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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

kyle stevenson, an 18-year-old, gets the opportunity to become someone else, something else. after being injected with a serum made by an old scientist, kyle is gifted abilities he'd never would've thought he would have.

Chapter One

“Home sweet home” I mutter under my breath as I park my car in the apartment’s parking lot. I step out of my car and look at the sunset for about a minute. A couple of kids dribbling a basketball got my attention. I grab my backpack and slam the car door shut. 


I’m unlocking my apartment door when all of sudden a noise behind me makes me jump. “Hey!” says my neighbor, Carly. “Nice to bump into you, I was just on my way to ask you to lunch tomorrow! Are you free?”


“Oh uh hi Carly” I look at the beautiful lady and take a deep breath. “Y-yeah I’m free, do you want me to take you somewhere?”


“I’m thinking about ordering some pizza and was wondering if you wanted to come over and talk,” she says with a big smile on her face.


“Sounds great, see you tomorrow” I hurry into my apartment. Sheesh, who knew a twenty-five-year-old would fall for the eighteen-year-old neighbor. I set my things down and start up my laptop. I start to look at tactical gear and weapons for sale.


I release a big sigh as I click another link taking me to more bulletproof vests and ballistic plates for sale. Unsatisfied with what I see, I click the search bar and google ninja weapons. Yes Kyle, you really are looking at gear so you can be a ninja-type vigilante. As soon as the results pop up a thought pops into my head. Kyle, you’ll need enhanced strength and abilities.


I scroll through page after page until I find a forum about scientifically enhanced superhuman abilities and powers. I read post after post until I find one by a person with an interesting name. I click the username and I’m redirected to his profile. His name is Dr. Schmidt and he’s a Harvard graduate with a Doctor of Science doctorate and a bunch of degrees. I confirm this by clicking his social media links and seeing that he has enough posts and followers to be real. 


I go back to the forum and comment on one of his posts. I submit it and get up to go use the bathroom. A loud ding notification scares me while I’m finishing up washing my hands. I get back to the laptop and click back on the post, he replied with a private chat link just in case I have questions. I click it and enter a username and I’m instantly greeted.


Dr. Schmidt: Ask away my friend. 

Kyle123: If I wanted to become as strong as Captain America, would it be possible to accomplish that with similar methods?

Dr. Schmidt: Yes.

Kyle123: For real? How do you know? 

Dr: Schmidt: For the past few decades I’ve been working on multiple serums.

Kyle123: Serums? What do they do?

Dr. Schmidt: I’ve recently created a serum that replicates the abilities that the vigilante Wolfboy displayed. 

Kyle123: Wow. No one has seen Wolfboy in years, he disappeared after the fight with the Wilde brothers. Who’s gonna be the one to take it?

Dr. Schmidt: No one right now, someone has to volunteer secretly. The military would confiscate everything I have if they found out. 

Kyle123: I volunteer.

Dr. Schmidt: I beg your pardon but what do you mean by that?

Kyle123: I volunteer to take the serum.

Dr. Schmidt: Do you know where Schmidt Labs is located?

Kyle123: Yes, I live in the same state as you. The posts on the forum are filtered by date and location.

Dr. Schmidt: Arrive there at 9:30 PM and make sure to wear some light clothes, you’ll be changing into a hospital gown. 

Kyle123: Alright, goodnight Dr. Schmidt.

Chapter Two

I wake up to the sound of knocking and I look at the clock. “Crap” it’s almost lunchtime, Carly will be waiting. I think about Dr. Schmidt and how I may just be letting myself get injected with heroin or something. I have nothing to lose, dad’s an alcoholic, and mom’s somewhere in Canada with another guy. 

Nearly tripping, I quickly put on some jeans and a shirt. I spray some body spray on and then I’m out the door. I knock on Carly’s door and she opens it seconds later. “Hi!” she says and I’m greeted with the smell of pizza.


We turn on a movie and eat the pizza, chatting about our week. She asks what my plans are for tonight. “Oh, I’m going over to a friend’s place for a little bit, gonna help him build some shelves.” I look at her “I probably won’t be home until midnight, I have no idea.”


She nods, looking disappointed at the fact I’m busy tonight. Of course, I didn’t tell her I’m going to get injected with some untested super-soldier serum that some stranger told me he was working on. If this isn’t a prank then he might have something that could work, after all, he is super smart. 


We finish our pizza and she wishes me farewell and I make my way out of her apartment. That went normal… honestly expected her to make a move. I head back into my apartment and hop in the shower. Quickly, I clean myself while whistling a little tune.


