Minky in the Leaf Village

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

lol idk i could upload fanfics too xD
Naruto fanfic with my favorite characters and of course Minky!
MAY CONTAIN NAUGHTY STUFF (Not sure really, i havent read it in a while xD Plan on reading it here at work :P

I stroke the soft white rat as the Hokage continues to talk. The rat’s red eyes stare ahead. “They called your name.” The rat informs me. I glance up and look around. “That weird looking guy is your sensei.” Shiro says, pointing with his tail. I stare at my new sensei, wishing I had been paying attention. As the Hokage wraps up, everyone gets up to meet there their new teams. Shiro climbs up my arm and sits observantly on my shoulder.

“Well hey there!” The tall man in the green spandex greets. There was a boy my age already next to him and he looked just like the Sensei. They each shared the same bowl-cut hair, large eyebrows and green spandex. I wave at the pair, a slight smile inching over my lips.

“Greetings!” The teen smiles. Another teen boy walks up to us. He’s much more somber looking. He has long dark brown hair and ghostly white eyes.

“Well alright! Looks like all my new students have arrived!!” The sensei says loudly. “Alright! I am Maito Gai! Go ahead and introduce yourself and tell us a little about you.”

“I will go first!” The mini-sensei says eagerly. “I am Rock Lee! I am here to prove that hard work and determination pays off. I want to prove that I can be a splendid ninja even though I do not have ninjutsu or genjutsu.” I smile. Rock Lee? He’s kind of cute… The long haired teen scoffs at Lee’s stirring speech. I shoot him a dirty look while frowning. “What was that for?!” Lee demands of the long haired teen.

“Natural talent always beats out hard work.” He says snidely. “I am Neji of the Hyuga clan. My goal is private.” Both Lee and I give Neji a dirty look, that is until all eyes are turned on me. I blush, shifting uneasily from my left foot to my right.

“I’m… Uhh… Mink Shiro Nezume… I’m here to get stronger… to avenge my family… Who were killed by our rival family… The Kuro Nekos…” I say shyly. Shiro nuzzles my neck, trying to relax me.

“That is quite a tragic story Mink.” Gai sensei sympathizes. I nod, looking down. Rock Lee rubs my shoulder supportively while Neji turns up his nose. “Well my new students, let’s embark out to test your skills.” The four of us take off to an empty, open field. Gai Sensei holds up 2 silver bells tied to strings. “This is called the bell test! The rules are simple! Get the bell from me! Haha! Go!” Gai disappears suddenly and we notice him across the field.  

“Here is the plan.” Neji states, getting us into a huddle. “You two distract him while I get the bells.”

“Right!” Lee nods. I frown, not liking to be bossed around by Neji. He was to full of himself and I wasn’t about to be the bait while he gets all the glory. Neji disappears, leaving just Lee and I. “Are you ready?”  He questions me. I nod and on his mark, Lee and I take off running towards Gai Sensei. “Shiro.” I mutter to the rat tucked away in my hood. He pokes his head up, red eyes drooping sleepily. “We have to get those bells…”

“Thought that Neji kid had a plan.” Shiro mutters. I sneer, whipping my hair over my shoulder.

“That guy is to full of himself.” I mutter. “And I have my own plan. Cover me ok?”

“As you wish.” He groans. I screech to a halt and make a few hand signs. Smoke envelopes Shiro and I. As it clears, Shiro disguised as me, stands in the field. Gai stares at Shiro, wondering what I’d just done. My eyes turn red as I continue burrowing underground at an increased speed towards our Sensei. I won’t let Neji win this!! I focus, burrowing faster. Shiro caught up with Lee, running in harmony with him. Gai had started  running in an attempt of evasion. I come near the surface, predicting that he would eventually run over the spot.

As I predicted, Gai’s thundering footsteps get closer. My hands break through the surface and wrap around Gai’s ankles. My head also breaks the surface and I take a deep breath. “Now Lee!!” I shout.

Lee takes a second to be confused by the two Mink’s but quickly goes in for the kill. Gai easily breaks free of my hold and avoided Lee’s attack. I smile, since I had already planted a rat that was gnawing the string off Gai’s hip. I pull myself out from the ground, dusting off my clothes.

A small brown rat runs up to me and I take him into my palm. He has 2 silver bell strings in his mouth. I pat him on the head appreciatively and take the bells. “Lee!!” I call out. He rushes up to me and I toss him the bell. Gai notices this and quickly checks his belt, noticing the missing bells.

“Well done Mink.” Gai Sensei smiles, admitting defeat and appearing in front of Lee and I. Neji appears out of nowhere, looking angry. I stifle a grin. Lee and I display our bells to Neji.

“Neji, where were you?” I ask coyly, narrowing my eyes on him. “You missed out on all the fun.”

“You didn’t stick to the plan.” He grumbles.
“Sorry but I don’t like to be bossed around by a creep.” I sniff, turning my head away.

“Now now!” Gai interrupts. “Your youthful blood is boiling! Neji, you did not receive a bell and you must accept your punishment!! Haha!”

