The Refuge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Thomas Lance

Eleanor Carpenter is a young, ambitions, rags-to-riches real estate mogul who challenges a popular candidate from the elite political establishment for the position as Governor of Oregon. The establishment candidate presides over several secret funding sources, one of which is located in an isolated former wildlife refuge. After securing an unlikely ally, Eleanor surmounts several threats to her candidacy that her opponent deploys, but when she is lured to resolve an unlawful occupation at the refuge on the eve of the election, Eleanor discovers herself ensnared within the sinister grip of her most difficult challenge.

Table of Contents


In this chapter, Eleanor engages in a political debate with her opponent, which includes a novel interpretation of the story of Robin Hood. She describes her unique background and vision for the
future of Oregon. At the refuge, one of the workers escapes, and reveals the true nature of the compound to the local law enforcement authorities. Plans are made by the compound managers to silence
the true nature of the refuge.
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