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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

---------- '' FOLLOW US ! '' ------ Zane's Quest ! ---- The SECRET UNDERGROUND PARKING GARAGE FACTORY ! ---- ''1995: Welcome to 'The Cyberpunk NIGHT-ZONE' ! '' -------------- Frosty Slums and Factory Zone ! ---------+++- 'CYBERPUNK ZONE' ! --++-- Frosted Underground T.V. and VIDEO GAME !

Part I: The Encounter - NightWorld: The Secret Underground Zone!







NEW YORK CITY Metropolitan Slums, 1995



''The epitome of endless madness begins in the far reaches of the universal mind's eye.''




I had always believed there was no way out.  Out of the depression and misery that haunted my soul.  Out of the nightmare of hell that I seemed eternally bound to.  Endless toil and work, the mundane job that was always there in the back of my mind.

There were other unfathomable problems also that kept rearing their heads in the dark hell that was my miserable life.






  I was running from the sirens, the glare of the red and blue lights flashing forth in the lust of the pursuit.  I escaped into the slums of the city.





Dark alleyways and morose, faceless visages haunted me.

I wandered aimlessly on the city streets during the darkest of night.  Sparkling rain poured forth upon the neon signs that were lining the forbidden streets, with advertisements which were flashing forth in virtual enticement. 


"UNDERGROUND PARTY XX CLUB XX !!" the signs read in a hypnotic light.


  They shined brilliantly within the smoky air that was rising from the steel grates and manhole tunnels.  I certainly was amused, intrigued even.  The allure was tempting but I was low on cash and needed a mental clearing.




Tantalizing silhouettes yelled forth with seductive, lustful catcalls from their unknown mysteries of dark concealment, as I trudged through the darkened slums of the alleyways.  I glanced once or twice in their direction but shrugged it off, continuing my trek, puffing at the last end of a cigarette.




  After some hours, I noticed I had become hopelessly lost.  Everything blended together into a hazy fog within my mind.  Fiendish shapes and grotesque silhouettes seemed to stalk me in the dark. 

Formless visages that flitted before me like ghostly apparitions come to end my life, like phantoms of the ancient dimensionary realms.





Despair overtook me.  I fled far away, down forgotten dark alleyways, not knowing in what direction I took.


  Eventually, after some time, I had somehow ended up in the entrance to an abandoned, underground subway tunnel.  Steaming pipes, chutes and valves lay dripping along many of the walls, as a slight current of water flowed in the center of the environs. 



I sauntered over to a dark corner and slumped down, putting my head in my hands.  The anguish and sorrow within me broke forth and I moaned aloud in despair, lamenting forth in sobbing groans of regretful misery and anguish.




There was no way out.  I had no other choice left but to end it all.  I withdrew the pistol from a concealed pocket in my leather trenchcoat and placed it to my temple, hands shaking uncontrollably. 

Sweat rolled down my face in beads. My tears flowed endlessly down my face as I choked on my own wailing sobs.  Distant sirens echoed from an unknown, remote part of the city far above me. 





This was it.  The final end to my twenty-seven years on Earth.  My finger was on the trigger.  I closed my eyes tightly, perspiration gently falling down my terrified forehead, and pulled. 




CLICK! ....


Yet, nothing happened!  Only a faint click.  The trigger lock was enabled.  Had I forgotten?  I most certainly had not.  Shaking uncontrollably, every fibre of my being seemed to be frightened of something or someone.  While fiddling with the gun's lock system, I suddenly felt an unknown presence near me.



An unknown presence that I can't describe in an earthly nature.  It was reminescent of when you have that supernatural sensation that a pair of ghostly eyes are watching you aimlessly from a distant space.  It was then that I replaced the gun to my pocket and slowly gazed around the darkness of the tunnel, my eyes adjusting to the blackness. 




Someone was out there, watching, surveying me.  It could have been an innocent homeless vagrant or perhaps a vicious murderer?  Anything.  They were close now.  I could feel their aura, their very lustful panting breath becoming audible to my ears.