“Punishment?” Neji frowns. I fall back laughing as Gai ties Neji to a tall wooden post. Shiro walks up to me, still disguised as me.
“Oh Mink, you have a twin?” Lee questions, his eyes wide.
“It’s beast mimicry you fool.” Neji scoffs, staring at Shiro. He had weird veins popping up all over his upper face.

“Lucky guess.” I frown, poking Shiro in the forehead. He bursts into smoke and once it clears the small white rat sits there, nose twitching.

“Quite the contrary.” Neji smirks. “I can see right through all your little tricks with my Byakugan.”

“Be-yakking-gun?” I question dumbly. Shiro climbs up my leg and disappears into my hoodie pocket.

“Byakugan.” Rock Lee pronounces correctly. “It’s a bloodline trait.. Passed down in families and clans. Like the Uchiha’s Sharingan.”

“Oh.” I mutter, still a bit confused. Gai grabs 2 boxed lunches and gives one to Lee and I.

“Lunch, made by yours truly, for the winners!!” Gai Sensei announces. Lee eagerly opens his lunch and digs in. I smile, opening mine as well then I let out a cry of horror. Everything was burnt and looked just horrible. “Eheheeh.. I’m not a very good cook..”

“Gai Sensei… this rice isn’t even cooked!!” I groan, poking it with my finger.

“Mmphh, I did think it was a little crunchy.” Lee comments, but he continues to eat.
“Ya know, I thought I forgot something.” Gai mutters, rubbing the back of his neck nervously.

“Thought that counts.” I smile.


“Sensei..?” I call out meekly. Gai Sensei turns around, a surprised expression on his face.

“Mink, is something the matter?” Sensei questions, placing his hands on his hips.

“Uh.. Sensei.. I was wondering if you could.. help me with my taijutsu...” I ask embarrassedly. Gai Sensei ponders my request and then shoots me a smile.

“No problem!” He grins. “Ya ready to go right now?” I nod, taking a defensive pose. Gai Sensei comes at me, chopping and kicking elegantly. I avoid his blows, but just barely. I felt his leg just barely graze my ear too many times. “Come on Mink!” He shouts, trying to motivate me. I gasp slightly, attempting to strike but I’m blocked easily. I keep trying to land a hit, reaching out and striking but each attack is evaded. Suddenly I lose my footing and start to fall back. I cry out, flailing my hands. Gai grabs me quicker than a lightning strike, keeping me from falling.

Taking the opportunity of surprise, I press up close to him. My soft breasts squish against his chest and I look up at him with sparkling green eyes and moan softly. Gai’s eyes shoot open as he backs away.

I quickly pounce on him, knocking him onto his back. I wrap my legs around his lap, pinning his arms down. My feminine charm claims another victim. Not exactly the kind of win I was going for but it still counts. I stare down at my sensei, smiling a little and panting from the struggle. My breasts bounce as my chest rises and falls. Gai Sensei wriggles uncomfortably under me. He grunts and groans and I hop off of him.

“How was that sensei?” I question curious to his opinion. He remains on the ground, his legs crossed awkwardly. “S-sensei? Are you ok? I didn’t hurt you did I..?” I move closer and Gai starts to sweat.

“N-NO!!” He exclaims. “I’m perfectly fine!! Great job Minxi!! Now go ahead on home, I’ll see you tomorrow!!” I frown as he tries to shoo me away.

“Well at least let me help you up?” I mumble, offering my hand to the tall man. He shakes his head, keeping his legs crossed. I frown even more, thinking my sensei was mad at me. I kneel next to him, placing my hands on his upper thigh. He twitches slightly. “I’m s-sorry Sensei... I didn’t mean to m-make you mad!! I know I’m not very good at hand-to-hand combat.. I’m not as good as you and Lee..” I mutter, almost in tears. Gai blushes and can no longer ignore me. He faces me, looking very flustered.

“I am not mad Minxi, and you have a frightfully fantastic power. Your rats fully make-up for your lack of body strength.” He says, smiling awkwardly. “I’d never want to square off against your rats, that’s for sure! Ah-hah! ” I sniffle, dabbing at my eyes with my sleeve. “Do not cry.” Sensei says in a calmer voice. He places his hand on my shoulder and I instantly fall into his arms and hug him. He slowly returns my embrace, feeling a bit uneasy. I sniffle pulling away.

“Oh, I almost forgot..” I whisper, taking a handkerchief out of my pocket. “I brought you some brownies that I made.” I present them to him, smiling.

“Haha! Delightful!” Gai says in his booming voice, taking the brownies.

“Thanks for helping me with my training Sensei.” I bow, standing up and flattening out my skirt. “See you tomorrow Sensei.” I take off quickly, not looking back.

“What is that look for?” Shiro's soft, cool voice questions.

“What look?” I question back, seeing the rat peeking his head from my hoodie pocket. His whiskers twitch as his little pink nose does.

“You have a crush on that goofy looking buffoon.”  The demonic rat states. My eyes widen and I laugh nervously.

“That’s so stupid!” I shout, stomping my feet. “He’s my Sensei!!”

“Whatever you say.”  Shiro says condescendingly, tucking his head back into my pocket. My house comes into view at the end of the quiet road.