I get out of the shower and put on some shorts and a t-shirt then put on my shoes. Needing some fresh air, I go outside and start walking down the sidewalk. I pass kids laughing and playing. Little do they know I could be dead soon, or maybe I’ll be invincible and have super strength. Both seem highly likely and it frightens me. 


What am I gonna do with my powers if it works? I sit down on a park bench after walking towards the nearby playground. Probably fight crime, kick-ass, and other stuffI could join the military and become a super soldier, but I might also be a lab rat if I seem too dangerous or unstable.


Unstable. That word frightens me, I’ve been trying my best to keep my sanity. A broken childhood household like I grew up in is the perfect setting for raising a serial killer. Hopefully, I’ll use these future abilities for good and not evil.


I head back to my apartment and flip on the television. I watch two movies when my alarm goes off. It’s 8:30, time to start making my way to Schmidt Labs. I jog to my car and release a big sigh after I buckle myself in. I’m going on an adventure. 


While driving down the highway I realized something. What if I go berserk and kill everyone there if it works? I shouldn’t be thinking like that though. I have to stick to the positive side and just hope this goes well. 


I pull into the parking lot and look at the big neon orange sign on the building and turn off the engine. I walk into the building and the receptionist greets me with a big smile and then an older man with long grey hair and glasses approaches me. “You must be Kyle,” the man says. “I’m Dr.Schmidt, welcome to my lab.” 


“Nice to meet you, sorry I’m a little early” I replied, shaking his hand. 


“It’s all good, we can get started now, just follow me,” Dr. Schmidt says, taking me to a restricted access area of the building. I see four armed men standing guard, each with a submachine gun. Wow, this guy takes his security seriously


We walk into a room where I then change into a hospital gown. Once I’m done changing I sit lay on the dentist-type chair. Scientists walk in and then Dr.Schmidt enters holding two large syringes. “What the hell,” I say, almost in a panicked way. One syringe is filled with a bright red liquid and the other is a neon greenish-yellow liquid. “What’s in those?” I ask in a scared tone. 


“The red serum has wolf DNA and chemicals from other planets, this will hopefully give you the ability to transform” Dr. Schmidt puts the red serum on a table. “Now this green serum is the key to greatness, this is what will give you the enhanced abilities. It contains steroids and very rare plants that were used by ancient tribes" 


I breathe heavily, nervous and shaking. Two scientists walk up and put clamps on my arms and legs. “What's that for?” I ask. 


“It is a precaution, the injection process could cause you to jerk around.” Dr. Schmidt replies. 


“Why would I jerk ar- AHHHHHHHH” I don’t get to finish the question as I’m interrupted by the red serum being injected into me. I scream as I feel it rushing through my veins. Still screaming, I’m injected with the green serum. I start convulsing, feeling the clamps getting lighter and my body starts to shake more. 


“I’ll check up on you in a couple of days to see if it was a success,” Dr. Schmidt says, but I can hardly hear him over my screams. I feel one of the clamps break off and I reach to rip off another one but then everything goes dark.


Chapter Three


“God damn that hurts” I wake up with a massive headache. I’m in my bed, they must’ve taken me back home after I passed out. This headache hurts like hell but at least I’m not dead, it could’ve gone a lot worse. 


I turn on the bathroom light and I’m instantly blinded by the brightness. With my eyes closed, I turn on the faucet and wash my face. “Well I look the same and I don’t feel stronger,” I say to myself in the mirror.


Maybe it takes time. I’m not a very patient person but I can wait for this. Realizing I don’t know what time it is I hurry to grab my phone. It’s 7:30 PM, I was asleep for nearly a day. While putting on some clothes I decide to go to the sports bar downtown with the good burgers. 


I take some aspirin while I’m walking downtown. I jump at every little noise, why am I getting scared so easily? I must look like a freaking crackhead right now. This feels like the world's worst hangover. 


I arrive at the sports bar and notice that there are not many people there. Huh, how unusual for a Friday night. I walk in and sit at a booth. “Hi honey, what can I get for you?” the waitress asks me. 


“Well Janice, I feel like shit right now so I want a triple patty burger and a chocolate milkshake.” I smile at her. 


“Sorry to hear that Kyle, I’ll be out with your food soon” she scurries off to the kitchen. I watch a group of guys in their twenties and thirties drink at the bar. I notice one of the men eyeballing Janice. This guy could be trouble


“Hey beautiful,” he says to her and whistles. She just looks up and takes a glance at him. Janice grabs my food and walks out with it, passing by the man. He checks her out from behind and I clench my fist. Anger rising quickly and surprised by how mad I just got, I pretend to be happy so Janice doesn’t get worried. 