"Who's there?  I can hear you.  I'm armed!  Don't come any closer!" I yell forth into the dark.


Was I afraid to die after all?




Squinting in a mindless stupor, I first caught sight of the unknown fellow in the furthest recesses of the darkness, standing near a large pipe system on the opposite side of the tunnel from me, like a looming spector. 



At first I couldn't make out any physical traits of his stature or garb.  Yet, after some moments of squinting and coming to my feet, I finally saw his characteristics.




How to describe the bewildering anomaly that rested before me?  Ive never quite seen anything resembling the phantasmic, bizarre countenance before or since.





The gentleman appeared to be African-American in ethnicity, yet of a much altered, different hue, with furry blue eyebrows, that were covered in glitter, and straight neon hair that covered his head.  His bizarre hair looked as though it had a shimmering substance covering it.  He had sharp bangs that hung down into his eyes. 


A very bizarre hat rested upon his head, the gothic ensemble resembling a vogue of couture that was unseen in this day and age.  Almost as if he was from another time and place altogether.  His face I couldn't make out very well in the dimness of the light, yet it seemed handsomely distorted, otherworldly even, and morosely bizarre.




I squinted and gazed upon his reflection.


The facial features of the stranger were endowed with high brow bones, a contoured, aquiline nose, magnificently structured to perfection, with bushy, neon-blue eyebrows that grew in a strange manner. 

A distorted and handsome wisdom, perhaps ancient in nature, was evident on the gentleman's countenance.  Terror, wisdom and forlorn mystery, intertwined with not a little of the terrible and unexplainable, lie prevalent, etched into the stranger's countenance. 


The garments that he wore were quite bizarre and surreal.  They consisted of a thick shimmering cloak which was trailing behind him with a black vest that was covering a strange material beneath.


His lower extremeties appeared to consist of glow in the dark, gothic  trousers, that had many belts and hanging straps that were pulled tight around his form in an erratic disarray.  In one hand he held a shimmering metallic instrument, resembling a light of some sort, that he held aloft in the air before him in a curious manner.




My breathing grew heavier.  I began to panic slightly.  The unknown spectre before me certainly seemed passive, but I wasn't going to take any chances. 



"Who are you?  What....what do you want?  Ive got a gun."  I stuttered nervously in the dark, as a waft of glistening steam from the various pipes seemed to distort his frame for a matter of moments, before silently evaporating in the nocturnal ether.




"Greetings Zane.  My name is Xei."  The fellow responded in a remarkably uncanny voice that sounded unlike anything I had ever heard before.  It had a note of the mystical and forlorn in its tone that seemed to strike me as someone that is an ancient entity; neither male nor female in its tone and bravado; yet, somehow a complex duality of the two intermixed. 

Perhaps even extraterrestrial in nature.  I stared forth at the strange wretch before me with mounting suspicion in my mind.



"What did you say?  How did you know my name?  Who are you?  The police?  Come to lock me away for what Ive done?  Have at it will you!  Ive had my share of this life of despair!"  I retorted back at the man, crossing my arms, staring endlessly at him.





The man's eyes seemed to flare forth in a hypnotic, innocent fashion, and glimmered in a kind of hideous fascination.  It stunned me for a moment and I reached for my pistol in my coat pocket.



Suddenly, the being raised the glistening instrument in his hand and a unearthly luminescence glared forth from a glowing orb on the end.  A cold, pale red light seemed to illuminate our surroundings, as he silently stepped forth from the alcove he was formerly resting in.



He nimbly, yet quietly, stepped forward towards where I stood.  I could feel his eyes pulsating, hypnotizing me with an unknown power.



I reached for my gun, yet a powerful psychoforce of hypnotic telekinesis, being sent from the man, seemed to paralyze me temporarily. 

  I began to hyperventilate in terror.  Nearing where I stood, I saw what appeared to be a glowing, neon mark, resembling unknown symbols, etched upon his brow.  Neon green boots of a metallic material were strapped upon his feet, with an opaque, shining belt around his waist.



