----> "BEWARE of The SECRET POLICE ! " ---- Escape from the Underground Factory Slums: ''Sector 7 '' ! --- ICY FACTORY & SECRET MATRIX ! - Video Game !

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

----------- ''BEWARE of The SECRET UNDERGROUND POLICE ! '' --------- Escape from the Factory Slums of ''Sector 7 '' ! ----- ICY FACTORY and Video game ! ----++-- ''AKANI and The SECRET RESCUE MISSON of 'The Matrix' ! ''--++-

Underground Slum Attic! -------  AKANI'S RESCUE MISSION! --------











TITLE: BEWARE OF THE SECRET POLICE ! - Akani's Rescue Mission!









Choose your Player Name: Akani  (Level 1.  Age 17.)




Starting Hitpoints: 10

Attack: Lvl 1

Strength: Lvl 1

Defense: Lvl 1

Magic: Lvl 0


Extra Skills:

Mining: Lvl 0

Smithing: Lvl 0

Cooking: Lvl 0

Engineering: Lvl 0

Herblaw: Lvl 0


Starting Zone: Underground Apartment Attic in Sector 7 in the Pipeway Slums of Faxanro.




Akani is a young teenage boy who lives in an 'Underground Garage Attic', deep within a pipe-way apartment in the 'Slums of Sector 7', along with his dying mother and older brother, Ryu. 



 Akani has straight and spiky purple hair with a masculine physique and is very handsome.  He plays video games on a very old ''IBX computer''.

His mother has a large wooden television that has two pointy antennas on top.  He watches the endless commercials and propaganda on TV in his spare time.


  A crooked and dilapidated pink couch sits in the corner of his attic-room, above their garage-apartment, which he falls asleep on every night while listening to the roaring white noise of the industrial fans that are outside his room.  A little glow in the dark lamp sits next to his computer.



Akani sometimes would mix some pink dough with milk to make a 'pink doughnut'.  This would be considered a special treat for him.

(Pink Dough:  Mix 2 eggs, 1 pail of milk and pink flour to create pink dough.


Pink Doughnut:  Mix 1 pink dough base with 1 pail of milk to create the raw 'pink doughnut'.  Bake the 'raw pink doughnut' in an oven successfully to make a 'pink doughnut'.  Add icing for an extra 2 hp increase.  Restores 10 hitpoints. )


The information on the members of the ''Underground Resistance of the Matrix'' fills Akani's computer screen with tall and muscular, tanned militia-men who are clad in glow in the dark overalls, hazard masks and bizarre hats with very large industrial boots.  (The Uniform Wardrobe of the Resistance.) 


His computer table is filled with pink notebook paper which he scribbles notes and findings in.


Akani has adopted this style of dress and has even filled his Wardrobe with the bizarre ensemble.  He was obsessed with the style and when he chose his time to escape, he would be clad in only the best wardrobe!




An electrical subway with a transit-train ran above the Sector where Akani lived, along a long tract of railway that led upwards into the beginnings of the industrial ice factories and parking garage complexes of the upper-regions, where the industrial futuristic dwellers lived. 



No one who lived in the Sectors knew anything about these rich industrial citizens. 


The Subway Train Tunnels eventually led upwards into the entrances to the 'Neon Highway Ramps of the Underground'.  This was an endless transportation highway where bizarre neon vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and buses traveled endlessly.  Neon lights and flashing strobe lights lit up the 'Underground Highway' in a strange radiance. 


Many different kinds of industrial parking-garages, slum-facilities, factories, underground mall-complexs and 'Ice Hotels' were built into the glittering industrial walls of the highway tunnels at various intervals.

Where these highway ramps and tunnels led to no one ever knew.  They seemed to continue forever into 'Underground'. 



However, no one who lived in the lower Sectors,  with its endless slums, deep within the underground entrances to the parking garage complexes, along with industrial pipe-ways and junkyards, had ever even been able to reach the secret ice factories and upper-level garages of the 'Rich Industrial Dwellers'.

No one knew where the entrances were located that led 'up and out' of the Underground Sectors.


It remains a mystery.


Everyone who dwelled in the 'Underground Sector Areas' were perpetually enslaved and locked away down there.  As far as everyone knew, there was no escape.  However, there were rumours beginning to float throughout the Underground. 

Rumours of an 'Underground Resistance' with secret and forbidden knowledge.


Akani longs to escape and run away from the Underground Slums and plans to join the 'Matrix Resistance Corp.', an online 'Underground Resistance Group', who meets in secret in an underground ice factory slum complex, deep within the environs of a secret snowy parking garage. 


It lies far below the neon night-life of the 'Underground Cyberpunk Clubs and Industrial Mall Complex' of the lower, forgotten regions, below the pipeway slums of the Sectors.



 Homeless vagrants, pimps and futuristic curiosities dwelled down there in those neon-lit, party-life regions.  The passages and tunnels were decorated in flashing strobe lights with endless wooden television sets and large speakers lining the walls.


A futuristic, neon Racecar Track was built into the industrial parking garages of the 'Underground Clubs' down in those regions.--

Shimmering glitter covered the checkered racecar track.  Bizarre pink vehicles, with two pointy antennas sticking out of the top of them, stood abadoned to each side of the flashing tunnel's walls. 


Flashy and techno-tronic pink motorcycles, with pointy spikes and strobe lights adorning them, were the common vehicle of choice for these 'Underground Races'.

