when he brought home about four thousand dollars per week and did not get greedy none the wiser. Edgar kept his head down when he was at the only casino in town when he is accosted from time to time by some big rollers that he cannot remember who they are. There are a lot people that come into and out of the town of Ventro when Edgar stacked his chips right and kept his shades on from the people that are trying to read him. He is man of possibilities when the odds are in his favor but he is a man of principle which is scary when someone tries to rattle him.

Edgar Mels is a native of the town of Ventro when he came from a man who was a mean sort that liked to do odd jobs around town and get just enough money to buy beer so the rest of the family can starve. He did not give a damn about his family when the floorboards of his old Dodge Ram are about so rusted that they are almost seen through. He barely talked to his wife when his wife is busy with the lifestyle of her own which is called infidelity behind Edgar Mels’s back. She knew that her husband is a loser when she last had sex with Andy Bonner that drives the cable van around town when she felt the best orgasm that she ever had in her life. Andy was really giving it to her when her face is planted into the pillow when she is moaning for him to give it to her, give it to her while she was also saying that she is about to cum. She took a shower to get the sin off of her when she did not feel guilty about it at all before going back home to prepare the bastard’s meal that should be coming home – maybe with the smell of whiskey on his breath and perfume on his collar.

She did not feel bad for the dark images that are running through her mind like a maddening train when she thought about throwing bacon grease into his face and bashing his head over and over again with a hot iron skillet. Then she thought about taking his hunting rifle and priming the front door with it when she thought of the idea of his own gun shooting him in the center of his chest when she smiled behind his back. It is a good feeling when the toilet in the bathroom kept running when the plastic chain needed to be worked on in the water tank again. That is something that Edgar’s wife does not know about when she kept playing her cards, wondering how long it is going to be when time moved on through the night when it is almost midnight.

The man that walked through the street pondered all of it when he continued to walk with his mind slowly sliding off his cracker. He can hear the sound of the ice cream man that is driving about in the darkness of the night with the lights that are burning in the west when there are no lights that are burning in the isolated town of Ventro. The midnight ice cream man is making its rounds when the man is walking on the sidewalk, thinking and thinking hard when he remembered the flames that encumbered the town when the flames always kept him warm, so warm that he screamed fire that is burning his soul to the point that he can no longer feel the pain anymore. The ice cream man that is coming around the corner of a street does not have its lights on when it started to coast next to the man when the man felt a burning sensation in his chest. He felt it like heartburn when the heartburn roused up into the pit of his throat when the ice cream truck stopped on the corner of the street.

The man that drove the truck came off the driver’s seat when he sauntered to the window that serves the portable ice cream stand, opening the window when he asked the man in raggedy clothes about the specials that he has in his ice cream truck. The man jumped when he heard the words that come out of the mouth of the midnight ice cream man when the raggedy man giggled.

“It cannot be.” He shook his head from side to side when the ice cream man waited for him to reply.

“It can’t be real. It is a dream that I cannot wake up from. It cannot be a dream because it feels too damn real.” The raggedy man moved his head up to the skeleton wreck of a once was that is the midnight ice cream man.

“Well are you going to order something? I don’t have all day, you know.” He tapped his boney and skinless fingers on the window frame when the man closed his eyes and counted to twenty.

It is a dream and this is my nightmare. He said this over and over again when he opened his eyes and then looked at the boney wreck of the midnight ice cream man. The man only stood there for ten more seconds when he moved away from the window and came back with an ice cream cone in his hand as the raggedy man looked at the cone with maggots, worms, and cockroaches that are scurrying around in a cone that is long since rotten.

“Does that look yummy?” The ice cream man took the cone to his mouth when the raggedy man turned his head and ran down the street, giggling like a loon when the midnight in time moved into one o’clock in the morning when the kid who is delivering newspapers is chugging along the streets of Ventro.

