"The bar and grill Frank silcoin"

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July 17th 2019. In a warehouse in Main a man stepped back inside and approached a woman in her thirties who was tied to a table. “Now Sarah Frank said tomorrow’s special is “The Sarah Burger.” It sounds good. “Go to hell.” Sarah yelled at the man. “Oh I am but not for a while at least however it will be a pleasure to eat you.” The man said with a smile.

“Sarah screamed as loud as she could. *Back at the restraint* Frank was sweeping out the front of the restraint. *A couple customers entered the building. “Welcome to my Restraint the bar and grill.

Where we are dying to serve you the public.” *Frank says with a smile.* *the young lady and man laughed.* “Well the restraint looks really good we saw you just opened recently and had to make the trip.”

“I appreciate it very much you said “Make the trip” That tells me you aren’t from around here No?” Frank asks. “That’s right were from New Hampshire But we wanted to get out our son has a place.” The lady said. “Yes ok now let’s get you two nice people a table shall we?” *Frank says seating the couple. “May I suggest the Alexia Burger? It’s yummy in the tummy.”

 “Well this is a bar and grill yes give us two “Alexia Burgers.” “Excellent. I will be back in two shakes of a lamb’s tail with your Burgers.” *Franks enters the back room. With the cooks. *Frank takes out his phone and dials Jim.* “Jim when are you getting back? We have two nice juicy customers plucked for the taking.

I hired you to do the killing. I do the chilling.” “We’ll you remember Sarah right?” “Aw yes who could forget sweet loveable Sarah? She is a dog lover and sweet as can be. I take it you have her ready for tomorrow’s special of the day? I don’t like to be disappointed.” “No I have her she just took time killing is all. We are good now though.” “Ok good.

I thought you were going to tell me she escaped. We would have a problem then.” “Yeah but nope No one escapes from me.” Jim said laughing. “That is why I pay you the big bucks now hurry up and get back here cut the power when you do. Make it quick and please no blood in my Restraint.”

*A few moments later Frank walks out with two burgers. Here are two burgers I hope you enjoy.” “Delicious” The women said. “Good burger.” The man said. *Frank walked away.*

 “Hey frank quick question my grandfather is in the hospital. “You want to leave and go see him sally? Yes please I don’t want to keep you you will be paid for your full shift do not worry.” “But I’m on the clock for another five hours you don’t have to do that.” “No I know I don’t but I like you you’re a good worker and I need you. Please take it and give your grandfather my condolences please.”

“I will thank you very much.” *Sally cleaned up her station and left.*Frank walked into the back room.* *Frank’s phone rang* “I’m pulling up now.” “Ok let me get rid of our employees.” “Ok waitresses and waiters my staff. I appreciate all the work you do for me and I want to give you all the rest of the day off. You will get paid for the whole day come back tomorrow.”

 *The employees left.* “This restraint is so good we will have to tell our friends about it.” Yes I’m sure everyone will love it here.” The man said. “Cut it.” Franks says to Jim on the phone. *Suddenly the power goes off and the door kicks open.

 The man and women scream. *The next day* Frank opens up the cash register and takes out the money too count in the back room. “Three hundred dollars. Not bad. Those young couple they were nice too bad they came to eat here. Now Jim here is your $150.00 * “Franks erases “The Alexia burger” and replaces it with “The Sarah Burger.” This will be a productive day.” Jim see’s a cop car drive by slowly outside. “Maybe.” A few hours go by and a couple customers walk in.

 “Today we don’t need to kill anyone just serve them and let them leave tell their friends. “I’m not a server.” Jim says. “Yes of course my employees should be here soon.” “Hello can I suggest the Sarah Burger?” Frank says to the customers.

“How do you come up with your names? “People Sarah is my girlfriend I don’t tell people that though but it’s embarrassing. I bet her on a golf game on TV and I lost and she wanted a burger named after her and here we are.” “That’s a nice story.”

“Thanks so four Sarah Burgers?” “Yes.”  “Great I will be back in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.” A couple minutes later Franks returns with the burgers. *Franks watches as the young lady in her twenty’s takes a bite. “Yummy.” She says.

*Franks smiles and walks away. *Jim drives back to the warehouse and see’s police at the warehouse. Jim stops his car and drives into the woods out of dodge. He grabs his phone and calls Frank. “Trouble we have a cop at the warehouse.” “We can’t let him find anything you are going to have to take him out.” “Fine but you’re doubling my pay for the day.”

 “I can agree to these terms.”  *Franks hangs up the phone and approaches the customers.* “How is everybody’s food?” *Jim opens up the car door and opens up the trunk and grabs a pipe. He walks to the warehouse slowly. *The police officer exits the shop.* “Can you drop your weapon.” He says to Jim. “Yes I am sorry I didn’t see you’re cop car I thought somebody was breaking in you see we had a problem with that.” I noticed the blood seems like a fight went on. Care to explain? “Well yes you see these rednecks moved into the area down the street they showed up drunk at my warehouse scared my employee’s one of them got punched.

He took a bat and tried to threaten them. But they took the bat from him and beat him. The whole thing is unfortunate. Anyhow I haven’t had time yet to clean up I also work at a local bar and grill.”

 “Ok I see. Well I took pictures and am going to do an investigation into it. “Officer Can I show you something inside real quick? Please it will only be a minute. The officer walks into the warehouse. *Jim picks up his pipe and holds it. And enters the warehouse.* I think the browns will win the super bowl this year. Whelp they will need some help but it is possible. Frank said. Suddenly *Franks phone rings.*

 “Excuse me this is my employee.” *Hello? Franks says. “It is done.” “Good make sure the body can’t be found. I will I’m going to dig a hole and fill it with cement. “Sounds good. I trust No one will find out.” “No one will.” Jim says hanging up.

Frank went back to sweeping as he looked across the street to the movie theater. “Hm perhaps a movie sometime soon.” *The next day.* Jim calls frank on the phone “The police are now at the warehouse I see about twenty of them I can’t get in.

 The bodies of Tom and Amanda are there.” “Aw you disappoint me Jim. Is today the day the police come for us? No not on this day.* Franks gets in his car and drives off. Jim here’s a knock on his door and he answers the door. “Frank I wasn’t expecting you.” “And why not? We have much to discuse.  The police are at our warehouse they probably found the bodies and are on their way here now.

Jim you screwed me over with this I’m not sure why maybe you just got sloppy or maybe you just decided to not like this work anymore. I paid you well now I will pay someone else to do the job. Frank grabs a gun from his pocket and aims it at Jim.

 Frank turns on the TV real loud. A couple seconds later he aims the gun at Jim and pulls the trigger. “You want something done right do it yourself. Frank Returns to the bar and grill. He pours gasoline all over the floor and lights a match. *Goodbye love.* He says as he torches the place.

Frank slowly walks outside as the building is on fire and gets inside his car and drives away. The building is still burning. A couple minutes later he fire department come and help to put the fire out. The police come too fortunately only half of the building is burned. One fire fighter returns with a briefcase. “A gun along with Jim and Franks Phone numbers were in the briefcase. *He handed it over to a police man. “We have you now frank.” He said.

Submitted: April 23, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Nick meraglio. All rights reserved.

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