The Snake Pit

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Boley Folks House

The charges of my quartermaster stand. You were found guilty of elder abuse. With me being the named elder person. The ordinance states ,. Abuse: This includes any willful and unjustified infliction of physical or emotional harm. Deprivation of necessities of life (food, shelter, water, and clothing); intentional infliction of mental anguish; and the infliction of physical pain all constitute prohibited abuse.


Upon being reinstated as a crew member Fishbait was given one duty that was to find a suitable haven for our future shore leave and other land based activities. What he found was a two bedroom cottage infested with snakes, mice, rats, roaches and other vermin. His crime is negligence in the performance of his duty. His crime is the endangerment of the crew and himself.


I sent Fishbait to get my money back. I wasn't living in those conditions. He was successful. My investment was returned minus the extermination fees. I was content with the return of the security deposit and first month's rent. 


Crew, as you know I believe in giving persons a second chance. Fishbait had a second chance to satisfactorily complete his assignment. His second choice was a century old farmhouse. There was enough land for everyone to spread out. On the property was an underground shelter designed for protection from tornadoes and hurricanes. The problem with the house was it had no windows or doors. I wasn't content. 


I was trapped. The eviction was happening.i saw the farmhouse the final day we had to peacefully vacate the Apartment. 


As we were loading my things into the moving trucks Fishbait was negotiating sideline deals of his own. My antique furniture and family heirloom furniture was bartered for weed, cigarettes, and various pills. The excuse Fishbait gave was if I valued those items I should have loaded them myself. His second excuse the furniture would not fit in the farmhouse. This excuse may or may not have held some truth. The most truthful excuse was his back hurt and he was tired of loading my stuff. 


You've heard my complaint against Fish Bait , His fate is in your hands. I request to be his judge, jury, and he appointed himself over my possession and myself.


Fishbait you have been found guilty of neglect ,abandonment and endangerment of your Captain Maria . Deathbringer Hume and her crew. Additionally, you're charged with elderly abuse. This is a serious offense , in pirate . society. 


Do you have anything to say before we pass a sentence?


Stop I shouted ! I'm the only one who will pass a sentence on this slave today or any other day. The Quarter Master is relieved of the duty of being a judge. Quartermaster, you're dismissedI could hear the discontented murmur of my family and crew. I stopped cold All who question my ability or willingness to punish this slave step forward. At first no one took ownership of the discontent. " That is an order. I'll not have discontent brewing aboard my ship. Silently the crew stepped out.


Ladies, and gentlemen, what is your grievance ?


In the not so distant past you have shown extreme reluctance to adequately discipline the slave Fishbait. You sacrificed your command for him. You're newly instated with full tank and privileges. But, you brought Fishbait back aboard your ship. 


That I did. I brought him back with a reduction in tank and privileges. He is a slave. With slave rights.. now! Ladies to the right and gentlemen to the left.i want each of you to witness my dispensation of justice first hand.


Fishbait you are charged under the following Slave codes. You were observed outside the company of your Mistress or her representative without authorization. You are charged under the slave codes restricting assembly and marriage. The most serious charge brought against you are the violations of commerce. Slaves cannot buy or sell any merchandise. You were observed attempting to purchase marijuana , an illegal substance. You were seen by three witnesses purchasing food at a four star restaurant. With money you stole from your Mistress.


The charges of my quartermaster stand. You were found guilty of elder abuse. With me being the named elder person. The ordinance states ,. Abuse: This includes any willful and unjustified infliction of physical or emotional harm. Deprivation of necessities of life (food, shelter, water, and clothing); intentional infliction of mental anguish; and the infliction of physical pain all constitute prohibited abuse. 


What is your plea ? Guilty ! I only struck her in discipline .I spanked her . 


The charge against you includes  Neglect: 


This includes permitting or allowing the older person “to be placed in a situation where the older person may suffer physical pain or mental suffering.”


Isolation: Depriving an older or vulnerable person from contact with others is illegal isolation.  These changes arise from the cottage rental.( The Snake Pit )


Not guilty, the captain and or her crew could have exterminated the cottage. Fishbait by your own defense you have incri incriminated yourself. The charge is dereliction of duty. You were her Swabby. You were her crew. 


Slave, you wanted to bring your mother into these conditions ? Unacceptable.


The Captain would have cleaned it before my mommy arrived or I would have severely punished her. I love my mommy and the captain had better love and respect her too.


Enough ! 


Exploitation:  of an elderly person,your Captain, has brought these charges against you. This includes breaching a fiduciary obligation, taking advantage of a position of trust to deprive a senior of money or property, and/or improperly enriching yourself at the expense of the senior.


What is your plea ?


Not Guilty. By the rights of marriage, Maria has nothing to exploit. She and her possession are mine.


Slave. It is forbidden for a mistress to marry her slave property. A valid enforceable marriage never existed.


Jury, to the right what is your verdi

Guilty on all charges.


Jury on my left, have you reached a verdict ?


Guilty on all charges


Snake, ( Fishbait ) I find you guilty on all charges.


Do you have anything to say before a sentence is pronounced ?


Your honor , I left my Captain and Mistress because she said she did not want to be with me any longer. She told me she wanted to be alone . 


I tried to obey her . 


 Perjury the jury shouted. The slave has perjured himself.


I tried, and succeeded in finding someone , another dominant couple to accept me. They agreed to train this undisciplined , untrained slave.


Slave , at any time did you have permission from your Mistress to seek another Master or mistress ? Slave were you formally released by your Mistress 




At any time did it become apparent that your Mistress Captain had experienced a change of mind and or of heart ?