The kid that is delivering the newspapers is Benny Ochiva who came from the dregs of Mexico in search for a better life when he was left alone while he trekked through the desert that is hotter than a grease pan on a gas range. He walked into the desert with two canteens that are tied around his waist when he drank the water sparingly when his shoes are so worn down that the insoles on his right shoe is starting to come off. He trekked through the desert three days and four night when he came into the town of El Paso on the fifth day, looking at the other Latinos that are roaming around town with nothing better to do. Before that he came to a fence with barbed wire on the top when he snuck underneath that like a fit foot into a shoe. He heard the coyotes in the distance and knew about the Sidewinders that he might run through when it did not happen, not one bit.

He kept walking when El Paso sounds magnificent as Benny came into town with his right shoe to the point that it is almost shot. He slept in the alleyway on the first night when a man came up to him and pissed right next to him. Benny did not hear of this when he slept in the alleyway for almost fourteen hours when it was midday when he woke up again. Benny looked around and heard the cars honking in the distance of the hustle and bustle of a newfound day. He got up when he hunkered back down again at the pain that rolled up in his thigh muscles. Benny winced when he sat back down as a homeless person walked by him, rambling something that is inaudible when Benny did not understand what the homeless person is saying. He waited for what seemed like almost an hour when he got back up, feeling the dour sleep of his thigh muscles when Benny started to walk out of the alleyway, feeling the light on his face that almost burns from the sunburn that he acquired while trekking through the desert.

He walked down the street when he is accosted by a middle-aged caucasian lady that pushed herself away from him.

“Don’t touch me, you brown rat!” She scrunched her nose when Benny realized that she is losing some patches of hair on her scalp. Benny looked at her when she scampered away when Benny turned and kept walking down the street when he roamed through the town of El Paso, feeling the heat but not the desert heat that is on his skin when the days passed on when he finally got a job picking up garbage outside of a casino for three dollars an hour under the table. He worked for ten hours a day when the operations of the casino told him that he can shower behind a maintenance shed with the hose that is attached to the water spicket that is jutted out the wall.

What he found in the parking lot is something that amazes the eyes sometimes when he found coins, lighters, some paper folding money and other things that he dared not to talk about, and some white powder that he knew that it is not somewhere near baking soda or sugar. He did not touch that when he started to hum a tune that he heard on a broken down old radio in Guatemala. He could not remember the title of the song when he hummed the song just the same as the day rolled on through the land until night came and the rowdier crowd came into the parking lot with the smell of wicked sin on their clothes. Benny kept his head down when one man came into the parking lot near the end of Benny’s rounds.

“Hey.” He stammered up to the kid with a bottle of Gypsom Rye in his hand. He is slurring the words which Benny knew that he is crocked beyond the capabilities to know where he is at.

“You know you look like someone I know. I-I-I know…I know I seen you somewhere in Texarkana.” He giggled with the Rye sloshing in the bottle.

“I saw you shining my shoes once and you did a damn good job doing it.” The man stood up straight, almost dropping the bottle out of his hand when Benny looked at him straight in the eye and commenced to cleaning. He did not know who he was talking about since he does not know the English language.

“Can you shine my shoes?” The man giggled some more when he moved the bottle in the air like he is about to perform a magic trick. He touched Benny’s shoulders with the bottle in the same hand.

“Hey! I-I talkingtoyou! Shine my shoes, boy.” The stranger started to get more persistent when Benny knew how this is going to be played out. He got this from the police back in Guatemala when he had no money to give them when they brought out their batons from the clips on their belts. The one in the back brought out his .38 when Benny started to clench the broom that he has in his hands in this present moment of remembering this in the past.

He looked at the man that is in front of him when something dark rose in the pit of his heart that led to his muscle reaction before it met with his head. It was the feeling of darkening rage when Benny moved the broom from the deck of the parking lot and raised it over his head, hitting the man on the head when he recoiled like a spring that is about ready to break.