“Thank you,” I say as she hands me my food. What the hell? I’ve never gotten angry like that, maybe it’s because Janice is my friend and I care about her. I take a bite out of my burger and watch Janice finish her shift and leave. 


Knew it. The man drunkenly stumbles and follows her out, with his friends following. I quickly get up and walk out of the restaurant. “Where are you going beautiful?” I hear the man say. 


“Home” she replies, visibly disgusted. 


“Don’t leave yet, we haven’t had our fun” he reaches for her.


“Hey! Don’t you dare touch her!” I yell at him. Anger rising faster than it did before. The man turns around and flips me off. I walk towards him with my fists clenched when all of a sudden he pulls out a gun. Oh shit. Three loud gunshots rang through the air. 


“Ow,” I say. Surprised, confused and scared I looked at my chest. Three bullet holes appeared in a black, strange kind of material. I look down and notice my whole body is covered in this stuff. I transformed, it worked! 


Everyone visibly shaken at the fact I’m not dead, the man was caught off guard when I rushed at him. He tries to get a good shot at me but fails and I punch him straight in the chest. The man screams and I hear a sickening crunch of bones. 


Seeing what I did to their buddy, the friends pull out knives and rush towards me. A redheaded man reaches me first and tries to stab me but I kick him in the knee, instantly dropping him to the ground. Another one stabs me in the back, literally. I turn around and punch him in the shoulder and he screams in pain. 


The rest of the men are scared off and I instantly realized what happened. God, it worked. I look around and see people filming. I run off faster than I’ve ever had before and I climb into a nearby sewer.


Still transformed, I walk around in the gross murky water. Sirens approach the restaurant and I quickly move farther into the sewer. “Hello there,” a voice echoes, and I stop in my tracks. I quickly look around, trying to find the source of the voice.


“Who’s there?” I ask. 

 “My name is Arnold, I’ve been living down here for quite some time,” the voice says “I see you have an ability to transform. I’ve never seen anyone run into a sewer carelessly looking like that. So I guessed you had to be like me in a certain way.” 


What does he mean like him? Can he transform into something too? Almost like he read my mind, he steps out of the shadows and reveals himself. “You’re a wererat!” I blurt out. 


“Yes, thank you for noticing,” he says smiling. 


“Sorry I didn’t mean that to sound rude but I thought those only existed in Dungeons and Dragons.” I approach him “I don’t know what I am but I can transform into this thing. Anyways my name is Kyle.” 


We shake hands and he asks “Where do you live? I can take you to the closest sewer exit” 


“Sunset Apartments” I replied. He nods his head and leads me down a series of tunnels until we reach a certain one. He points and I thank him for helping me then I climb out. Good thing it’s dark outside. I turn back into my normal self and walk to my apartment. 


Chapter Four


Breaking News: “Onlookers film a mysterious man fighting a group of men harassing a woman. Two men are injured and one is said to be in critical condition. Witnesses say the mysterious man was shot three times but still proceeded to confront the men. Let’s ask some of the witnesses what they were thinking while this took place.”


“It was insane, the way he took down those guys after getting shot was almost supernatural or maybe it was I don’t know,” says Janice Potts, the waitress being harassed.


“I came outside after hearing gunshots and then I saw this thing, it was all black and had the features of a wolf! It was like a wolf version of the Black Panther!” - says Chance Smith, a cook.


“It was a normal guy! Then when Adam pulled out the gun and fired the first round, he changed into that thing. I’m scared, he must be one of those super freaks from the other states” - says Brayden Jones, one of the injured men.


“We’ve all heard about the superheroes that protect major cities all around the USA, are we getting our own? Could this man be a friend or a foe? This is Channel 8 news, good morning America”


Chapter Five


“You’re on tv!” exclaims Dr. Schmidt when I answer the phone call.


“Yea, good morning to you too, old man,” I reply snickering. I hang up, too tired to talk about what happened. I rewatch the footage for the millionth time. God, I really do look like a wolf version of Black Panther. 


I run outside and I’m in the mood to kick some butt. I know some places that are crawling with gangsters downtown, I’ll go thereLooks like the news of a super-strong wolfman thing has made the bad people go crazy. I don’t have to go far to see something going down in an alleyway. Hiding behind a garbage can, I transform and eavesdrop.


“I told you that if I did not have the girls by Saturday, I would break your knees. It is Saturday and I do not have the girls” says a bald man to a chubby guy with a beard. 