“Miiiiiiinxi!!!” A voice screams from behind me. I hesitate, turning around to see Gai Sensei running so fast down the road a cloud of dust kicked up behind him. “Minxi!! Your brownies were amazing! I must have more!!” Gai whines, arriving in front of me. He panted slightly, his muscular chest heaving up and down. I watch his gorgeous muscles contract through his tight green spandex suit, biting my bottom lip shyly. My heart was thundering against my chest and I could feel it in my throat.

“Oh.. I have more inside..”  I mutter. “Would you like to come in?”

“I would do anything to get more of these brownies!!” Gai shouts, nodding enthusiastically. I smile, bouncing up the front porch steps with Gai Sensei on my heels.

“If you’re hungry I can make you a nice meal.” I offer, pushing open the front door.

“I couldn’t ask you to do that Minxi.” Gai says, but then he stops to think about it. “Though I bet you could make something really really scrumptious!”

“It would be no trouble Sensei.” I grin. “I was planning on making Pork Stew tonight.”

“P-Pork stew?” Gai stammers, smiling dopily.

“Come on Sensei.” I insist. “”Stay for dinner.”

“Well… Alright!! You’ve twisted my arm!! Ahah!” Gai caves. I smile and walk into the dark house. The furniture moves slightly as I walk in and choruses of squeaks ring out.

“We have a house guest.” I announce loudly. Tiny eyes shimmer in the darkness. “Go on! You’ll have to stay somewhere else tonight! And clean up your mess!” The rats suddenly stampede towards the open door. Gai let’s a startled yelp off his lips as the small rats scamper over his feet. They looked like a black wave as they streamed out of the house. 

“Wow.. that’s a lot of rats..” Gai states, walking into the house behind me and closing the door.

“Oh yeah.” I nod, heading towards the kitchen. “Most of the rats of Kanoha stay here with me. I keep them safe and feed them and they don’t terrorize the village much.” I set out the pots and pans that I need. “Go ahead and make yourself at home Sensei.” Gai smiles and sits down at the kitchen table. He lean his head on his hand and watches me run around the kitchen.

As soon as the water started to boil I poured in the rice. I chopped up veggies and meat and threw them into a large pot, stirring it slowly. As everything was cooking I took out a small plate and served Gai Sensei a small brownie and a glass of milk.

“You’re going to make an excellent wife to a very lucky guy one day.” Gai states, smiling up at me. His words send a wave of soft pink blush over my face.

“Doesn’t your wife cook for you?” I question, making sure not look him in the eye. My question is met with a burst of booming laughter.

“My Wife?!” Gai grins. “I am not married. I do not even have a girlfriend. I’m far too busy with my team and training to be interested in that sort of thing.” I frown, feeling as though I’d just fallen into the ocean. My heart ached slightly.

“Oh.” I manage to mutter, slinking back into the kitchen. Gai smiles his perfect, neon white smile.

“Maybe I just haven’t met the right girl yet.” He adds. “I bet the right girl could change my opinion.” I pick my head up again, looking away from the stew. “I have thought about it. Usually at night when I’m laying in bed and finding it hard to fall asleep.” I glance at him. “I wonder how it would feel to have a girl pressed up against me, snoring softly.” I blush at the thought of me being snuggled up against the Jonin. “Minxi, where are your parents?”

“My.. Parents?” I stammer, taken aback by the sudden shift in conversation topic. “They died when I was little.” I eventually say, stirring the rice.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Gai says, remorse lacing his voice.

“It’s ok.” I nod. “My family is part of the Shiro Nezumi clan, a clan that worships a demonic white rat. My mom and dad and all 23 of my brothers and sisters were wiped out by our rivaling clan the Kuro Neko..” I stop talking as Shiro pokes his head out from my hoodie pocket. He narrows his glowing red eyes and shakes his head. “I’ve been on my own ever since. Well.. except for the rats. Rats’ and my family have always existed in harmony. The rats took care of me. They found me empty houses where I could sleep and brought me food and money. I’m in debt to them…”

Gai nods slowly. The way his eyebrows wrinkled made it obvious he was deep in thought about everything I’d just told him.

“That’s all in the past though.” I say a bit more cheerily. The stew bubbles and churns so I turn back to stir it. Shiro wiggles his nose and tucks his head back into my pocket. I frown, letting my mind wonder. Shiro had made me sign up for the Ninja academy. Infact, that’s the only reason I ended up in The Leaf.


“Minxi you have to interact with humans.” He had said when I was younger. “Going to the Ninja Academy will help you better control your Jutsu and hone your abilities.”

“I don’t want to Shiro!” I had cried, tears streaming down my face. All the rats were gathered up around me, climbing on me and trying to console me.

“You’re already signed up.” Shiro said adamantly. “You’re going.”

“I hate you Shiro!!” I had wailed, getting up and running away blindly. I was mad and not thinking as I pushed myself to run away from the small shack in the forest just outside of Kanoha. I bumped into someone and fell back onto my butt. “Ow..” I’d bellowed, rubbing my eyes.

“Oh, I am most dreadfully sorry!”  A loud voice had apologized. I froze with fear, knowing that I’d just ran into a human. I had very little interaction with humans since my family had been slaughtered. I was always alone with the rats. But something about this human.. He was tall and had black hair and was walking on his hands. He wore a green spandex jumpsuit and had large eyebrows. He looked rather goofy and he didn’t really scare me like most of the humans I’d seen. “You ok there kiddo? What are you doing way out here?”

