Arnold vs Deathcroak

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

We meet the villain Deathcroak in this story as he takes on the mysterious wererat named Arnold! But the fight will be no walk in the park for Deathcroak because an unexpected foe shows up to help Arnold!

Chapter One:

It’s a dark and humid summer night, crickets chirping and frogs croaking are the only noises that can be heard. With a sword in his hand, Deathcroak stands by the swampy waters of Louisiana, thinking hard about life. The calmness helps him think about his past.


He was an ordinary frog until being exposed to radioactive chemicals and turning into a humanoid-type frog. He thinks like a human, speaks like a human, but all of his physical traits are of a very tall frog. 


Standing at a whopping six feet, he’s a dangerous foe in and out of water. He’s hunted and killed almost everyone that was affected by the chemical. But one still remains, and his name is Arnold. 


Deathcroak can sense Arnold’s presence. Arnold knows he is going to be hunted down, which is why he’s going to him. Deathcroak laughs at the fool’s bravery, this will be an easy showdown. No one has ever defeated Deathcroak before, and no one ever will.

Chapter Two:


“You’re a fool” I croak out as the overgrown rat approaches. While turning around to face him, I get surprised by a hatchet to the shoulder. The armor does a good job of protecting me as I only get barely cut by the blade.


I ran towards Arnold, swinging my sword at him. He dodges every swipe and slides under my legs. Somewhat surprised, I get disoriented and I’m knocked on my feet by a wooden staff blow to the head. No longer holding my sword, I grab my pistol and I shoot every which way. 


The gun clicks empty and I reload, looking around in circles for Arnold. A crack of a branch startles me as two arrows are shot into my back, forcing me to fall to the ground. I look up and watch as the ugly rat runs towards a sewer. 


I was at a disadvantage, solid ground makes it easy for Arnold to maneuver and dodge my attacks. He won’t have much room to run around like the heathen he is inside of that sewer. I get up and pull the arrows out of my make then I make my way towards the sewer.

Chapter Three: 


My footsteps splash and echo throughout the sewer as I venture farther following the rat’s tracks. I can see he got pretty far as the footprints go on for a while. This may be harder than I thought it would be. 


I reach an open area that has an exit leading to the swamp and another tunnel leading farther down the sewer. I walk towards the tunnel but I don’t see any so I turn back around. I can smell the chemical leading to the exit.


I start walking there whenever I’m ambushed by Arnold. He manages to get some hits in before I grab my sword and swing at him. I barely hit him and he’s left with only a small cut. Angrily, I threw the sword at him and ran towards him.


He dodges the sword but not my punch, sending him backward. He gets up fast and starts throwing punches at an incredible speed. I’m cornered and the only way out is through the exit. He kicks me sending me farther down the exit, I’m overwhelmed with the smell of the chemical.


“How is it so strong?” I yell at no one. I see Arnold running towards me and I exit the sewer. I run towards the water, knowing I’m at my strongest there. As soon as my feet hit the water, a large hand grabs my waist. “What the hell!” I yell out. 


A fifteen-foot mutant alligator rises from the water. “Hello Deathcroak, I’ve heard so much about you,” says the deep, growling voice. I quickly grab my pistol and fire a whole clip into him. Roaring loudly, he drops me into the water and I quickly bounce up. I climb up his body until I’m up to his eye and he’s trying frantically to shake me off. Unsuccessful, he roars again and I drive my knife deep into his eye. I jumped off of him and quickly swam away.

Chapter Four:


I swim for about a mile until I think I’m in the clear. Sighing as I get out of the water, I realize I have no more melee weapons. The only things I can use are three grenades and two more clips of ammo for my gun. 


I’m walking through a densely vegetated marshy part of the swamp I haven’t yet explored. I look around sensing that something isn’t right and I keep walking. That proves to be a mistake whenever the alligator suddenly appears out of the mud. 


Right behind me, Arnold appears, the stupid little rat was teaming up with this guy. I quickly turn around and fire two shots into Arnold’s chest causing the alligator to charge at me at a terrifying pace. He picks me up and throws me about 20 yards and I hit a tree, knocking the air out of me.


Seeing I’m unable to move, the gator quickly gets to Arnold and moves him to a safe location. He slowly marches towards me and I fire the gun until it’s empty then I quickly reload, firing until empty again. He roars as bullets hit him but he still keeps a steady pace.


He gets to be about three yards from me and stands there staring at me. I grab a grenade and pull the pin. He stares not knowing what it is and I throw it into his open mouth. While getting behind the tree as fast as possible while injured, the grenade explodes and everything goes silent.

Chapter Five:

I limped towards where I saw the gator put Arnold and I threw my remaining grenades. Convinced he was dead, I walked back to my hideout. But instead, it’s not there, it was burnt to the ground.


Scared, I try to find a remaining weapon when I’m whacked on the head again by a wooden staff. I fall to the ground in and out of consciousness. The ugly rat walks over to me and towers above me. 


“I’ll let you live to fight me another day,” Arnold says. I pass out and dream of a better life, a life where I was free from this curse. The curse that turned me into this monster. I need to defeat the Croc and then take on Arnold. I’ve never seen something that was affected worse than I was.


Submitted: April 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Count Landon. All rights reserved.

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