He quietly raised a hand in volatile submission and telepathically I heard him state clearly, 'I know of why you're here, Zane.  You want a way out of your predicament.  Your lifestyle has your mind weary from toil and heartache.  Im offering you that chance.  A chance of escape.  You are an exclusive selective being.  Powerful beyond your own comprehension.  Beyond all measure.  Become one of us.  Follow me.  Leave the topside realms behind.'



''Who are you?  What do you mean by topside?  Down here?"  I enquired in an agitated tone, wrestling with the paralyzing fear that had a firm grasp on my body.




I gazed upon the stranger in a stupifying manner, while he continued to shine the red glow throughout the air in a hypnotizing stance of mystical entrancement.  Small sparks of incandescent light seemed to ignite from the glowing orb at unexpected intervals.



''Nothing more must be spoken regarding your inquiries.  Time is short.  If you decide to follow me, you must do so now.  I shall not return topside again.  The decision is yours," he stated solemnly, gazing upon me as though he was evaluating my thoughts; a kind of mind telepathy.


Yet, within that foreboding gaze, there was the slightest hint of a curious innocence of unknown, ancient intelligence and mystical enchantment that rested within his flashing eyes.




I felt my body released from the powerful innate force that had me gripped within its spell.  I shuttered, rubbing my arms, for they tingled with a forboding intensity.  The tips were numb and I squeezed them vigorously, startled by the sudden effect of this unknown paralyzing force leaving my body.



Xei extended a hand towards me in the dark, the fingertips suddenly pulsating with a pink, prismatic light.  No apparent source was visible as it seemed to extend out forth from his very fingertips.


  I gasped and ran into the darkness towards the neon-lit advertisement for cigarettes, near the stairway that lead to the boarded entrance of this abandoned tunnel.



Turning around slightly, I watched him standing stark and still, never moving from his position, with an outstretched hand toward me.  I began to sense a great confidence and peace within him. 


Otherworldly guidance that would be of priceless benefit to me.  Especially considering my mental state.  I heard him telepathically whisper in the sparkling radiant lustre of the dark ether once more.



'Zane...follow me.  Release yourself from this madness.'  The telepathic voice of the bizarre stranger resounded.




The offer still stood.  I hesitated for only a few moments more before finally consenting to him.  Had I hesitated only moments longer, I would have left his presence forever, never partaking of the unknown knowledge.  Slowly, I walked back down the stairs, approaching him, gazing into his vague, distorted features.


The distortion upon his brow was uncanny and I couldn't shift my gaze from his hypnotic, eccentric countenance. 


With a slight hesitation, I reached out to firmly grasp his hand, the fingers interlacing with my own, as a powerful, invisible force seemed to bind our souls together for a momentary lapse of time. 



A comforting, yet bewildering, grin formed on his face.  He sent another thought transference into my mind. 'Follow my lead.  Do not stray from my direction.'




Part II:  Journey to the Vagrant's Society in the Underground





We began walking towards the leaking pipes and valves that rested along the far wall.


''Where are we going?  Do you live down here?  If so, are you alone?'' I asked him, gazing in various directions at the dripping alcoves and steam rising from the various pipes resting along the tunnel's walls.



Forgotten stories of an underground vagrant race of the lost homeless, called 'The Mole People of New York City Slums', came into my mind and I shuttered in recompense.




Was this unknown stranger before me one of the subterranean dwellers of the tunnels?  If so, where did he live and how did he reside there?  My mind was full of questions, but the man was taciturn by nature it seemed, at least externally.



His ability to communicate in telepathy astounded me in such a way that I remained slightly afraid of continuing to learn more of his history and current living situation.  Any declaration of possible defiance or disagreement would not end well for me.


Perhaps some convictions are better left unspoken.


