The Long Lost Boy By Noah Richardson 3B

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic


The Long Lost Boy

One morning James decided to jump out of bed and go for a walk. After walking for a few hours, he realised he was lost.

Night fell and James began to panic, what if he never saw his family again? What if no one ever found him? He was cold and hungry and there did not seem to be anyone around. James decided he had to build himself a house – the only things he could use were sticks, rocks and leaves because he was in the middle of a forest.

Night and day fell, over and over again, James seemed to be getting older but he had no idea how many years he had been out in the wilderness, he felt like he was becoming one of the wild animals he had befriended.

One evening, James heard a crunching sound, as though someone was walking over the leaves on the groups.

‘Hello’ he called.

‘who’s there?’ A voice responded.

James stepped out of his manmade home and saw a tall man stood over him.

‘What is your name?’ Asked James.

‘Alex.’ Replied the man. ‘I have been out here looking for a young boy named James, he has been missing for 5 years, him Mother and Father are distraught.’

‘That’s me, I am James, do you know how I can get home, I have been lost for so long, I have tried and tried to get home, you are the first human I have seen, please help!’

‘Come with me James, I have someone who would love to see you.’

James and Alex went wandering through the forest and then James noticed a familiar face, it was his Mum, he ran to her and hugged her as tight as he could and said ‘Mum, I have missed you so much, I am so sorry I went into the forest, I know you always told me it was dangerous, I promise never to do that again.’

James never, ever entered the forest again.

By Noah Richardson 3B

Submitted: April 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 All Saint's Golden Stars. All rights reserved.

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