Fading Away

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

I'm not sure what brought this story to mind (?). It is about friendship, loss, faith, and a little mystery tossed in for good measure.

My daughter goes by the name of Tae. Why? I have no idea, but I think she just likes the sound of it.

So, for the rest of this story I shall refer to her by that name only.

Tae has a rare blood problem that cannot be fixed, so after years of searching with no lasting results, we have brought Tae home to stay.

Tae is bed ridden except for the occasional bathroom break, and to sit by the bedroom window so she can watch what the world outside is doing.

Tae loves birds so my Mother, Tae's Nana, bought her one for her birthday; it is a Budgie Bird, also know as a Parakeet.

Tae loves to watch the bird fly around the bedroom, and it will come to her if a treat is available; Millet seed and salted crackers are it's favorite. But aside from treat-time, the bird is not much of a companion.

Selfish is the only way to describe this bird, selfish and stubborn as a mule. All it wants to do is to look in it's mirror, sing, and sometimes fly around.

But Tae loves the little blue Budgie and has named him that, Budgie; what can I say, she likes the name.


As the years rolled by, Tae grows weaker and weaker. And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, the bird up and died.

You see, one morning I took the cover off of the birdcage, as I do every morning to start the day. And there Budgie was, his lifeless little body in the bottom of the cage.

Of course, Tae knew by the expression on my face what had happened, and of course she cried.


After the sufficient amount of tears were shed, and consoling words were said, Tae picked out the perfect gift box from my assortment of used boxes that I keep on hand. It was small, rectangular, and had flowers on it; a perfect coffin for her beloved Budgie.

Into the Box, with the Budgie's little body, went some wrapping paper, some millet, Budgie's mirror, and a tear stained poem Tae wrote for the occasion; I think we all cried as it was read.

I buried Budgie in the garden so Tae could see the grave from the bedroom window; I have to admit that the shoebox sized headstone was a bit too big, but it was what was needed to be seen from that distance.


Days passed, and I could tell Tae was pining over the loss of the bird, so I thought it best to remove the cage from her room as soon as possible. That morning I asked Tae if it would be alright if I washed the cage and she said OK.

I thought to clean the cage and then to put it away somewhere, you know, out of sight out of mind.

So I took the cage down to the back patio and sprayed it with a disinfectant cleaner, then I rinsed it off and left it to dry in the sun.


After lunch I remembered the cage, so I went out to see if it was dry enough.

Well you could have knocked me over with a feather, there, seated on the perch was a Budgie Bird. It was just setting there preening it's feathers just as if it had lived in that cage forever.

I notice the cage door was opened and assumed I had left it opened after removing dead Budgie from the cage. But where this replacement Budgie came from was anyone's guess.

My thought was that this Parakeet had gotten out of it's home and was lost. And when the bird saw the cage setting on our porch, it decided that any cage was safer than being in the wild; so it just made it self to home.

I didn't know what I was going to do with this newcomer until the bird started making all sorts of noise,as if it was calling to someone. It was making so much noise that Tae heard it and started calling to the bird.

I rushed the cage, bird, and myself up the stairs to see a joyous smile on Tae's face.

And as I entered the room Tae said with a smile, "I knew he'd be back!"

I sat the cage down near the window and closed the door. I had no idea what the bird might do if let out, and I didn't want to chase it down the hallway.

As soon as I opened the cage door, the bird flew over and landed on Tae's finger. It began boobing it's head up and down, while chirping at her as if she were a long lost friend.

I didn't try to make any sense out of what had happened. Whoever owned our new bird must have spent a lot of time with it, because it loved doing things with people, especially Tae. In fact, it spent much of it's waking day with Tae, if not on her shoulder, her arm, her hand, then it was playing some sort of game with her on the bed; they had invented many games.

This bird was the exact opposite of the first Budgie. It sometimes seemed as if it was trying to make up for the other bird's shortcomings, companion wise.

Tae was happier than she had ever been, and the new Budgie seemed right at home; so I was happy too.


Another year passed and a new morning rolled around. And, as usual, I went to Tae's room to wake the dynamic duo for breakfast.

But as I entered, I was struck by by a strange sight.

Tae was on her back with her right hand on her belly, and there on her forefinger was Budgie. And just as I entered the room the Bird began to sing like I have never heard a Budgie sing before.

I just stood there, frozen, listening to the bird and knowing what I would find when I approached the bed.

I didn't want to move, I knew Tae was gone. I thought to myself, "If I stand here long enough, perhaps Tae will return like the bird returned.

Then reality touched me and I rushed to the bedside. As I knelt by the bed to take her hand, Budgie flew to his cage and resumed his singing.

I don't know how long I sat there crying, selfishly sad that she was taken from me. And as I prayed that the place she was going was far better than the one she just left, I heard tae's voice, saying, "It's Ok, Mommy, Budgie and I are going home."

And as those words were spoken, the bird's singing stopped. There was a deadly silence in the room as I glanced toward the cage. And as I looked I saw the Budgie fading away.


JE Falcon


Submitted: April 25, 2021

© Copyright 2021 JE Falcon aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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