Bizarre teenagers and futuristic dwellers, with spiky neon hair and glow in the dark clothing, would compete in endless races, locked deep within these underground parking garages.


 Endless techno-tronic Pizza Parlors, underground dance clubs and secret Video Game Arcades perpetuated the confines of the bizarre neon factories and garages that were built down there, below the industrial parking garages.

Akani always wished to visit this area and compete in the races of the Underground.





'Sector 7' is an underground industrial slum-town that lies beneath a large techno-industrial factory, where crumbling junkyards held pipe-way entrances, along with old dilapidated trailers covered in colorful graffiti and crooked houses built into the sides of disused trash-heap materials; neon chain-link fences encircled their dominions.


The crooked underground ceiling in ' Sector 7' was decorated in endless specks of glitter and glow in the dark graffiti.


 Christmas lights hung from the bizarre alcoves and crooked windows of the Underground Sector's Neighborhood Division.


Sparkling graffiti is sprawled across the crumbling orange walls and red-cement steps that lead into the crooked entrances of various offices and departments.



One such department has a masculine African-American gentleman with spiky, straight pink hair and a bizarre vest who guards a series of valuable tools and items that your character (Akani) can use in the beginning of the video game story.

The gentleman's name is Arfax and he sits behind an underground chain-link fence in a little room with endless piles of locked chests and tools behind him.  An industrial factory drum-barrel with a neon-green fire sits nearby him.

He should be the first gentleman to scout out and find when you first gain enough gold to purchase your first tool and weapon.



Industrial barrels with fire flaming inside of them stood outside of the crooked entrances that lead further into the 'Underground'.


Furry blue bats flap above the area in the neon-lit darkness of the upper-alcoves and hidden apartment entrances of 'Sector 7'.




These can be considered your first enemies.

Blue Furry Bat: Level 2.  - Hitpoints: 10

Red Furry Bat: Level 1 - Hitpoints: 8



Many dwellers who lived in this populated area of ' Sector 7' had large wooden television sets who constantly flashed the propaganda of the handsomely distorted face of the 'Grand President Xavier', a reknowned, yet, unsurprisingly, invisible figure. 

It was rumoured if the President even really existed at all.  Perhaps he was a key figure in keeping everyone enslaved down here in the Sectors.



 Akani mainly lived on the fare of 'pink slum ala-carte food': wet toast, pink milk and pink gruel.  Rusty green refrigerators and dilapidated stoves, mixed with broken computer parts and bookshelves filled with endless paperwork, filled their small living-spaces of their underground garages and pipeway passages.


Icicles hung from the low ceiling of some of the industrial rooms that were rumbling with the white noise of 'Factory Industrial Fans'.



 - Empty pizza boxes and bags of fastfood cheeseburgers are strewn along the floor near 'Coke Machines' and a pile of old car tires.-

Specks of glitter covered the icy-wet, bulky cement floor directly beneath all of this trash. 

Industrial factory barrels had big wooden television sets sitting on top of them, flashing a dull green light upon the graffiti on the concrete walls of the underground rooms.


Bizarre glow in the dark curtains and Christmas lights were draped from the ceiling and closet doors of these crooked underground areas. - Industrial fans and vents and large steam-pipes stood along the walls in some corners.



The other numerous citizens who lived in the area, some hidden deep within the underground neon pipeway-tunnels of the slums, where the futuristic underground dwellers watched bizarre wooden television sets and slept on crooked pink couches, were sometimes detained and locked away in an isolation JAIL, deep within the secret factory of the Fukushami Factory Complex; this complex was built into the ''Saber Industrial Ice Caverns''! 


 Locked and secret Ice caverns hid the entrance that led deep into that forbidden factory.


Perhaps the detained citizens were on the 'Watchlist' of the dark 'Shadow Government' who always seemed to pry on the less fortunate in the shadows.  They were known as the 'Secret Police'.  Again, another mystery.  No one knows who they are or where they come from. 


Are they even in league with President Xavier?  IF HE EVEN EXISTS?  No one knows.



The Secret Police Officers would seem to climb forth from a manhole that was hidden in the slum-junkyard heaps of the Sectors and descend upon an unfortunate citizen in the darkest of the glow-in-the-dark corners.


One such officer was seen hopping forth from a manhole that was beneath a neon lamp post which stood next to a low and crooked building, covered in graffiti and colorful syrup, that resembled what was once an 'Industrial Factory' and 'Church'.


A sound of endless roaring white noise, along with splashing water and marching feet, could be heard from far below the vents and manholes in the black and white checkered ground.  Other noises, that resembled roller coaster sounds and roaring motorcycle noises, were very prevalent from deep below, as well.



It was all very bizarre and wild!  Who knows what lies further down in the Underground beneath those vents and manholes.  More secrets. 



Akani wants to join the 'Underground Resistance' of the Matrix.  The members are planning a secret rescue mission to find detained party members who they are not sure if they are dead or alive, along with other underground futuristic dwellers who may be enslaved in secret industrial icy jails.


The 'Underground Resistance of the Cyberpunk Matrix' are planning to sabotage the industrial factory complex in Sector 5 and blow up the main generator in an attempt to shut down the power to the upper regions and thwart the Government's power.

 Members of the Matrix are attempting to buy themselves extra time to try to escape and find a way out of the Sectors.



  Also, they plan to try to find another secret route, which leads further into the 'Underground' beneath the Sectors if need be.


FIND A SECRET EXIT OUT OF THE Underground Sectors !


Thus begins our video game story.





Submitted: April 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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