Chapter 1: Zac, Evan, Mira, and Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: dumb60053

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I woke up in my bed and looked at the white walls around me. I sat upright and stood up. I stretched and stared at the mirror above the locked door. It was one of those mirrors that you'd see in cop shows. There were probably scientists watching me.
I walked over to the wall opposite of the door and tapped the wall. A drawer slid out of it that was split into two sections. One for food and water, the other for clothes. The scientists had already put my stuff in it, so I grabbed the clothes and undressed.
Thankfully, the scientists have enough decency to look away when I do so. When I was finished, I looked at myself in the angled mirror above the door.
The clothes were the same as usual. A white sweater and white shorts. They never gave me anything for my feet. My green eyes stared at the mirror as I combed my fingers through my long blond hair. My tanned skin complimented my blond hair and green eyes.
When I was finished, I walked over to the drawer again and started eating. Today it was corn and baked potatoes. When I was finished, I looked at the mirror and made a peace sign with my fingers.
There was a hissing sound, then the locked door opened. I walked out and waited by the door for a scientist to join me. When I heard rythmic taps on the shiny floor, I smiled. Lauren, my favorite scientist, was joining me today. 
She turned the corner and smiled at me. Her dark eyes and skin contrasted with her bright blue hair. She wore a white lab coat and black pants. A stereotypical outfit for a scientist.
"The others are waiting for you," Lauren said. She motioned towards me, and I took that as a signal to start walking. My smile faded as soon as I noticed the cameras turning on. 
When we reached a large courtyard, Lauren stopped. It was procedure for a scientist to leave the experiment once it reached its destination. I walked in the courtyard and stopped when I reached the garden. The flowers were dying.
The flowers then bloomed and grew to be as tall as me. I was around 5'6. That was what my "experiment" was. I could speak to plants, in a way. In other words, I could control them.
I heard laughter behind me and the flower immediately shrunk and died again. It still took a lot of energy for me to do one thing with plants.
I turned around and saw another girl running towards me. She had long red hair and brown eyes. Her pupils were cat-like, and there were horns on her head. She wore the same outfit as me, and her skin was pale. Her nails were somewhat long, but not too long to be a bother.
"Hey, Mia!" Mira shouted. She waved her hand at me and ran towards me. She was my age, twelve, but I swear... Sometimes she acted as if she was eight.
"'Ello, Mira," I said. Apparently, I was from the midwest. The scientists took me away from my parents so early in my life that I didn't even remember it. "Why are ya so happy today?"
Mira smiled. "It's my birthday! Yours, too!" Mira was right. We both shared the same birthday. "We're turning thirteen!"
I laughed. "That may be so," I said. "But we're still stuck in this place. We're never leaving." My smile slowly turned into a frown, then Mira slapped me. "Ow! What the heck?"
Mira had a smug smile on her face, but there was disappointment in her eyes. "Don't say that! One day they'll have to let us go!" I smiled slightly, but I knew that I'd still feel the same.
We were two of the five experiments the scientists made that were successful. The others died or were killed once they were mutated. The scientists were never going to let us go, no matter how much we hoped.
Zac walked into the courtyard next. He wore the exact same outfit as us. He was tall, at least six feet, but he was only fifteen years old. He had light brown hair and gray eyes. He had olive skin and had faint freckles on his face. 
"Hello," Zac said. He smiled sadly. Mira ran towards him to hug him, but he glared at her and she backed off. "Anyways, do you two have any idea what they're showing us today?"
I shrugged. "Yesterday they taught us about schools," I said. Everyday the scientists would teach about different things that humans made or did. "And they said that today was going to be about something bad."
"I overheard two scientists talking about it," Mira said. "They said something about wear, or something that sounded like that."
We all thought in silence for a bit until we were interrupted by Evan landing on the ground in the middle of us.
He stared at the sky as he breathed heavily. He laughed when he saw two scientists glaring at him from the roof. They were out of breath, too. Evan stood up and stretched. He stretched his feathery wings, too. 
The scientists gave him wings as his mutation. This meant that he could fly, but his lungs and bones weren't evolved enough to allow him to fly for long or at high altitudes. He had blue eyes and tanned skin. His hair was short and dark. His wings were cream colored.
The fifteen year old, Evan, laughed and pointed at the scientists on the roof as he collapsed on the ground again. 
I tried my best not to laugh, and for the most part it worked. But I still couldn't help but smirk. I quickly glanced away and looked around us. 
The courtyard consisted of a garden, a pond, lunch tables under a tall willow tree, and a glass dome above the entire courtyard.
We heard pattering and looked up to see rain falling on the glass dome. Evan and Zac looked at one another and Evan sighed. He stood up and grabbed the taller boy. He then began to slowly ascend towards the dome.
"God, you're heavy!" Evan shouted as he struggled to hold on to Zac. 
"Just a little longer!" Zac shouted back. Zac had a thing for rain. He was fascinated by it. He was calmed by it, and he liked the idea of one day being able to stand in it as the cold water hit him.
Eventually, Evan and Zac reached the top and Zac stretched his long arms out to touch the glass. When he grabbed on, Evan let go of him. Zac slammed against the glass and then rested his feet against the glass. 
Zac's mutation allowed him to send electric pulses to whatever he touched. So when he climbed a wall, he was like a gecko. If you don't get what I mean, look it up on the internet that you're blessed with.
Evan then quickly descended to the ground as Zac watched the water flow down the glass. Every time he removed his hand and put it back on the glass to move a electric wave flowed from him to the rest of the dome. I could barely see it, but what I could see looked like a kaleidoscope.

Submitted: April 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 dumb60053. All rights reserved.


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Sorry if the layout of this book is weird! I still can't figure out to put a tab in, so this is the closest I can get right now!

Sun, April 25th, 2021 2:15pm

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