“What are you doing?” I questioned back.

“Why, training of course!!” The human laughed. “I’m Maito Gai and I’m on my 14th lap around the Leaf! Are you going to be ok?”

“Yeah..” I nodded.

“Alright!” The human gives me a perfect white smile that shined in the sunlight and continued walking on his hands.

That was the first time I’d met my Sensei. I doubt he remembered, that was such a long time ago and he didn’t have the best memory. I turned the dials down on the oven and took the pots off the stove. I filled up a bowl full of stew and a bowl full of rice, seasoned with salt and butter.

“Dinner is served!” I chime, placing the bowls on the table in front of him. His eyes grow wide and he smiles ear-to-ear.

“Smells so good!” Gai says drools, licking his lips. He cracks his chopsticks in half and looks up at me. “You’re going to eat too right?”

“Of course.” I nod, setting a small bowl on the table for myself. I smile, watching my Sensei gobble down my cooking.

“So Good!” He says with a mouthful. “The meat is so tender it melts in your mouth! Minxi you are a talented chef!”

“Thank you Gai Sensei.” I smile shyly, pecking at my food. Shiro occasionally hops up onto the table and steals something out of my bowl and takes it back to my pocket. “So you don’t get many home-cooked meals?” I ask after he had finished and was leaning back with his hand on his stomach.

“I’m a horrible cook!” Gai Sensei laughs loudly. “I usually just get take out or pick something up in town.”

“That’s horrible.” I frown. “Take out is no match for a good home cooked  meal.”

“I agree whole-heartily!” Gai grins happily, patting his full stomach. “Minxi, you live here alone?”

“Just the rats and I.” I nod.

“Why don’t you come live with me Minxi?” Gai suggests. “Rock Lee stays with me, he has no family either. There’s still a spare room. All I ask is that you keep your furry friends in your room and you cook for us!”

“L-live with you..?” I question softly, leaning back.

“There’s no reason for you to live way out here by yourself anymore Minxi.” Gai smiles warmly. “You aren’t alone anymore. You’re a part of 

Team Gai!” He gives me a thumbs up before standing. “Just think about it.” He walks over and places his hand on my shoulder. “Thank you for dinner, I’m going to head home.”

“L-let me get you some to go.” I stammer, hopping up and dashing to the kitchen. “You can give some to Lee too. I’ll never be able to eat this all.”

“You’re so thoughtful.” Gai grins, leaning against the kitchen doorway and watching me. I fill a large container with the stew and rice and the wrap it up in a cloth, presenting it to him. “Thank ya Minx!” He grins taking it and heading for the door.

“Goodnight Sensei.” I whisper to myself after he was gone.

“He likes you.”  Shiro announces out of the blue. The rats begin to pile into the house, from opens windows and the space under the door.

“Why do you say that?” I interrogate the white rat, pulling him out of my pocket.

“He just offered to let you live with him.” Shiro says snidely.

“That’s just Gai though.” I mumble. “He’d give you the green spandex off his back if you needed it.” He’s so caring and considerate…

“No, I think it’s more than that.” Shiro insists.

“Gai is too dense.” I counter. “You heard him, he’s not interested in dating.”

“And YOU heard him, the right girl could change his mind.”  Shiro snaps at me. I flinch, hating when he takes that tone with me. “I think it might be a good idea for you to move in with him. You need to be around more people.”

“I can’t Shiro..” I mumble, looking at all the shinning eyes staring up to me. “If I moved in with Gai Sensei I couldn’t bring all of the rats’ with me..”

“They will be fine.” Shiro says, losing his patience.

“But…” I protest.

“They will be fine. They understand what is best for you. They will never abandon you Minxi. Never.”  Shiro says sharply. The rats squeal and squeak in agreement with him. I stare at all of them and kneel down. They crawl up my arms and legs, running all over my body. They lick and nibble, telling me it was ok. I feel my eyes start to water and I blink the tears away.


“RAT TSUNAMI FLOOD JUTSU!” I shout, feeling the rats hoping onto me and back off as they form a writhing tidal wave behind me. Lee’s eyes open wide as he watches with horror as the mass of rats topples down onto him. His feet were planted firmly into the ground and he couldn’t get free in time to avoid my attack. The rats disburse and scurry off into the trees. “Now normally, my rats’ would scratch and bite. A rat’s teeth are very strong, they can puncture cement and aluminum, so human flesh and bone is a synch to chew through. Not to mention all that weight and fur, suffocating you.”  Squeaks ring out like ratty applause to my bragging speech.

“Your rat-jutsu is equally as strong as it is scary!!” Lee gasp, freeing his feet from the ground.

“Please.” Neji scoffs. “Your rats’ can’t get past my Beyakugan. I can see each and every one of them coming at me.”

“Just ‘cause you can see them doesn’t mean you can stop them.” I smirk.

“I can.” Neji says. “Why don’t you try me if you’re so sure of you rats?” I glance to Shiro who shakes his head no.

“I’m not going to put my rats in the line of danger just to prove a point to you.” I relent, balling my hands into fists.