Yes , your honor, I came to realize my mistress and former Captain was still very much in love with me. 


I came to the realization she wanted me to stay with her . However, your  honor, I was already committed to the other couple , and the training I hoped  they could offer me. I was afraid if I turned back at any point I would begin to feel some emotions for my Mistress and former mistress Captain. 


I pride myself on the ability to emotionally shut down and not feel anything for anyone.


So for five years you lied to your Captain  and Mistress every time you said you loved her. You lied each time you said you cared for her. Slave, you were lying when you promised to stay with your mistress Captain until death took one of you from the other . 


Lies are a form of disrespect and intentional harm .lying is perjury.


It was never my intention to be cruel or to purposely hurt Maria . Deathbringer Hume  . She had told me to move out . After five years of being there with her she no longer wanted me . I was hurt by her rejection. 


A part of me wanted to punish her for hurting me . I was wrong in my attempt to punish her . I admit my behavior , my attitude was not submissive .


Are you not the same submissive- slave who admitted finding pleasure in intimidation of others ? Are you not the same submissive - slave who boasts of the thrill you found in creating fear in others. Are you not the same submissive slave who bragged and continues to boast about how your Mistress was reduced to tears because you did not like the way she prepared your food. 


I am, I was that submissive / slave.


It is the belief of this court your words and actions as they pertain to this matter were intentionally cruel.


Yes, your honor, but, if it pleases the court, I’d like to qualify that answer.


Nothing you’ve said or done has pleased this court (me.)  I find you to be a fraud. I find you to be a bully . And unworthy of the court’s time or patience.


I tried to convince my Mistress Captain the relocation , the submission and acceptance of a new collar and new owners was entirely about me . This change was something I wanted . It was something I needed . I was needing more. A lot more than my mistress could provide. 


Because she cares for me , Maria . Deathbringer Hume  said she understood . Through her tears she said if the relocation fails to meet my needs or expectations I can come back to her. Only a spineless weak Mistress would make such a concession especially , for an untrained slave like me.


Stop right there , As a submissive , As a slave your only priority is the wants, the needs, the desires of your dominant. Never at any point , for any reason should this have been about you. Your wants, your needs are non existent . You do not get to sit in judgment of your Mistress - mistress Captain.


Doesn’t this relocation continue to upset your dominant ? Did your actions cause or contribute to the attempted suicide by your Captain ?


Yes, so I've been told.


Yes, what submissive wants to serve a cowardly Mistress who would consider killing herself over the loss of a submissive or a slave. 


As a submissive and a slave I cannot tolerate weakness in my Mistress . I will not serve someone weaker than myself . Maria . Deathbringer Hume  is mentally weaker than I am; she is physically weaker than I am ; her actions , her words, have shown her to be emotionally weaker than I am.


Slave, I will not condone your flagrant disrespect for your Mistress - mistress Captain. This court is not prepared to indulge your self superiority rhetoric. You have lied to your Captain and Mistress . You continue to lie to her and to this court . You’ve shown the highest level of disrespect for your Captain and Mistress . Slave you’ve proven yourself to be disobedient , disrespectful, and lacking in truth.


By your own words , you have been found guilty of neglect and abandonment . I sentence you to five years In the State prison. The court fines you $ 3000.00  your shipboard sentence is 48 hours in the Snake Pit.


May God mercifully intervene on your behalf .


Your dominant Captain is forbidden , under severe penalty from the other captains , to intervene on your behalf . This time she will not sway the judgment of the court, or the community. The punishment has been spoken , it will be carried out in full.


As his naked body was bound and shoved into the snake pit Fishbait thought for four days in a pit with a few snakes , I can do that standing on my head .


Fishbait had not stopped to consider the physical and psychological effects of the pit and the venomous snakes . 


There was the threat of hemotoxic venoms that affect the cardio- vascular system . The design and purpose of hemotoxic venom is to critically lower the blood pressure. The hemotoxic venoms create blood clots . The hemotoxic venom may attack the heart with the intent to create wasn't the court's intent to sentence the slave to death. 


If the Slave (Snake) dies it is the will of God. No action will be brought against the captain.


Then there is the threat of neurotoxins that directly affect the brain and nervous system of their victims. Neurotoxins affect the brain and nervous system . This venom causes loss of muscle control paralysis. If the muscles of the diaphragm does not work the victim will suffocate and die.


The neurotoxin is deliberate and duly considered. Should Fish Bait die, it is God's Will. 


 Then there are the Cytotoxic venoms that target one specific muscle group. Snakes with this venom cause massive tissue loss , infections, gangrene , loss of the affected limb or limbs and eventually death.


Should this be his fate should he suffer gangrene and lose a limb, no compensation will be awarded. His crimes were not job related.


In the Snake pit there are snakes with one strike they deliver a measured dose of all three venoms. All venoms contain enzymes and proteins that can and do break down the human tissues . While some animals are immune to snake venom, man is not blessed with this immunity.


The design of this punishment is the psychological effect when a person is subjected to absolute darkness . He can feel the snakes slithering around him in the darkness. He can hear them hiss as they coil preparing to strike , are they preparing to strike him with their venom. He will feel the cold shivers shoot up and down his spine as the venomous creatures crawl across several areas of his body at once.


Hopefully, the convicted slave will learn his place in the animal kingdom. If the sentence works as it is intended the submissive slave will learn humility and self control 


. .


Submitted: April 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 M.L. Williamson Hume. All rights reserved.

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