'All in due time my son.  Perhaps it is not my place to answer such a question yet.  We shall be disappearing into the underground hideouts of the deep dwellings.  Many strange sights you shall witness.  Bear it upon yourself the best you can.  Once you cross the threshold of the Gateway, there is no hope of return.  Not without myself.'


Questions arose deep within my conscience as I wrinkled my brow in confusion. 


What did he mean by the deep dwellings and the Gateway?  I felt as though I was a figure in a science fiction novel, suddenly thrust into a confounding situation that defied all laws of nature and science.  It was startling and not a little worrisome to say the least. 


I breathed in through my teeth slightly, creating a quiet whistling that seemed to echo along the sparkling radiance of the damp concrete walls.





A dark essence hung upon the air.  I silently traipsed behind him, the dim glow of his orb shining forth in a nightmarish fashion in this subterranean world of sublime darkness.  Many hours passed in this manner, as everything seemed to merge together into one ceaseless world of endless pipes, tunnels, passages and flowing waters along the embankments. 


Crooked walkways lead around strange apertures and into hidden entrances that were barricaded off in the darkness above. 

I saw crude doors appearing out of the darkness numerous times and noticed glowing essences etched onto their front, in a blue ink of unknown substances that I had never witnessed before.  It was bizarre and mysterious.




Glowing neon pipes appeared from out of the darkness before us.

Waterfalls flowed to each side, disappearing into vents and chutes below.  Markings were etched onto the walls in this area.

Glowing and mystifying graffiti, sparkling in a peculiar nature, covered each side of the tunnel, near the pipe valves. 




The screech of furry, vicious bats echoed forth from above us.  Xei continued his trek forward in an unrelenting continuance of gait.  The stranger never seemed to grow weary in his travels.  Surprisingly, I wasn't growing tired either which rather shocked me into disbelief.





After much time had passed I think my mind started to deceive me in this respect.  I fancied myself already dead, this being the afterlife, The Netherworld if you will, or perhaps I was stuck in a bizarre limbo of sorts, where I am to remain in an underground hell of my own imagining. 


Either way, in regards to my surroundings, my mind tried to process the ever changing subtleties, as the formations grew more surreal and eccentric in nature.  The very tunnels and pipes seemed to grow more menacing, as if a dark secret rested behind it all, conspiring to devour my soul at any moment.





Endless time seemed to pass and I would glance at my companion from time to time.  A shimmering band of etheric light rested upon his brow now that wasn't there before, laying just above his bushy blue eyebrows.



His neon hair seemed to glow in lucid incandescence, changing colours every so often in a remarkable display of natural perplexity, an otherwordly beauty surrounding him like a halo in the night. 




Journeying through the endless glowing pipes, with his powerful wand leading us ever forward, we traversed down a steep set of stairs and disappeared through a large vent in the bulky ground, into an enclosed room below. 


A red glow emanated from a caged lantern that was set in the rock above, near a smoking vent in the wall.  Strangely, the smoke being released from the vent was a light green that wafted upwards from the darkness below us.





Glistening piles of glitter seemed to cover the dirt floor in this space.  The whirring hum of vibrating machinery met my ears and I could discern a separate unexplainable cacophony of noise in the darkness below us. 



A hum, resembling many unknown, distant voices, and a tramp, as of marching feet, seemed audible to me and I grew frightened at the mystical sound of it.


  My human instincts kicked in and the desire to flee was unbearable within me.  The small enclosure was stifling and the noise deafening.  I could hardly bear it any longer as sweat rolled down my temples.





Xei obviously felt my discomfort.

He placed his  warm palm on my forehead.  Instantly, a feeling of warmth and tranquil healing, a source of reassuring peace, filled my being, like a lethargic sleep. 

I felt the worry melt from my mind and his palms glowed in an erratic, pulsating light.  My discomposure vanished and I regained my senses. 



I stared forth at him, as his brow seemed to shimmer in a phospherescence of hellish allure.  A mighty flash of light resounded throughout the room and all went completely dark momentarily before his wand illuminated the darkness once more.