“Neji!” Gai yells. “10 laps around Kanoha, NOW!” Gai shouts, pointing into the distance. Neji rolls his eyes and begins jogging.

“I will run 20 laps Gai Sensei!!” Rock Lee shouts, taking off and tearing past Neji.

“Come on Minxi!” Gai smiles and starts to jog at a pace that I could keep up with.

“Hate.. Running..” I groan, jogging alongside him. Shiro climbs up my shirt and sits on my shoulder, bouncing with each of my footfalls.

“That doesn’t sound like Youthful talk Minxi! Hah!” Gai grins, his teeth shining. I smile slightly.

“So for dinner tonight, Shiro wants Sweet Buns.” I mutter, focusing on the forest path. Neji was far up ahead and nearly out of view. “Does that sound good?”

“It’s making my mouth water right now!” Gai nods and licks his lips.

“I’m going to make some chocolate chip cookies too.” I say, whipping my long multicolored pink hair over my shoulder. Gai moans as he thinks about the cookies. I hold my hand over my mouth and giggle. Rock Lee rushes past suddenly.

“You will never catch me Gai Sensei!” Lee goads. Gai looks to me and I nod.

“Oh yes I will!” Gai shouts in this booming voice, running after Lee. I laugh to myself and stop jogging. I stretch my arms up over my head and yawn.

“Hello there.” A strange voice greets. I glance over my shoulder to see a tall man with long spiky white hair. He had red lines running down the corners of his eyes.

“Uh.. Hi..” I mumble, beginning to walk down the path.

“What’s a pretty little girl like you doing out here alone?” The older man questions, walking alongside me. His wooden sandals click on the stone path.

“I’m not alone.” I state, glancing up at him again. He was so tall and built like a fortress. His hands were massive.. His body was tight with muscles. I blush, looking away. “I’m with my Team, we’re training.”

“Oh? So you’re a Genin huh?” The stranger questions with a smile. “Well allow me to introduce myself, they call me Jiraiya!! I am the traveling Toad Sage of Legend!”

“Of legend..?” I repeat. “I’ve never heard of yo- wait.” My eyes grow wide and I gasp. “You’re the guy who wrote Make-Out Tactics!! I love those books!!”

“You’ve heard of my works eh?” Jiraiya grins. “But how? The purchase of my novels are prohibited  to readers under the age of 18, how old are you cutie?”

“I’m 15.” I blush, fiddling with my fingers.

“That’s a little young to be reading my novels.” Jiraiya says in an almost teasing tone. “I bet you’re a bad girl, aren’t you?”

“I am not!” I protest, feeling my face grow warm with blush. “I just really like how you write. You’re wording is very elegant and you just paint a clear picture…”

“Oh do I?” Jiraiya leans in close to me.

“Uh.. Y-yes..” I nod, nervously fidgeting.

“How would you like to be featured in my next novel huh?” Jiraiya question, running his large fingers through my hair. I shudder, holding my breath so I didn’t make any embarrassing moans.

“DYNAMIC ENTRY!!!” Jiraiya and I turn our heads just in time to see the bottom of Gai Sensei’s shoe connect with Jiraiya’s face. The old author is kicked a few feet away and lands on his back. “Don’t worry Minxi!! I’ll keep you safe from this weird-o!!”

“Maito Gai, you’re the damn weird-o..” Jiraiya grumbles, standing up and dusting himself off.

“Ehh?” Gai Sensei squints his eyes at Jiraiya. “Oh! Jiraiya! I didn’t recognize you. Haha!!”

“Great apology..” Jiraiya groans. He strolls back over and stands close to me. “So, your name is Minxi huh? Gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl.” He breathes heavily as he stares down my cleavage. “Hey Gai, how’s about you let me borrow your student for a little while heh heh.”

“No, no I don’t think so.” Gai answers, stepping between him and I. “Minxi has a lot of training to do, plus she’s making chocolate chip cookies when we get home.”

“Oh?” Jiraiya smirks and cocks his eyebrow. “So you’ve let you female student move in with you Gai? And she cooks and cleans for you? Don’t be so selfish. Share her with me too.”

“It isn’t like that at all!!” Gai exclaims.

“I like to cook and bake.. He doesn’t make me.” I interject, peeking my head out from behind Gai Sensei. Jiraiya smirks, his eyes darting from Gai to me and back.

The Student and the Sensei.”  Jiraiya grins. “That would make an interesting new novel. Well Maito Gai, enjoy her for now cause I’m coming back for her.” The old novelist gives me a suggestive wink. “I’ll be watching you Minxi.” He laughs a lecherous little laugh as he walks off.

“Creepy old man..” Gai Sensei mutters. He seemed flustered and the back of his neck was sweating. Was.. was Gai Sensei jealous that Jiraiya had given me so much attention? Neji and Rock Lee catch up to Sensei and I.

“Who was that old man?” Neji questions.

“Alright!” Gai Sensei claps his hands. “That’s enough training for today. C’mon Lee, Minxi, let’s go home.” I smile and wave half-heartedly to Neji as I follow after my Sensei.


It was late. Shiro and I had settled into bed when I pulled out my copy of Make-Out Tactics.

“You think Jiraiya will autograph this for me?” I question Shiro, flipping through the pages.