“What the fuck?” The man groaned when Benny backed up, trying to figure out what he had done. He looked at the broom like it is foreign to him when he looked at the man again. Benny felt the rage again in the center of his mind when the man stood up straight, not acting drunk anymore.

“I am going to make you shine my shoes, you little brown bean eater.” The man smiled a darkening smile when Benny rounded the broom back and hit the man again when the man is hit square in the nose when the man and Benny heard something break in the center of his face. Benny did not know that he can break something with a broom when he looked at it like a sword that he never had before when Benny smiled.

Benny never felt like this before when he had been working for so long that he never had this brush of energy before. All he knew what to do is to work and make very little money as possible when he thought about beating this man into submission when Benny pondered the thought and backed up. Benny in the confusion of his feelings knew that this is not right when he looked at the broom again and backed away from the scene when the man is on the ground, holding his nose that is all bloody when he dropped the broom onto the parking lot, turned, and ran with all of his energy. He had to get back to the alleyway where he hid the money when he got there in three minutes time with his lungs burning in his chest.

Benny came into the alleyway and walked when he got to his little domain that has not been touched when he hunkered down and found under the musty blanket the lockbox that is locked. He had the key in his pocket when he opened it, finding the money to get out of this place and go somewhere else when he looked at all of the cash and coins that he collected at work and collected on a casino parking lot in the years of the past in a place that is not like the place of Ventro. When Benny came to Ventro he is 15 years old when he acquired a job handing out newspapers in a wage that is a little above minimum wage. He got a place when he got some forged papers from a couple of other Latinos that live eight miles north of here when he passed for an age of eighteen. The stubble was already starting to grow on his face and he has those eyes that are way past the years of his youth.

Benny has been through a lot in his life and that is enough said when he saw the images of his mother and what they do to them when that image will never leave him when he continued to work, hoping that one day, one day he will stop doing this and finally have enough money that he will lay low and actually sit back and relax for once. That is not the time yet when Benny continued to work as he went around town at one twenty in the morning, delivering newspapers with the bike that is squeaking underneath him every time he pedaled a cycle when the newspapers flew out of his bag that he has wrapped around his body.

The newspaper dropped onto a front lawn of people that Benny had never met before when he continued to bike down the street with the breeze on his face feeling fine in a day like this. It is only night though which is not considered in the residents of Ventro when they went on through the night, doing their rounds when the clock strikes two when some of the people that went into work early in the night got out of work with the sound of mill’s whistle blaring out, being that of the only whistle in the town of Ventro when the wondering man who is acting like a loon heard of this when he started to shake his head from side to side.

“No, not them.” He spoke in whispers in the night when he remembered the faces of the people that are now coming out of work when they will be around the streets of Ventro in due time like the icicles that will be piercing into his heart when he sees the faces of the men and women that will be bursting into the street to welcome him again.

“I cannot see them again. I don’t want to see them again. I will not see them again.” The raggedy man closed his eyes and counted to thirty when he opened them again and find that he is still here. He looked around, seeing the house that is to the right of him when he started to giggle when he started to run down the street with his shoes that are about to come off his feet. He laughed crazily while he ran down the street when the cars started to drive around like a Swiss Watch, going through the same routes from time to time from route, “A” to route “B”. Most of the people that came from work came home to meet their families and do chores around the house before the sun went down on a day that is not anything normal about it at all. Some people went home alone when they only got drunk and went to sleep and got up to go back to making some more money again when they are sometimes considered the lost cause in the centrifuge of drama that is happening around town. What they consider most on doing is to find the man that is wondering around town that is the man indeed that they claim to find when two o’clock at night roved rover into three o’clock in the morning.

The owls are perched into barns that are about ready to collapse when the school bus drove around town, dropping off the children that live in 1/3 of the county when the children that came to school come from the upper middle class to the lowest middle class when the houses are different all along the route. The person that does not drive the bus is Mr. Netley when there is another person that drives the bus in the afternoon which goes by the name of Darlene Bencroft which has to be the meanest person ever to drive the school bus. Darlene Bencroft is worse than Mr. Netley when she has certain dissatisfaction for boys whenever they want to walk onto the bus and start trouble. If they do anything out of line then they would have a three day suspension from the bus if they even step out of line.