Bewildered, I sat quietly, awaiting his instruction.  A smoky, zealous energy, charged with invigorating power, seemed to settle upon the very air in this place, renewing us with strength and vitality.



Xei turned slightly in my direction and stated telepathically, 'It shall all begin here.  Follow close to my guidance and direction.  Stray but a margin and your life may not be spared.  Into the unknown we descend.'



In successive forms of grandeur, the stranger waved his wand upon the murky air, as pulsating prisms of light appear throughout the small space, concentrating upon the darkness of the wall, near a flowing waterfall that was releasing from a pipe into a steel grate below.


Sparks of red flame pinpointed upon the grimy wall, a red glow beginning to emanate there, like an invisible spirit suddenly appearing out of the nethermost realms. 




A blinding ray of light flashes forth from his wand and his whole being turns a negative dark-blue, resembling a photographic negative, eventually transforming, flashing forth in various colors of unknown ether.  Blinding, sparkling lights flash before me as I hold my hand before my eyes, the lights indescribable.



A roaring sound fills the air and a mighty rumbling of the ground below us causes me to lose my balance and I fall backwards, near the red glowing lantern resting in the cage.  The light in the cage vanishes instantaneously, while the glow of his wand slowly begins growing faint, until it resumes its normal dim light. 





Red smoke hangs sullenly upon the air with an enchanted fragrance that wafts throughout the darkness.

I open my eyes, gazing upon Xei before me.  His whole body glows in necromantic power, the band around his brow glistening forth in various rainbow colours of eternal power.


As the smoke begins to clear, I glimpse a glow in the dark pipe standing forth out of the darkness, leading further into the mysterious unknown.  It was not there before, of that I was sure.




  It was a secret pipeway passage of some kind that the stranger revealed with sorcery.  Hidden incantations of black magic.  This fellow was a sorcerer of the dark arts!  Forbidden necromancy of the ancient order of the underground realms was eternally intriguing.


Xei turned towards me and extended his hand once more, inviting me to step through the threshold of the underground gateway, leading to the entrance of that subterranean realm, known as Nightworld.




The intriguing and curious nature within me won over the fears and regrets of my heart. 


Grabbing his hand, we stepped over the threshold.  A symbol of power seemed to shimmer and glow above the pipeway, signifying that we had indeed crossed a gateway into another underground void;  an unknown hideout that many bewildering creatures of the underground called home: Nightworld.





Part III:  Entrance into  Nightworld!





Flashing the light of his wand forward into the dark, we traveled for a short distance, before Xei halted near a neon ''EXIT'' sign hanging from above us, sparkling forth with vicious light.



His telepathic message rang forth into my mind:


'Heed my words, Zane.  Not all is as it seems in this place.  Each soul are for themselves in this dark realm of the underworld.  Eternal peace reigns not in our hideouts.  Nefarious gangs and vandals lay in secret, ready to maim or kill any that stand in their way.


The wicked infidels are ever watchful.  Keeping their gaze upon the lesser prey, unable to defend themselves in such situations.  Ready to strike at a moments notice on the weak and lame.  One learns to use their dark surroundings and resources to their advantage here.  Beware!'




After sauntering through the glowing red pipe passage for a number of hours, we suddenly came upon a vertical stairway leading upwards to a neon-lit, dark alcove. 




When we reached its aperture, I found we were at the entrance of a darkened room with a bridge leading over a pool of foaming and splashing water below, little specks of glitter floating within its depths. 



Large pipes and vents were built along the walls and they puffed out a fragrant current of colorful steam into the air.  I gazed upwards but only neon graffiti was visible, shimmering brilliantly in a glow-in-the-dark fashion from along the low ceiling.





Pipes were releasing water into the foaming shimmers of the waves below.  -  Industrial fans roared forth in activity from above us in the low ceiling.  Strange neon lights were set upon poles into the railing of the bridge. 

 We quietly pitter-pattered along the bridge.  Twinkling 
Christmas lights were draped from the glistening walls, near the alcoves where the pipes were releasing water. 