“That perverted trash?”  Shiro frowns, his hair-less tail twitches around. “I regret ever having stolen it for you.”

“Don’t be such a stiff.” I grin. “This is a really great book even though it has sexual content. Listen to this;

He softly stroked her milky white inner thighs and relished the look on her delicate face. Her perfect pink lips part and a sweet whimper escapes. He just barely grazed his finger against her silky panties and her body jumped. He could feel the heat emanating from within those frilly panties. He wanted to feel it better. So warm… and smells so sweet…”

The way he writes is just so beautiful… even though it’s pervy. It’s romantic in a way.”

“M-Minxi..” A voice whispers from the doorway. Shiro and I both cast our eyes in its direction. Gai Sensei was standing there in his sleeping shorts. His muscular chest was exposed. I quickly close the book and hide it under my blanket. “Thank you for dinner. It was delicious as always.”

“It’s no biggie Sensei.” I smile warmly, trying to get a good look at his gorgeous chest without being too obvious.

“No, it is a biggie!” Gai insists, stepping into the room. “Lee and I love having you here but I don’t want you to feel like you’re obligated to feed us and clean up after us!”

“Sensei.. are you worried about what Master Jiraiya said?” I question softly. He looked away, not wanting to admit the lecherous old man had gotten into his head. “I do those things ‘cause I want to. I enjoy cooking and cleaning. I like seeing you happy.”

“You care about my happiness?” Gai asks softly, seeming almost surprised.

“Well.. yeah…” I nod. “You’re my Sensei.. I care very much for you..”

“M-Minxi..” Gai whimpers, his eyes getting misty. “You are most precious to me..”

“S-Sensei, what are you saying?” I question, my heart beating hard against my chest.

“Nnng.. Just thank you.. Goodnight..” Gai bows slightly before hurriedly exiting the room.

“Did he just almost..?” I question, letting my voice trail off.

“That goofy looking fool loves you Minxi.” Shiro confirms my thoughts. I pick the rat up and hold him against me.

“Good night Shiro.” I whisper with a wide smile on my face.


“Ahh!!” I let a cry slip off my lips. Lee kept coming at me, swinging his legs and fists. It took everything I had to avoid his attacks. I hold my arms up over my face to guard it, leaping backwards.

You’re pathetic..”  Shiro whispers.

“Let me have your chakra!” I growl through grit teeth, taking a kick to my side. I attempt to trip Lee up but he quickly maneuvers so that I miss by a mile.

“Pathetic.” Shiro repeats, burying his way into my body. The chakra begins to flow through my veins, my eyes glow completely red.

“There’s a massive amount of chakra all of a sudden..!” Neji gasps quietly to himself. He glares at me with his Beyakugan. I grin, suddenly bursting with energy. I start to kick and throw punches back at Lee. He manages to dodge each of my attacks but he couldn’t counter attack either.

“Y-you have gotten so fast!” Lee smiles as my fist grazes his jawline.

“I’m going to get you!” I cackle, jumping up suddenly. Lee hesitates, looking up at me. I grin as I start to plummet down. “Catch me!” Lee scrambles to figure out where I was going to land, his arms open. I laugh, feeling the chakra draining out from me. Shiro leaves my body and grips onto my hair. Lee catches me and we spin around a few time, both of us laughing loudly.

“What is wrong with you?” Neji demands, walking up to Lee and I. “You had a massive amount of chakra and you wasted it!”

“Take a chill pill Neji!” I laugh, still hugging Lee. “We were just sparing, we weren’t in a battle to the death. You need to learn how to have fun.” Neji turns his nose up. Overhead a loud boom makes Lee and I jump. We all glance up to find that the sky was growing dark with storm clouds.

“It’s going to rain.” Lee states, letting me down.

“I don’t want to get my hair wet!” I whine. “Come on Lee, let’s get home before it starts to pour.” I hop up on his shoulders and point. “Giddy up!! Heheh!”  Lee takes off running at full speed.

The rain was pouring down, loud bangs and crashes of thunder would occasionally shake the house. I was sitting at the table reading Make-Out Tactics when the front door blew open.

“Ehh..” Gai Sensei groans, leaning against the closed front door. He was soaking wet, his hair drenched and slick.

“Sensei, where have you been?” Lee inquires.

“I had a meeting with Lady Hokage.” Gai announces. “We’re going on a mission tomorrow!”

“A mission?!” Lee repeats enthusiastically. I frown nervously, closing my book and setting the table for dinner.

“Yes!” Gai smiles his perfect smile. “Team Gai is going to The Land of Fog to investigate a missing person’s claim.” He inhales deeply. “Mmm, smells good Minxi!”


The lights flicker as thunder sounds off and rattles the house. I jump, nearly dropping a bowl.


The rain was still falling when bed time came. I lay in bed with Shiro sitting on my stomach, listening to the rain and thunder. Every time thunder boomed it shook the house. Lighting lit up the windows. The power had gone out about half an hour ago. My stomach was twisted into knots. I hated thunderstorms…


I bolt out of bed, leaving Shiro snoring on the pillow. Standing in the hallway I could hear both Lee and Gai snoring away. I tip-toe past Lee’s room and peek my head into Gai’s. He was sprawled out on his sleeping mat, drooling. I take a few steps into his room, looking around nervously. A loud boom causes me to shudder and hug myself. I can’t.. I can’t ask him if I can sleep with him.. I hang my head and move towards his door.

