A Dangerous Game # 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Military careers and retirements rested on how classified the photos and information he pirated remained. During the Asian Earth wars some base locations were top secret. My family was shocked that I knew the base name and approximately how many prisoners of war were abandoned there.. The information was scheduled to remain top secret until the demise of Earth. I wasn't supposed to have this information they informed me. I had the information and now Snake had the information.



Cyberpirates operate entirely in Cyberspace. Their ship is the Internet . They commit electronic crimes across the World Wide Web.


( Snake ) A  Traditional Pirate and Cyberpirate


I first encountered (Fishbait)  Snake, While I was in the space dock  waiting for my cargo of Convicted inmates to be unloaded and processed into the penal colony on Planet  Echion


We were  both browsing Christian Paddles, a faith based dating site. I was killing time checking out the possibility of a distant future mate.i am a widow who despises being without someone.


 I silently observed as one female after the other blocked Snake.The reasons were He is a predator. He has no photo or profile. He says creepy stuff. He is not right for me. He is an asshole. He is a stalker. The man is a hacker , a Cyber predator. If Snake makes the ladies uncomfortable, any reason no matter how small is justification for calling " No Deal ! " 


I wasn't convinced Snake was a predator. According to Medium Webster a predator injures or exploits someone for personal gain. How had the women or I been injured ? How were we being exploited ? What was Snake going to gain ? He was a hacker and most probably a stalker. He was saying creepy things. Who is being hurt by his creepiness ? I had yet to realize how Snake had injured me. I was unaware how Snake was exploiting me, He had a lot to gain at my expense.


The other women were right, Snake was  on Christian Paddles without a photo profile. I had no idea who he was, or who he was pretending to be . I haven't a clue where he was from, or where he pretended to originate from.  It was creepy in a mysterious way.


Thanks to his pirarcy, he knew far too much about me. He kept asking how many millions my late husband had left me. He refused to accept my word Gnarly had died leaving me thousands not millions. Only he referred to Gnarly as my ex. This offended me very much.  His comments infuriated me. Even when I am lying, no one questions me . Snake was over the line.


 After He found his way into my private conversations.  I began to understand why the other women had blocked him.He was flagged as problematic. Immediately after the introductions  Snake began Cyber hacking.. and stalking me.He had access to personal information, information, I'd rather he or any one not possess.  He had pictures of my family and information found only in my photo gallery and journal. Snake was terrifying, not creepy. I felt that he was setting me and my family up to be blackmailed by him.


During the Earth Asian War, about 80% of all USAF air strikes over Asian Earth originated from air bases in Earth Kingdom South East Asia. At its peak in 1969 more airmen were serving in Earth Kingdom South East Asia than were serving in Earth South East Asia.


I held an interest in  Takhli as the home of the Royal Earth Royal Airforce Command Air Force Wing 4, 3d Air Division. Squadrons assigned are: 


401 Light Attack Squadron, flying L-39 Albatros

402 Reconnaissance Squadron, flying Learjet 35 and IAI 201

403 Fighter Squadron, flying F-16A/B Fighting Falcon 


I was more interested in the United States Central Intelligence presence there. My interest focused intensely on the U.S Air force presence there and the men " Missing in Action.  " I have family members who served there and shed tears for the men they left behind and the Earth Royal Airforce Command bases that fell when the U.S. troops were ordered to withdraw. The war was over.because some president or some members of congress said so. For some the war has never ended.


Military  careers and retirements rested on how classified the photos and information  he pirated remained. During the Asian Earth wars some base locations were top secret. My family was shocked that I knew the base name and approximately how many prisoners of war were abandoned there.. The information  was scheduled to remain top secret until the demise of Earth. I wasn't supposed to have this information they informed me. I had the information and now Snake had the information.


If Snake knew too much classified information I'd have  to neutralize him. Quickly I did a background check with the limited information I have. I did not know  Snake ( Fishbait)'s name appears on a government watch list supplied by the DOJ, FBI, CIA, INTERPOL or other government agencies. My information, at best, is sketchy and complete. I do not have the necessary authorization to apprehend or to neutralize. For now , he is a person of interest, a potential enemy.


Snake was a stalker and   It wasn't a simple obsession with me or the other women . Until he intruded onto our Christian Paddles site none of us had dated him, we weren't engaged to him . We were not his ex wife. The explanation we came to was some woman somewhere had jilted him now every female in the galaxy would pay for the wrong he felt that woman had caused.