Hidden passageways in the tunnel were leading off into separate directions, with glowing symbols etched into the brick wall above.



Xei halted momentarily, lost in a dark revelry of thought, as he contemplated an unknown dissonance within his mind.  I assumed he was seeking out which way for us to continue.

Again, the renewed strength and vigour I felt within me was very frightening, and I pondered the reason for this.  It was as though my body had found a way to be physically perfect, in want of nothing in terms of food or sleep.




Had I finally descended into a veritable paradise?  The mystery continued to deepen!


 Xei seemed to have come to a conclusion, leading us down the far eastern passage.




Neon posters and bizarre signs, advertising various services and novelties, were lit up in a glow-in-the-dark light in this passage, brilliantly displaying their pleasurties.

Colorful seashells, covered in icy glitter, decorated the crooked cement walls of the bizarre passage, seeming to be glued into various nooks, alcoves and crannies.



 "Drink Ecolaia!  The taste of virgin tears!"  One sign read, as another displayed, "Call Felix for a hot time! 1-835-637-9625" in flashing shades of purple neon light.


Still yet, another sign was even more bizarre, as it advertised a plumbing service with dripping flashes of neon lights representing a water leak. 

"West Pipework's Premier Plumbing & Restoration Service.  Best in West Nightworld.  Call 1-546-834-2674 for an appointment, quote and consultation!" the sign read in shiny letters.



Pipes ran throughout the walls, releasing a rainbow coloured smoke into the murky ether.


I sniffed and caught a whiff of what seemed to me to resemble chlorine.  It smelled like a swimming pool after it had been processed with chlorine.  The smell was uncanny and I gazed around me in bewilderment. 


Rainbow Christmas lights were strung along the walls, along with silky, glow-in-the-dark curtains that were draped from the low crooked ceiling directly above our heads. 

 A roaring cacophony of white noise echoed throughout the darkness as we continued further downwards.  Flashing strobe lights were illuminating the corners, where fiendish statues of dark macabre lay.



The further we progressed, the more surreal and bizarre the passages became, with crooked walls and neon black-lights that were all glowing in a formulaic disarray; while not architecturally sound, the crooked passages and bizarre pictures and wooden televisions of the tunnel were grotesque in a fascinating beauty that was unexplainable. 



Various walkways and railways led over dark chasms that arose out of the darkness, their industrial depths covered in decorative snow, Christmas trees and abandoned vehicles along with bizarre motorbikes.-  The tunnel walls widened slightly the further on we walked. 




Flitting visages of mysterious silhouettes and many sparkling shadows trembled along the walls in a necromantic delight!


Bizarre shadows darted to and fro in the darkness, as if frightened of our presence.


Glittering flashes seemed to spark forth from their surreal, spiky clothing.  Some appeared to be dwarfish in nature, while others were unrecognizable altogether.  I couldn't discern very well in the dim light of the underground.




Large industrial barrels, that were illuminated with a kind of neon flame that was flaring from within them, rested along the walls, with twinkling Christmas lights which were hanging from the ceiling.

  Electrical chandeliers, hanging crookedly from above, and whirring industrial fans, covered in a layer of glitter and neon green icicles, decorated the upper alcoves of the passage.


It was a gruesome, festive affair that fascinated yet repelled me!




Glow-in-the-dark silhouettes rested gaunt and dire within the smoky green air along the walls, some puffing on bizarre pipes or glittering cigarettes, while others were playing cards or other unknown novelties in the dark alcoves.  Neon signs flashed above me endlessly, advertising their unknown pleasures.





Xei stopped near a glimmering pile of neon green snow and glitter with a very large wooden television peeping forth from it.  Two dilapidated arm-chairs and a broken down 1950s vehicle sat in front of it along the passage.


  A garage-door was built into the glistening-wet, crooked wall here and it was covered in velvety glitter which sparkled endlessly in evocative mystery.  A kind of shimmering 'Festive Tree' was decorated very decadently, sitting near a roaring industrial fan that was next to a red pipe that stuck out from the low ceiling of the tunnel.




