Why would a loving God create hell?

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Let's imagine you love money. I mean, who doesnt right? Now let's imagine that you want to somehow take all the money that isnt yours from the bank...because that's how much you love it!

Now the question is...how do you get the bank to give you all there money?

Well, you could ask nicely, but because there is a law that says "no stealing" your not gonna be giving any money sadly.

You also wouldn't get any by ordering the clerk to give you some by yelling...unless perhaps if you had a weapon!

Now most likely you would use a gun right? Why? Because it's more threating then a knife or most any other weapon!

The example here is clear. The more real the threat, the better the response.

Which guy walked out with more money? The guy who asked without threatening? Or the gunman?

It's pretty clear to say the gunman would take the money!

Now based on the title of this article I can imagine you're thinking one thing David, are you trying to say that God threatens us with hell if we don't do what he says like the gunman threatens us with his gun?

Not at all! Indeed, the gunman,for his love of money, used a threat to get what he desired. Now most people would not follow a man such as this and they shouldn't!

Now imagine that a building is on fire. I run to a crowd of people and tell them to leave now or be burnt by fire.

Am I threatening them as the gunman did? Absolutely not!

Before I continue important to understand a big difference between the two situations.

In both cases, people could meet a soon and violent end. But the difference is in the first case, the man is saying "Do this or I'll do this..."

In the second case, a man says "Do this because of this..."

The first man is threatening to do something that he doesnt have to do, while in the second case a man is warning that something is happening. Not could happen, but is happening.

The point these two examples make, is that there is an urgency to avoid harm or death.

Now let's look at the idea of hell.

While there are many idea about it, it usually is described as a place of fire where you burn and suffer for eternity.

Some belive hell is just the grave. Some belive hell is where you burn up and just cease to exist. The most common belief among religious people, particularly Christians, is that hell is real, tormenting, and forever.

While some have used their religion like the gunman, using hell as a threat..."Belive and be good or God will throw you in hell!", its important to look at Jesus for our example. He didn't go around making threats but instead showed love and earned the right to share the truth to anyone who would listen.

But Jesus did talk about hell. The question is why would God make such a place?

First of all it was a place prepared for demons the bible says.

The bible says that Lucifer was in the very presence of God as were all the spiritual beings. They knew what they were giving up when they rebelled. Remember how Jesus said "Forgive them, they know not what they do." This is because humans dont fully understand what the afterlife holds. Satan and his demons knew but choose to rebel anyways.

So again, Hell was made as a place for the demons. Not to punish is after we make God mad. However, God who lives in heaven has created a perfect place of supreme happiness. Never will there be pain, sadness, or suffering or death!

But God cannot allow sin in. We all sin and cant make our way to God anymore without a bridge. That bridge is the God-man Jesus! The words of God where manifest in a human body. Having all the rights and privileges of God, Jesus put on himself the limitations of man. He died sinless and was raised from the dead. By believing this, we can be raised after death as well. Those who dont belive however, remain dead.

The bible says that Hell is in the heart of the earth....

Well heart also means center. So what is at the center of the earth? Most belive it is a core of molten fire! Just as hell is described! The bible says that one day man will begin to be so wicked that they start to destroy themselves. At the height of the world's great tribulations, Jesus will appear in the clouds and take the believers with him. Then, for whoever is left, God will begin his judgment on the world. In the end, the old world will be destroyed.

I think of this world as a sinking ship. Beautiful like the titanic, but because of too much evil, God will oneday say enough!

But because of his great love he has been saying "Get of the boat! Its gonna sink soon!"

Now think of this...God loves you and wants you to be in heaven right? Well what if he asked you to belive or just stop existing? That would get some people into heaven, but many more would want to go if they believed in hell right? So if God wanted as many to join him in supreme happiness, then it makes sense that he would allow the extreme opposite so that more people would avoid it. Yes people should do what's right out of love, but since we cant be in the presence of an all awsome God and live, then we must realize that we haven't seen love and light at it's best. Not by a long shot! We couldn't survive it in our bodies! Therefore we have to take some things on faith.

It doesnt take a lifetime of good deeds. Just a instant decision! Save me Lord! What does it hurt? What can you lose? If I'm right, the saved go to heaven, but hell is where you go if your not. Not because your being punished, but because in the end, like the titanic, it's the lifeboats or the water!

What's your choice if you dont belive and I'm wrong...not existing?

If you live in darkness then your wicked! If your trying to live good, then your eventually gonna be a hypocrite. No other God but Jesus Chirst is offering you his hand. Take it before it's too late!

You dont need church or the bible! You need Jesus! These things are good but they didn't always exisit. God and his word did!

And what do I gain from this? I dont want money! I dont want anything from you. I dont want to invite you to my church! I dont know what's right for you! I get nothing out of this!

This is for your benefit and it costs nothing to belive!

Accept Jesus's free gift of salvation by just asking today, for tommorw could be too late!

Submitted: April 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Penetentman. All rights reserved.

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88 fingers

I would use a computer and try to get into peoples accounts. Then create a few "dummy" accounts and retrieve the money before I got caught.

Sat, April 24th, 2021 9:28pm


Yeah thats a way for the modern era lol thanks for reading

Sat, April 24th, 2021 2:37pm

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