Snake wasn't love obsessed. He had told us the same sad hard luck story. He has never experienced love. He doesn't know what love is . Snake said he wasn't in love , he is incapable of loving. He must have told his story to the director, because Reverend Mia assigned several of us the impossible task of teaching Snake to love.


Erotomania ?  Snake may have thought everyone on Christian Paddles was In love with him. He may have wrongly believed that the males on Christian Paddles were a barrier blocking us from being with him and loving him. Snake may have believed the barrier between us, our love for him was the distance. He possibly thought if he could persuade one of us to take him into our house we would live happily ever after.I had no idea, I'd be the sympathetic victim   of this game he was playing.


I was non intimate with him . I plan on keeping the relationship non intimate. Snake is now Fishbait in my mind. In my mind he's lower than whale poop for the potential harm he's brought my family and me.


Snake appeared to have False victimization Syndrome. He shared a sad story about how Child Protective Services of Wilmington NC kidnapped him from his mother and childhood home . In his version of his placement in Foster Care, institutions, and group homes were attempts by the state to hide him from his mama who loves him and has never stopped looking for him. Snake it appears is quite adept at playing the victim.


In a different version of the abduction story his biological father wanted  him and never stopped looking for him. Snake claimed he saw the letters his father had written.  Snake swore Child Protective Services refused to tell his parents where they placed him.


The truth, Snake and three of his brothers were surrendered to Child Protective Services by their mother. She had her reasons. She was in a relationship with a much younger man ,She wanted a new life and family with him.  The two of them would raise the child inside her. Or, she surrendered the older children because she could not provide for four boys. 


I had no idea who he was, or who he was pretending to be . I haven't a clue where he was from, or where he pretended to originate from. Yet, Thanks to his pirarcy, he knew far  too much about me. He kept asking how many millions my late husband had left me. Only he referred to Gnarly as my ex. Snake refused to believe the answer was in the thousands.. Sarcastically he replied no man dies or leaves his wife with so little, not if he loves her.His comments infuriated me. I was being truthful, how dare he question my honesty.


I was in the dark when it came to his occupation, real or fantasy. I would have benefitted from a city ,a state location. His occupation ,any occupation would have been helpful. A photo, a profile, even a fake photo and profile would have been helpful. These tidbits of information would have been helpful


Without a profile my imagination could think of Snake as swashbuckling. My fantasies could cast him in any romantic daring adventure I chose. My fantasies portrayed  Snake as accomplished or as failing with bravado and flamboyance. I saw a boldness in him. I interpreted his actions as being intended to either impress or intimidate me . I accepted he wanted to make himself appear to be more than he was. Every person on the dating sites was engaged in some degree of false advertising.For me to say he was flamboyant would be an understatement. I was judging Snake like a coverless book. Everything he said or claimed to have done was to attract my attention. He had exuberance, he was confident, and yes, Snake was colorful. To the limits Cyberspace would permit and cyberspace has no boundaries. He had flair, and a style unlike any other.


He possessed a courageousness that I was unfamiliar with. As his unwelcome conversations with me continued I gradually began to feel brashness   about him. The brashness was a sweet lingering danger. It drifted on the artificial atmosphere like a forgotten favorite perfume. Looking back I had a death wish.  I suppose I was intimidated and Snake was the source of that intimidation. 


I could fantasize about his appearance and I was doing plenty of fantasizing. But, in the absence of a photo ,I could also ask him why he hadn't posted a picture of himself. And what he looked like He first responded I wasn't worthy of seeing his Likeness. He had an insolence unbecoming a potential slave, which is his stated objective for being on this dating site


He continued telling me that I would die if I saw his face, it is forbidden for a mortal to gaze upon the Likeness of a God. I Laughed. Playing along I said, it's permitted, I'm a goddess. There was an egotistical aire about him. His self conceit was a quality I'd have to curtail way down. 


He then said he hadn't posted any pictures because he didn't have any . I suggested he use his computer and take one.  He explained what he had was an Apple iPad 1. His tablet didn't have a camera. 


My gut said he was lying.  Still I extended him the benefit of doubt. My desktop computer came without a camera. To remedy the  situation I bought a Inexpensive webcam. I questioned why Snake couldn't purchase a camera. He said his tablet wasn't equipped to add a webcam.


 He is lying or he is a vagrant.


At any price  I could play his game . I'd pretend that I believed his tale. I'd pretend that  I was disappointed that he couldn't post any pictures , not even his government photo. Or the photo from his seaman's papers. In this situation I suppose starman's certification is more accurate. Somehow, I doubt Snake is documented. He could be an undocumented alien. In space and cyberspace the term undocumented immigrants or alien takes on New meaning.