An alluring young woman, dressed in a skimpy rogue's outfit, too outlandish for modesty, steps forth from a low, sparkling passageway from behind. 



Trailing beside her is a very handsome and  tantalizing teenage boy with a sparkling head-band firmly clasped around his forehead.

He had straight dark-blonde hair that was in styled in a very avant-garde and viciously alluring fashion, with long sharp bangs that hung down along his forehead.  His skin was slighty tanned and his facial features were absolute perfection in every facet and detail.


He had on a very bizarre pair of overalls with a black and white cowprint design, buttoned tight against his bulky, masculine chest, his manly pecs peeking forth in a handsome fashion.  Two very large, pastel-green boots were adorning his feet.



God!  How perfectly bulky, masculine and gorgeously handsome he was!



Donning an animal-print fur coat around her form, the  seductive young woman steps forward slightly.  She greets Xei formally, bowing low before his presence. 


"Xei, my gracious sentient one, how marvelous to see you again.  Much gossip has been spread regarding your impending return.  It's been quite awhile.  Did the journey fare well?"



Xei graciously shook her hands in greeting and bowed slightly, embracing the young boy.  ''Quite well, Xarella.  Fortitude and cunning has been given to the young one.''



He laid a glowing palm upon the young teenage boy's brow and it shimmered in pink phospherescence, before slowly evaporating away in a trembling roar of enchanted energy; the aura of the boy had been recharged and restored.



The boy blushed and closed his eyes, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a bizarre pair of flashy sunglasses with two pointy spikes decorated on the top of each side, which he covered his eyes with.



After formal greetings and private discussions were over, the party turned to me.  Xei walked to my side, introducing me.



"Welcome our most recent initiative, Zane.  A selective being of exclusive nature from topside.''



Everyone bowed in a regal, solemn manner. 


Xarella approached me, gazing into my eyes in an uncomfortable manner.  Her dark sexual allure intrigued my senses and I felt a twinge of lustful nature arise within me.  Her eyes were tantalizing and hypnotic, while her arched eyebrows were covered in ethereal glitter.


"Zane is it?  I welcome you most graciously to the entrance to our subterranean slum-hideout.  Nightworld, as we like to call it in the underground."



At a loss of how to act, I silently followed suite, and bowed before the trio.  A fragrant green smoke hung sullenly upon the moist air.


 Xarella stepped forth before me, signaling me to follow their lead.  I was more than willing to oblige.




''Come Zane.  Follow us for now.  We have much to show you,"  Xarella whispers softly. 

 We step around a mound of pastel green snow, that had a polka-dotted fire hydrant and a crooked stop-sign peeping forth from it, and beneath a velvety icy ledge in the dark.


Vanishing into an underground closet room, we then climb down a manhole and come upon a crooked black and white checkered pathway that slopes downwards and into an ''Underground Garage-Room''.


 Upon entering the ''Underground Garage Room & Parking Garage Entrance Area'', we can see an oversized 1950's style vehicle, with a striped hood and long pointy spikes decorating the rear, which sits in a glittery red driveway, next to a ''Festive Neon Tree'' in the darkness.  Glow in the dark graffiti covers the crooked concrete walls.


 A large black 1990's T.V. sits on top of an industrial factory barrel, its screen flashing with a glow-in-the-dark light. -


In the opposite glittering corner of the area, a 'Coke Machine' stood next to an old ''1993 IBX Computer'' that sits on a bizarre table, covered in a glittery blanket. - A pile of bright pink notebook paper and a dial-tone telephone are nearby.


  A bulky heap of dilapidated black car tires are piled up along the walls on the eastern crooked section of the space, graffiti and glitter shimmering upon them. - Industrial factory drum-barrels were also very prevalent nearby, smoky glitter wafting upwards from their depths. - Endless surreal decorations hung from the low ceiling and along the glowing graffiti of the bizarre concrete walls.