“Mi-Minxi..?” Gai’s groggy voice questions. I freeze, my throat had suddenly become very dry. “What’s wrong..?”

“The power went out..” I manage to say, voice quivering.

“Are you scared?” Gai asks, sitting up. He was shirtless like usual. His hair was messy and his eyes were barely open.

“N-no!” I lie, moving to the door. He grabs my hand, suddenly standing behind me.

“It’s ok to be afraid.” Gai mumbles, pulling me into arms.

“S-Sensei..” I whimper, feeling my face grow hot.

“Come lay down with me.” Gai mutters, walking me to his sleeping mat. He lays down and pulls me close. I rest my head on his strong chest as his arms wrap around me like a warm blanket. Soon the scary booming thunder was drown out by the soft thumping of Gai’s heart beating.

~~~ <3 ~~~ <3 ~~~ <3 ~~~ <3 ~~~

“Minxi..” A voice whispers. “Oh Minxi.” My eyes flutter open and I find myself staring into Gai Sensei’s dark eyes. He softly strokes his warm hand against my face while smiling dopily.

“Se-Sensei..” I mutter sleepily. He hugs me tightly, holding me as close as possible. I drape my arms around his neck and enjoy his warm body so close to mine. “So, did you like it?” He pulls back slightly to give me a puzzled look. I giggle. “Did you like having a girl’s body close to you as you slept?”

“I want this body next to me every night!” Gai smiles widely, grabbing me by my hips and pulling me on top of him. I giggle wildly as he tickles me.

“Uhh, Gai Sensei?” Lee’s voice floats in from across the hall. Gai and I turn in unison to see Rock Lee staring in at us with a slightly puzzled look on his face. I pick up a pillow and slam it into Gai Sensei’s face.

“PILLOW FIGHT!!” I shout, hopping up and tossing the pillow to Lee.

“Oh boy!” Lee smiles, coming at me with the pillow.

“No you don’t!” Gai laughs, appearing in front of me and taking the pillow hit. He swung his pillow and Lee nimbly dodged. I watch the two tai-jutsu specialists engage in a pillow fight war. I laugh and just try to stay out of the way.


“So who has gone missing Sensei?” Rock Lee questions as we’re hiking up a mountainous hillside.

“Seems that some town officials went to investigate a run-down mansion just out of town and have not returned.” Gai announces, keeping his eyes ahead.

“And let me guess.” Neji says snidely. “They think it’s some sort of monster or an omen and are too afraid to deal with it on their own. They have to come crying to The Leaf. Typical close minded small mountain town..”

“It is our duty as Shinobi to help Neji!” Rock Lee scolds.

“If it were a real threat then I would agree.” Neji groans. “I bet it’s simply a lone creep using Genjutsu.”

“Whatever is happening, Team Gai will solve it!” Gai grins confidently. He stops sort, resting his hands on his hips. “It’s getting dark. These mountains are dangerous to travel at night. I say we make camp here and set off first thing in the morning.”

“Sounds like a good idea Sensei.” I nod, stretching. My body wasn’t used to all this moving and jumping. I’d never traveled so far from The Leaf in this short amount of time.

“Lee, Minxi, you go gather up fire wood.” Gai orders.

“Yes Sensei!” Lee nods and takes off. I linger for a moment before running after him. I gather up sticks and hum to myself while Lee grabs huge hunks of wood. “Minxi-chan?”

“Yes Lee?” I ask.

“Are you and Gai Sensei dating?” He asks. I shout, startled by his question.

“No! Of course not!” I squeal, making sure not to look at him. “He’s my Sensei!!”

“That is true.” Lee agrees. “But I think you have a crush on him.” Shiro pops his head out from my hoodie. “Well if you do not have a crush on our Sensei then I must profess my true feelings.. I have been in love with you from the moment our eyes first met.”

“Wh-what?” I stammer, feeling my face blush a deep pink.

“I love you Minxi.” Lee smiles, holding the heavy stack of wood with one hand and flashing me a thumbs up. “I do not expect you to feel the same as of just now, but I will prove my love to you and win you over in time!”

“Oh.. Lee..” I whisper, clutching the few sticks I had gathered close to my chest.

“Come on, let us take these back to Gai Sensei!” Rock Lee smile, brushing his arm against me as you strides past.

“So Bushy Brow JR. has a thing for you too?” Shiro snickers. “Honestly didn’t see that one coming.” 

“Whoa..” I mutter.

Gai starts a nice little fire and the four of us gather around it. I had brought a big bag of fluffy marshmallows and we all roasted them over the open fire. Shiro munches on one, his whiskers weighed down with gooey marshmallow. The sky was a deep, dark blue, the stars shined bright. I smile, leaning back and staring up at the sky.

“Why don’t you 3 get some sleep.” Gai Sensei suggests. “I’ll keep watch.”

“Yes Sensei.” Lee nods with a loud yawn. Neji makes himself comfortable on a thick tree branch. Shiro grooms his marshmallowy fur then crawls into my clothing and snuggles up. I lean against a log, staring up at the sky. Gai was looking out over the dark, tree filled valley, his eyes open and alert.

“Pst.” Gai whispers. I glance over at him, blinking slowly. He waves his hand, motioning for me to join him. I smile shyly and get up and walk over to him. He pulls me close, my head on his shoulder. “It’s a nice view isn’t it?”

“Yeah.” I agree, enjoying my sensei’s scent and warmth. Crickets chirp down in the tree filled valley. “Gai, I’m nervous about the mission. I’ve never been on something so serious… We’ve only done rake D missions so far, finding missing pets, helping little old ladies, weed pulling, easy stuff.”

“You don’t have to worry Mink.” Gai assures me with confidence. “I believe in your ability and you should too. Not too mention I’ll be there to protect you as well! Lee and Neji too! Haha! Have no fear, just let your youthful blood boil!” I giggle at Gai’s pep-talk and nod.

“You have me too you idiot.” Shiro’s voice grumbles in my head. “We share this body, it’s not like I’d let you get killed.”

“You’re the best Sensei.” I sigh happily, letting my eyes drift shut. I get comfortable, nestled between Gai’s thighs, leaning into his chest, his chin on top of head.