I ask if he would describe himself to me. He answered he was 6 feet, he had long  black curly hair, and deep brown eyes. He told me he had facial hair and several tattoos. My thoughts went into proton drive straight to faded images of Pirate's of the Caribbean and Captain Jack Sparrow. 


I mentioned I prefer my crew  clean shaven and without tattoos but, since we were not going to  be romantically or vocationally entwined, I could put my preference aside. 


Snake said he preferred his crew, women and nude. And, he wasn't putting his preference aside. I would be naked and on my knees before  him before he was finished with me my mouth would be on his cock.


Insubordination I angrily pounded out on my keyboard. In a calmer tone I typed not in this lifetime . I don't do oral with invisible  cyberspace squat.


Snake closed the description with telling me he was a typical Italian Jew. His description left me with the image of a heavy set italian with a yamaka. In my mind, the image of the Italian Jew was soft and cuddly like an overstuffed teddy bear.


Snake stated he was looking for an owner to enslave him. He had intentionally dropped the bomb. And I was a fool if I didn't pick it up. Without giving me any names Snake told me how a Mistress had humiliated him by commanding him to mow the yard in the nude. Depending on where he was being outside in the nude could feel liberating. I've been there and done that. 


A second slave story he shared was of a Master who insisted Snake stay on a leash. I've not been kept on a leash especially not in public. I felt the humiliation as he told his cruel but fanciful story.


The slave auction story was the hardest for me to wrap my mind around. How could this be between two consenting adults ? What city ? What state on Extinct Earth permitted this. Slavery when not consensual is piracy. Snake  was somewhat familiar with slavery in the sex industry. And slavery as an Adults only game. 


I would enslave him and show the insolent  lying bum what slavery truly is. Then why should I soil my reputation or my hands with the likes of him. True slavery would not benefit me, my crew, or Snake. 

His insolence bordered on insurrection and insubordination. A deckhand would know how to respond to a superior , his potential Captain. Snake was In violation of Pirate's code # 1.  " Do not lie to the Captain or First mate. Aboard ship, this infringement calls for modified Captain's Mast." Or, I could strand him. It depends on my or the Mate's generosity and whether his punishment should be an example for others among the crew.


It was possible I was comparing him with my dear departed husband whose pet name was Bear. Gnarly said he was a gruff ole grizzly. I said no, you're a soft 400 pound cuddly  bear. If I was making comparisons, I was out of my mind. Captain Gnarly Hume was a pirate . He was a Merchant trader. He was an artist, an inventor , he was an independent business owner, a commercial Shrimper / fisherman. Gnarly was a property owner, and braggingly so,a Man's Man. 

My imagination wasn't programmed to envision where he was from. In the first conversation Snake said he was in Branson, Moisurri . In some following conversations he  claimed he was in Big Pine , Key West Florida. Key West , was located in the Florida Keys. This information sent my imagination into hyperspace. 


What I believed to be true was beautiful white sand beaches. I immediately started daydreaming about being on such a picturesque beach with Snake, this was ridiculous, I knew nothing about Snake. I didn't know his given name or  his sir name or what he looked like. 


I believed the median income of everyone in Key West was $ 68,000 and up. I envisioned Snake being extreme upper class or upper class. I  thought of him as being wealthy and or retired. Everyone in Key West is retired.


In my imagination, my fantasy, I envisioned Key West and Pirates going hand in hand in hand  ,like rum and ice.


Snake on another occasion said he was from Big Pine, North Carolina. 


At  sometime in his  life Snake may have been in each of these locations, but my GPS tracking app said Snake was contacting me from Morrighan, a planet In the Kolemus galaxy.  Morrighan is the Celtic goddess of war, death, and destruction.A Planet named for her seemed to be a pirate haven.


 The Earth we knew went through a life extinction event. Every prophecy of demise came true in rapid succession on June 6, 2028.


I wasn't sure I should ask, but  curiosity compelled me to inquire about his occupation. Snake claimed to be an electrician, an independent businessman. An electrician was comparable to the diesel mechanic occupation of my late husband. However outside sources have informed me, as an electrician Snake installed everything upside down and backwards.


I wasn't sure what an electrician's pay scale was but  I could adjust.i don't care what his occupation is . I care only that he is gainfully employed. I would have extreme difficulty adjusting my lifestyle and expectations to accommodate the salary of an incompetent who is unwilling to work. The rule aboard my ship is simple. Those who don't work, don't eat. 99% of the time their empty stomach disciplines them far better than flogging, or marooning. A dead crew member is useless.