A chain link fence surrounded the driveway and the area with the vehicle and ''Festive Tree''.  -  The bulky cement ground beneath was painted with a black and white cowprint design, ethereal specks of glitter shining forth on top.


It was time to descend into the ''Underground Industrial Parking Garage Entrance and Frosted (Icy) Factory Slums".


Into an Industrial Underground anomaly; known only as NIGHTWORLD.

Copyright ©2018 Zelda Vaxandorf. All Rights Reserved.











In the opposite corner, dilapidated beds and couches sit next to a large wooden television set. 


Endless sizes of fashions of bizarre and surreal clothing hang upon pegs from the low crooked ceiling of the space.


-  We enter into an industrial underground parking garage that is decorated with strobe lights, bizarre neon chain link fences and sleek black television sets that  were tied onto the top of large industrial barrels.Silky curtains and twinkling Christmas lights were draped from the low ceiling of the industrial space.   

- Endless forms of wooden crates and bizarre decorations covered the sloping crooked walls further in along the parking garage.  -  Mounds of wooden television sets, disused junkyard materials and endless outfits of very surreal fashions sat along the walls on the opposite side of the area.Endless sizes of bizarre doorways led downwards along black and white checkered paths and into ''Underground Closet spaces''.



These Underground Closets were living spaces for some industrial dwellers.



He followed downwards along a strange black and white checkered pathway, with low hanging stalactites and waterfalls covering each side of the rock wall, foaming into the waters below.  -  Glow-in-the-dark graffiti covered the glittering blackness of the crooked walls to either side of him. 



As well, to each side, stood doorways ajar.  They were entrances that led deep into crooked and bizarre underground closets with glow-in-the-dark skeletons, covered in velvety glitter, hanging from their low ceilings.  Very bizarre outfits and flashing clothing hung from the metal grates and vents in the closets also. 


Shimmering glitter and fragrant steam puffed out of the pipes and vents that were built along the crooked low-ceiling and walls.  Mounds of velvety ice and neon glitter rested in the corners, shimmering pine trees peeping forth from them. 


Distant laughter, resembling children, echoes from deep beneath the closets, emanating from somewhere far beneath the industrial vents.







The path followed along this same route for some hours until finally he came to a bizarre vertical room with an aperture leading into a smaller path that led into the dark.  He flashed his red lamp forward and followed slowly until he began to notice a widening of the passage in the dark. 



He began to hear a hum as of many unknown voices and a tramp as of many feet.  Finally, coming upon a ledge that opened like a funnel in the rock, he saw plainly before him a leveled road of red brick with strange lights leading into the distance of a very bizarre cavern. 

Underground glow-in-the-dark houses, along with crooked, industrial pipeway dwellings and surreal trailers, which were built into the sides of abandoned junkyard heaps, made the bizarre parking garage appear as if it was some kind of virtual subterranean cyberpunk slum and factory zone.

A neon pink motorcycle sits next to a very bizarre 1950's-style vehicle with a striped hood of red and green and long pointy spikes adorning the backside.  - Industrial barrels, glowing with flaring glow-in-the-dark flames , sit along the crooked underground walls of the parking garage area, their surfaces glowing with colorful graffiti.



Amazingly, in one distant corner of the parking garage, was a pool of glow-in-the-dark water that resembled a bizarre beach with chocolate colored sand.  -  Glow in the dark glitter and neon green seashells were strewn along the mounds of velvety sand.  Strange little piles of glitter and snow sat along the walls to each side of the confined underground glow-in-the-dark beach.


A pre-fabricated island sat in the middle of the glow-in-the-dark pool of water with a large mound of snow and glitter covering its expanse.A large wooden t.v. with crooked antennas peeped forth from the mound of snow on the island.



Into an anomaly; known only as NIGHTWORLD.



Copyright ©2017-2018 Zelda Vaxandorf. All Rights Reserved.

Submitted: April 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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