~~~ <3 ~~~

“This place is creepy..” I mutter as the 4 of us were standing outside of the ancient, enormous mansion.

“This place is huge.” Neji mutters, looking around with his Beyakugan. “I think it would be best if we split up, we’ll cover more ground that way.” I frown, my stomach feeling queasy.

“Good idea Neji!” Gai nods. “Neji you check out the west side of the estate, I will cover the north and east, Lee and Mink you explore the south end.”

“Yes Sensei!” Lee nods.

“Got it.” Neji nods, poofing away. Gai runs off after giving me a confident smile. I follow after Lee, hanging back a few feet.

“What do you think is going on here?” I question, looking over my shoulder ever few seconds. It felt like I was being watched… “You don’t think it’s a monster of anything like that do you? The villagers said a beast was terrorizing the town… Claws and spikes and gnarled fangs…”

“Monsters do not exist Mink-chan!” Rock Lee laughs. “When people get scared their mind sees things that are not really there. It is more likely that Neji’s theory is correct.”

“The Genjutsu thing?” I mutter, cringing as the floor boards creak under Lee and mines feet. Shiro hops up on my shoulder, his whiskers twitching.

“Precisely.” Lee nods, examining a missing panel in the ceiling. “This looks suspisious, wait here Mink, I’ll take a quick look.” He leaps up into the ceiling swiftly and with grace. I wait for him on the ground, trying to shrug off the eerie feeling that was washing over me. I tap my foot impaciently, glancing around often. Shiro’s ears twitch and he suddenly takes off running.

“Shiro? Wait, where are you going?” I call, following after him. I focus my chakara in my feet so that they don’t make a lot of noise and so I can run at a higher speed. The paranormal white rat rounds a corner with blinding speed.

“Mink-chan?” Lee’s voice drifts from the corridor that I’d just came from. I slide on the dirty wooden floor, turning to face Lee. Fog suddenly begins to blanket the ground, quickly rising from my feet to my knees. I turn my focus to the corridor my rat had vanished down, finding myself face to face with a horrendous thing. It towered over me, fog seeming to emanate from within the beast’s chest which appeared to be a decomposing mess of dangling flesh and rib-bones. Its eyes glow a dark green and it has twisted ram-like horns on top of its head. It’s long, bony fingers reach out and grab me.

“Aiiiie!!” I scream, eyes widening as everything turns black.

“Mink-chan!” Lee shouts.


My eyes flutter open slowly as I look around.

“Sh-Shiro..? Shiro, where are you?” I whisper into the darkness. I try to move but found that my arms were tied behind my back. I couldn’t feel the rat’s presence nor could I see him anywhere. I take a deep breath and still my frazzled nerves, focusing my gaze on my surroundings. Though it was dark I could see that I was in a small room. There was a plush, comfortable bed in the corner, a few toys strewn throughout the floor, scrolls, a mirror and food wrappers and a large banner hanging off the wall.

Something runs across my feet, an ordinary black rat.

“Hey, hey!!” I urge at the little rat. “Help me! Set me free please! Gnaw the rope that binds my hands little buddy.” The rat crawls up my fishnet and begins to gnaw on my restraints. I glance around, wondering where the little rat might have come from seeing as we appeared to be in a sealed room. The mirror brightens as a familiar figure appears in the looking glass. It was the twisted creature that had caught and trapped me. It comes through the mirror and dozens of green flamed candles flare to life. It floats towards me, noticing that I was awake. It’s skeletal hands grab my face, turning it side to side.

“You’re awake.” It rasps.

“What do you want with me..?” I question with hesitation, squirming. The thing lets my face go and floats across the room. I test the strength of the rope the rat was busily chewing, he was making head way though I still couldn’t free myself.  The creature grabs something, I couldn’t see what but I could hear it crinkle. It turns around and floats back towards me, holding a small container of uncooked ramen noodles. The creature munches on the uncooked, crunchy noodles. It offers me a bite but I shake my head.


Submitted: April 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Minxi-Wolfdog. All rights reserved.

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