Darlene Bencroft is a woman that was never married when she was never asked on a date during her school years when everyone wanted to pick on her from elementary school on up to the senior year in high school. She was even ridiculed by her teachers when Darlene started to get a mean streak about her when she would come home and take it out on her mother when her mother would tell her: You are going to regret ever talking to me when I am gone. You are going to really regret me after I am gone and you will look back on this and cry. Darlene thought about this and smiled when she did not even cry when her mother died of heart failure at the age of 72. Darlene did not cry when the pastor of the community did the sermon when she sat there, wishing she can play one of those mobile apps when she waited for this bullshit to be over so she can go to the bar and push off more people that want to just talk to her. Darlene had been drinking a lot as of late when she looked at the bartender which she did not know his name and wished for all of this shit to be over with. She wished she can go home, go to sleep and never wake up again when she wanted to die more than ever now.

All she does in her life is to drive the school bus when the boy in the second seat to the back of the bus is busy doodling something on the seat in front of him. Darlene can see his hands working on the back of the seat that is in front of him when Darlene pulled the bus to the side of the road and parked it when he did not move in his seat, unaware to what is going on when she grabbed the ticket book and began writing the name of the little bastard that is sitting in the seat. What was his name she wondered when it popped in her head like a neon sign that is plugged into the nearest electrical outlet. She wrote it down when it will be a little pre-birthday surprise for him when Darlene commenced to smile in the seat when in her eyes it is the middle of the day where the birds are chirping in the trees and the raccoons are sleeping in the little burrow patches in wild brushes that are not touched by man or woman. In truth it is three o’clock in the morning on a long and blusterous night when the raggedy man sees this when the bus with not a single soul drove around town when the cold winds started to blow that danced on his skin.

The raggedy man looked up and down the streets and roads that he pondered when he could not remember the last time he had ate or the last time he ever took a shit or a piss. He started to realize for a moment he is losing the sense of direction of where he is coming or going when he started to forget the simplistic quality of all. He is starting to forget his name as he walked down the street when he did not forget the fires that harbored everything that is around him when he did something unforgivable in the notion of the insanity that lashed out. He remembered the zip ties that are around the loops of the doors. He remembered the people that were trying to get out of the place that serves a public service indeed when he lit a couple of red phosphorous bombs into the firehouse when he smiled at the sounds of coughing on the other side of the door with the water down towel that is over his nose and mouth.

It was the first of what he had done and he has done the most hellish sins that he had ever committed in his life when he was smiling now and now he is not smiling. He is wondering why he is still in this town when he looked all around him for any sign of someone watching when a window blind is pulled and a door opened from a nearby house and closed shut. A car drove down the street when the raggedy man turned his head when the car came into view in his vision.

The raggedy man shook his head incredulously when his walking started to move over into a jog, jogging down the sidewalk like someone pulling a gun on him and telling him to run. He started to run when two heads appear from each side of the car when they start to heckle him, yelling for him to run and yelling for him that there is no escape. The raggedy man continued to run when he ran through intersection after intersection in the isolated, dead, and ghost-town place of Ventro when the man that ran is the man that seen the fires like Nero that had seen Rome burn near the end of its corrupt reign. He ran from the skeleton faces of the dead when he started to giggle from the faces that he killed.

“Oh shit.” He heaved a breath out of his lungs when he continued to run and run like a person that is running from time that is catching up with him. The car behind him started to accumulate from one car to three and three cars to five when the procession of the dead started to follow him like a chorus of hate and murder that are behind the windshields that are caked with dust and age.

“Hey. Frankie, how do I look now since you burned my body like a California Raisin. Do I look pretty? Do-Do I look PRREETTYYY?” A woman screamed out in the darkness of the night when it will be three hours left until the dawn.