“I pay good money to have these girls trafficked all around the country! Girls or not, I’m the one paying.” the chubby guy barks back. 


I watch as the bald man picks up a pipe off the ground and swings with all of his might at the chubby man’s right knee. The man grunts and begs him to stop. The man is about to swing again when I jump out from behind the dumpster and punch the bald man in the jaw. 


The man drops to the ground like a sack of potatoes. I rush to the chubby man and pin him against the wall. “Where are the girls?” I yell at the man. 


“I don’t know what you’re talking about, what girls?” he replies trembling in fear.


“Don’t play stupid with me fatty! I heard everything! Now tell me the location of the girls or you’ll be as dead as your little buddy over there!” I yell even louder. 


“They’re at the old warehouse near the family farm! Please don’t hurt me!” the man says crying his eyes out. 


“You’re going to tell the police exactly what you did, and if you don’t I will come back and break every bone in your body and make sure you don’t die so you can suffer!” I drop the man and break his left leg so he can’t run away. 


I turn the corner and transform back. He’s trafficking young girls and keeping them at a warehouse near Daisy Family Farm, which is about a thirty-minute drive. I head to my car and drive until I find the warehouse.



Parked on a nearby hill, I scout the warehouse with binoculars and sure enough, there are people there. I see at least fifteen guards, shouldn’t be a problem though. All of the bullet wounds healed completely


This is gonna be my first mission. I have powers now and I must fight evil with them and not turn to the dark sideThe dark side? This isn’t Star Wars, but I guess you can call the criminal life that. I’m gonna get prepared and head into there tonight.


Chapter Six 


Night has fallen, being transformed in the dark means I’m practically invisible. I sit by the gate and a guard approaches to do a routine check of things. I snap his neck the instant he becomes in reach of me. I sneak past the gate and see two more guards up ahead. I grab a rock and throw it at one of them, hitting them in the head. 


“Huh?” the other guard says confused. I charge him and before he can react I punch him, sending him flying into a wall. Twelve more guys to go. I see a door and run straight to it. 


I quietly open the door upon reaching it. Voices echo across the room, there are at least seven guys in here. I sneak around until I see a storage container. There are two guys guarding it, it’s showtime baby


“Greetings!” I yell, jumping on top of the nearest guard and I snap his neck in one swift motion. The other guard fires about fifteen rounds. Shit, submachine guns. Only about six bullets hit me, slowing me down but not enough to stop me from slamming him into the container.


“Help!” yells a feeble voice from inside the container. I stand there, frozen, not knowing what to do whenever a gun clicks behind my head. 


“Freeze or else we’ll blow you to hell,” says a guard. I turn my head and see all ten guards that are left standing there, aiming their weapons at me. 


“I don’t think any of those options are gonna happen,” I say as I swiftly turn around grabbing the gun and firing at the men. Eight guards drop to the ground and the remaining two empty their clips on me. “What the hell man, those bullets really hurt” I threw the gun, hitting a guard in the stomach causing him to collapse. 


“Now, do you think it would be smart to run away buddy?” I ask the last guard. He shakes his head no and I chuckle in approval. 


“Who are you?” the man barely mutters in fear. 


“I am Wolfboy” are the last words he hears before I knock him unconscious. 


I go to the container and open it, releasing the girls. “Hey, it’s gonna be alright, I’m a good guy. Let’s go! The police are on the way to help.” 


I notice one of the girls is still in the container curled up in a ball. “Hey, I’m here to help you, let’s get you to safety,” I say slowly approaching the young girl. 


“They took Sam,” she says crying hysterically. 


“Who’s Sam? And where did they take her?” I ask. 


“She’s the oldest girl here, and I heard the men talking about a fat house party,” she says, calming down a bit. 


“A fat house party?” I ask. She nods. What the hell is a fat house? I hear sirens approaching and I wish her luck then run off into the darkness. 


On the hill, I sit and watch as the officers find the girls and the dead guards. I lay down and stare at the stars for a while until something hits me. Frat house party. They’re taking Sam to a fraternity house! 


Chapter Seven


I drive around campus until I find a fraternity house with lights on. I exit my car and transform. With my enhanced vision, I can see two guys with guns guarding the entrance. Yep, this is the place


I run around to the backyard and see a balcony. After making sure the coast is clear, I climb up the wall in seconds and quietly land on the balcony. I see a man whispering in a girl's ear inside of the bedroom window. 


I notice the handcuffs and gag, this is Sam. I rip off a balcony door and storm to the man. The man reaches for a gun but I have him in a chokehold within seconds. “Listen here, you made a big mistake taking this lady” I whisper as I strangle him. 


