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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Remember your first crush? And wish to meet again by chance?

It was very cold and windy day in February.  It started to snow from 8am and getting heavier, I felt cold.  I was walking with mom in the middle of heavy snow to check the final result whether I was accepted or not to the university.  We took first train at 6m to get here to be on time of their posting at 9am.


Old times practice that they posted the big white paper boards on the wall of university stadium.  And you had to check your application numbers in the paper in person.  If you find your numbers, congratulations! you are accepted, and will start your freshman days.  Quite an old-fashioned way.


It was a long walk from main gate of the university campus to the stadium.  Many people were already there with the same purpose of mine.  Most of them came with their parents, by holding hands hoping for great news.


I was nervous and trembling with worries.  What if I couldn’t make it.  Then all my tireless efforts of last three years at high school would go down in vain, and I didn’t want to go through another struggling year to prepare for an entrance exam.


That moment, I saw one guy was walking towards me.  He was alone.  Tall, fair skin.  Though he wrapped up with several layers of wool scarf around his neck and half of face, I recognized the face.  Yeah, what an excellent memory.


We were classmates at 3rd grade.  He was a class president and I was a vice president.  Yes, both of us were considered as smart and good students at that time. 

His mother was a teacher at same school and known to be scary and strict.  She had a signature look of a pair of dark, thick, square plastic eyeglasses along with high-pitched voice.  We all behaved in front of his mother, even him!  He never got bullied thanks to his powerful mother.  Good for him.


At that time, he was quite tall with cute face.  Many girls wanted to be close to him, I guess including myself.  But again, we were scared of his mother, and he never entertained any bold attempt of several brave girls.  So, he remained as a calm and mysterious lone prince.


He was a quiet boy and good student, I remember.  I don’t recall any decent conversation or little chat with him when we were 3rd graders.  After first semester, he left the school to move to big city as his mother got a BIG job, that’s what we heard.  He didn’t even say goodbye to the classmates, including me who would take over his role.


It was a very brief moment, I don’t know whether he saw me, but he just passed by with stern look and tight sealed lips.  Didn’t look happy at all.  I just assumed that he didn’t make it.  Hmm.  Then, better not talk to him.  Furthermore, I didn’t even check out my result yet.


Had to struggle to find my department that I applied for.  After searching few blocks of white papers,  I found my numbers finally.  Got accepted, hooray!!!


Now I could see the people who were celebrating this great moment.  They were shouting with joy.  Some were tossed shoulder-high into the air in celebration.  Many were taking photos boastfully in front of their very own application numbers in white paper. 


We forgot to bring the antique Canon camera, my father’s precious treasure.  Tried to picturize myself with those thrilling six-digit numbers in the paper though I forgot now and couldn’t recall any single digit.


School days started and I was busy in settling in new environment and series of exams.  I just finished final exam by closing first semester.  With my classmate, I was idly walking towards to the main library building.


I saw one guy sitting in the bench near the library.  It was HIM.  Oh, I thought that he didn’t make it from disappointing and dull look that day.


After 10 seconds of hesitation, I approached him. 

With trembling heart and nervous voice,

“Excuse me,  Are you from PJ elementary school?”


He looked very surprised as somebody spotted his old hidden history.


“Ah, yes”


Now I got confident and continued my question.


“Then, your name is BC?”


“Yes again, very strange.  Do I know you?”


“You may not remember me.  We were at same school, even same class at 3rd grade.  My name is JH.”


He seemed to be trying very hard to recall old memories for a while and suddenly smiled brightly.  And said with pleasant voice.


“OH, Yes, I remember.  We were classmates.  Cannot believe that you recognize me.  After what 15 years?”


“Well,  I have a very good memory.”


And we had a nice chat to catch up last 15 years. 


He was at law school.
Hmm.  Continued to be a good boy.  He said his mother became an elementary school principal.  Didn’t bother to ask whether she’s still the same scary teacher.  I wasn’t sure whether he even acknowledged that.


Now looking at him closely, he still maintained that kind of cute but young man's face.  Bit of husky voice with fair skin.  Over 6 feet height.  Some never changed over time.  Still a prince charming.


Following week, I was supposed to join student volunteer program at the province for two weeks.  Told him that we would catch up when I’m back to the city.  And we exchanged the home land-line numbers, yeah old school.


When I came home, I searched the old photo albums.  And I found a school picnic group photo in black & white with over 50 classmates. 

He struck a great pose sitting in center with calm face and subtle smile.  On the contrary, after bustling treasure hunting activities, I joined this group photo in a last minute with messy hair and sulky look in the last corner row.  I found no treasure that day!  Just hoped that he threw away that picture long time ago.


After two-week volunteer program, I was heading home and arrived at inter-city bus terminal.  Though I was extremely tired and physically exhausted from non-stop rural activities with again messy hair and tanned face, I wanted to talk to him and see him. 


So, I called from payphone at the terminal.  Remembered his home was within walking distance.  Thank god, he was at home.  He said it would take about 30 minutes.


With my surprise, he arrived in 15 minutes.  He was panting and breathless.


I also noticed his pants were covered with bit of mud and one little hole on the right knee.


“What happened?  You got dirt on your pants.  And there is a little hole, too”


“I was running here to see you.  And I tripped and fell,  stupid”


But he was smiling brightly.  Guess with joy to see me.  His face with bit of sweats was shining.  I could see his all sunshine smile.  And his pleasant, cheerful and sweet-toned voice.  I loved the sound of his voice and the way he smiled. 


Ah, I felt like he brightened up the whole terminal.  His presence itself made my day!


Many years have passed, but I still remember that day as one of the happiest moments in my life.


It was first hangout with my crush in 3rd grade! - front cover

Submitted: April 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Jator. All rights reserved.

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Another lovely story! Thanks, Jator!!

Mon, April 26th, 2021 5:30am


Thanks for the comment. Glad that you enjoyed it.

Sun, April 25th, 2021 10:36pm

anand bose

Interesting story

Mon, June 21st, 2021 12:06pm



Mon, June 21st, 2021 7:36pm


I liked your recalling past! special aptitude say 'white papers stick on walls....!;your intrinsic probing nature towards moments itself take form and rise on surface; great is that I liked! Deletion or if you like ommit what consider alleged, say that 'date' 'ho, instead you taken 'meet' or 'friendra'for Italia.

Tue, June 22nd, 2021 4:48pm


Thanks for the comments. Did make changes in the last part. Hope I got what you suggested. Thanks again.

Tue, June 22nd, 2021 4:58pm

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