“Oh no, not her.” The raggedy man remembered the woman when she used to scald him at the bar when he sat alone with his rum and cola that is in front of him. She used to say all kinds of nasty suggestions to him that he wanted to take the red cup that is in front of him and throw it at her for her being such a bitch that she is. He wanted to hurt her, hurt her, beat her to the point that her pretty face collapses when her pretty face is not too pretty no more.

It is the face of pustule death that is coming back to hark at him once more when the cars are not driving on gas but the blood of the dead that is not catching up with him. The raggedy man ran faster and faster when he started to feel his right arm being numb and a pain in his chest when he cannot get a breath out of him. He stumbled on his face when he turned and looked at…nothing, not even a car when the pain felt like a hammer when he stumbled some more, putting his hand on his right arm when he felt the aching pain in his arm that is leading towards his…

No, not again. He thought when it was the lasting thought when he dropped in the middle of the cracked road when time continued to roll on in the hours that are happening again and again when the road felt familiar like it is padded when the lights started to form above him like the lights of heaven that are getting brighter and brighter. He looked at the lights when he opened and closed his eyes when the lights formed into ambient circles when he smiled at the lights that served his hell beyond his hell.

“I thought I was going to die this time. I thought I was going to be out of this MADNESS!!!” He screamed at the lights in the room when he looked down ever so slow to the door that serves the room when the door to the room is awkward somehow, like it is a door that is painted in white with a thick window to look out of the corridor that is also laminated in white.

The sounds of people that are laughing in the other locked rooms are laughing still when there are people looking through the window at the damaged man that is locked inside, too dangerous to be led out.

“This man, Frankie Domlin; age 28 is the most violent patient that we have in the facility.” Dr. Pritchard, the leading practitioner of the ward is explaining to his underlings about the damaging side effects of the mind and what the mind can do to mask the damaged parts that are trying to heal their own mind back up again. It is a lot of steps to process but the imaginings of the mind between truths and imaginings do come together and fight in a conquest of the unknown.

“He had been admitted into the hospital after the trial that killed over three hundred and twenty seven people in a town in West Virginia.”

“I heard about that all over the news when no responders arrived on the scene until they saw the orange from the flames in the horizon, doctor.” One of the underlings chimed in when the others are busy writing their notes in their electronic devices that compiles all their notes.

“That is truth. This man was the cause of all of this. He will be institutionalized here for the rest of his natural lifespan while we will investigate the psychology of this poor soul and what made him so violent. It will be a long process and we in our lives will never find the answers of the human psyche and what makes some people lash out.” The man never even got into trouble with the law before his appetite for mass murder which is the largest mass murder event that happened in the history of the United States. Dr. Pritchard thought with his mind formulating all of his thoughts that are in his head.

It even toppled over the events that happened at Sandy Hook when Adam Lanza shot all those children with his mind in a darkening haze that is never even measured by a healthy mind. Was he loved and was Frankie Domlin loved when he looked at the past and future by just being the same?

“He is quite the prize in this institution but he talks very little since his mind is far past gone when he only walks around the room and looks at afflictions that are not there, talking to them and answering to them. It is really eventful in the room from time to time.” Dr. Pritchard made the underlings look at Frankie that is mumbling to himself, wishing to be dead when he wished and wished upon this like Halley’s Comet arrived upon the sky every one hundred years or so in a time that is according to it to be just.

He wanted to die but they will not let him when he is stuck in this hell until his time of mundane boredom will make it end for him on a biological scale of not tending to his insanity anymore. Frankie only looked at the people in the window when he just waited as he came back to the point on the dusk of Ventro in his mind again like Prometheus that is waiting for his punishment as he died and died again. Ventro and the point of ground zero will never leave Frankie Domlin when he became the raggedy man again in the confusion of his mind when he dared not to go to sleep again.

If he does the clock will reset and the town of Ventro will become lively again in his hell.

Submitted: April 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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