“I’m going to help you but hold on,” I say to the girl. She looks like a college student, but it’s not the time to admire her. I grab the man’s gun and exit the bedroom”


I hear music and laughter as I walk down the stairs. Making sure I walk as loudly as possible, I’m able to get everyone's attention. “Okay listen here assholes, this trafficking ring is officially shut down” I laugh as I shoot at a group of buyers and frat boys. 


All the buyers are dead but the frat boys are fine. I decide to let them live and I growl at them scaring them off into the night. I hurry up the stairs and get the girl outside. “I’ll be back, again” I jump back up the wall and into the room. I grab a rake I found outside and I hang the man’s corpse up on the wall and write a note saying that these men are connected to the old warehouse. 


I return to the girl and ask if she lives with her parents. 


“No, I’m nineteen and decided to rent a house but then I was kidnapped,” she says crying. 


I transform back into my normal self once we reach my car. “Look, I’m eighteen, you can come and stay at my apartment until you’re back on your feet,” I say while handing her a blanket. 


“I’ll like that,” she says, shocked at how a guy her age was capable of defeating such evil. We drive off and she points to police lights. I nod and assure her they won’t know it was me. Luckily the campus was a short drive from my apartment. 


“We’re here,” I say and she quickly follows me. “You can sleep in the bed, it was cleaned last week so it isn’t that nasty” She thanks me and hops under the warm covers. I close my bedroom door and head to the bathroom. 


Oh, Kyle, you’re saving damsels in distress and stopping human trafficking. It’s only been like two days since you took the serum. I take a warm shower, thinking about what Sam could’ve gone through if I wasn’t there to help. 



“I killed those men tho,” I say to myself stepping out of the shower. They were bad men Kyle, you did what you had to. I lay on the couch and fall asleep thinking about how the press would react to this. 


Chapter Eight


Breaking News: The mysterious man struck again, this time stopping a human trafficking ring responsible for the disappearances of hundreds of young girls. Speaking of disappearing, CCTV identified the man as the vigilante Wolfboy. Wolfboy hasn’t been seen since taking on the Wilde Brothers. With thirty-one dead, our hero has made a special entrance with his return. 



Twenty girls were found at the ring’s base of operations, along with thirteen dead men. One of the girls claimed that Wolfboy went to go defeat the bad guys again and that turned out to be true. Gunshots were reported from a fraternity house, upon reaching the destination, law enforcement discovered the bodies of seven dead men associated with the trafficking ring. The fraternity boys are in custody and awaiting investigation.


Chapter Nine 

It’s been a week since I busted that ring. Crime has gone down significantly because of that. The media is fully convinced I’m the old Wolfboy. Sam is still living with me, she’s developed feelings for me and we’ve planned to go out soon. 


Maybe this being a hero thing isn’t so bad after all. I met a beautiful girl while doing my new job, and she’s happy around me and that brings me great joy. I just hope it doesn’t put her in harm’s way. 



I open the apartment door and I’m greeted by Sam in the form of a hug. We stand there hugging for about a minute when I finally break the silence. “Well I think things are gonna get better now that people know Wolfboy is back” 

Chapter Ten

The man assures the lady everything will be alright before slicing a large slit into her back. The man, impressed with the cut, begins to harvest the woman’s skin. This wasn’t his first time, in fact, he takes pleasure in what he does. Plus he’s really good at it, they don’t call him Mr. Dissection for no reason. 


The man is dangerous, unstable, and smarter than most psychopaths. Ten times smarter than Ted Bundy, he’s been able to get away with his crimes for more than a decade. Mr. Dissection is going to Wolfboy’s home state, Oklahoma. Will Wolfboy be able to defeat Mr. Dissection? Well, no one knows, there’s only one way to find out. 


Submitted: April 24, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Count Landon. All rights reserved.

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Ann Sepino

Nice! Clean concept with plot points that tick most of the boxes of an urban fantasy. I like how the existence of superheroes and villains is revealed much later in the story. I also like how dynamic the fight/action scenes are. The references to already existing fictional hero tropes are entertaining to read.

It would be neat to have more character framing and descriptions, as well as hints to the MC's weakness(es), and more background into the secondary characters. But this could easily be added on in a future story/sequel. Overall, great job! Do keep up the good work. :)

Sun, April 25th, 2021 1:27pm

Criss Sole

Very exciting! Looks like Wolfboy has a new villain to deal with, and it's not gonna be so easy this time.
Glad he met Sam. Things seem promising.
Great start!

Thu, April 29th, 2021 6:30am

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