Why was I calculating how Snake would  fit into my lifestyle? I wasn't interested in romance or marriage. Neither of us had proposed , and I wasn't interested in accepting a marriage proposal. I am still married to Captain Gnarly Hume. My heart and soul says I'm still his wife. I am a spacefaring pirating fool. I am Captain Marcia ( deathbringer ) Hume.


Snake bragged about his experience while he was in the job Corps. The age requirement is between 16 and 24. He could have enlisted. It is doubtful he completed any program ,having never earned his diploma or G.E. D. At 17 Snake was incarcerated awaiting adult sentencing for residential burglary and breaking and entering. 

His claim of being a chef sent me directly to fantasy land. Instantly I was lost in fantasies where I was actually comparing Snake to my departed husband. It would be nice to have a man cook for me again. 


Snake  topped his electrician story and his chef story by entertaining me with tales of his adventures as a United States Marine. His story was, he was permanently injured in a training accident As a consequence he was given  a trainee charge. I could believe it . Gnarly received an honorable medical discharge from the U.S. Army ,Delta Company. And yes, they were/ are the meanest mother on the hill. Through circumstances all my own , I was medically discharged from Echo Company.  I readily accepted Snake's portrayal of his military service. 


As prior military Snake should be easily assimilated into my family and crew. I know he's lying. His story is imaginative. 


He then embellished somewhat. He said his training officer, his instructor, wept when he delivered the discharge. According to Snake his Drill Instructor said he had the killer instinct every Marine should have.  The Marines want a few good men


Snake continued to embellish upon his Military service. He boast of R. Lee Ermey 

 Visiting him while he was in recovery. This former Marine staff  Sergeant presented him with a yogi or D.I. hat , his hat,and a set of dog tags Then the honorary gunnery Sergeant  saluted Him. 


Perhaps, Snake failed to realize R. Lee Ermey was a television celebrity from the History Channel and the show Mail Call. Maybe Snake has fantasies of his own.


 At various times in his career as a pirate and cyber criminal, Snake has profited from several types of cyber crime.This includes White Slavery .


 Property: This is similar to a real-life instance of a criminal illegally possessing an individual’s bank or credit card details. Snake has used my debit and  credit cards in his capers.


Electronic or cyber checks are a modern convenience and a Pirates haven. I've lost count how many times a Cyber Pirate forged electronic checks on my business and personal accounts. 


( bank Crime ) in Cyberspace and real time. The hacker steals a person’s bank details to gain access to funds in some cases the information is obtained through false trust. The hacker grooms the target creating a false illusion of trust. The stalker then secretly makes purchases online or runs phishing scams to get people to give away their information.  Snake victimized me in this way. I vow to have my revenge, not just my anger.


Snake admitted he has used inside information such as an employee thoughtlessly mentioning many co workers use the corporation name and date as their access to the bank or company Information.Snake romances ( glamors) the employee, usually a female to obtain entry into the money transfer systems. Snake credits weak passwords and relaxed cyber security for his successful heist. 


In real time Snake and a lookout would watch the closing activities of the target bank.They were Interested In the night deposits, the after hours deposits. Snake and the lookout would agree to the day and time. They synchronized their watches and called to confirm the bank was closed.


The tool used  to execute the heist  In real time was a fishing line and a U.S.7731 stainless steel shark  hook Snake placed the hook and transparent fishing line through the night deposit box  along with a small deposit to his personal account. Later the fishing line would be retrieved, the  caught bags of money would then be released into the hands of Snake and his accomplice it is suspected a portion of his heist was rerouted to his mother or brothers bank account. Snake claimed he was financially supporting his mother and partially paralyzed brother, his wife, and their. Children.


The Cyber pirate  could also use a malicious software ( viruses, and malware)  to gain access to a web page with confidential information. Snake has committed this cyber crime and bragged about it.Again, I was one of his victims on Christian Paddles and other social networks or dating sites.


Individual: This category of cybercrime involves one individual distributing malicious or illegal information online. This can include cyberstalking, distributing pornography and trafficking. If I believe his confessions, Snake is a internet stalker, He has purchased pornography and distributed pornography across the internet. Snake has trafficked in white slavery using the internet. He also confessed to having limited real world trafficking experience. 


Government: This is the least common cybercrime, but is the most serious offense. A crime against the government is also known as cyber terrorism. Government cybercrime includes hacking government websites, military websites or distributing propaganda. These criminals are usually terrorists or enemy governments of other nations.


I don't know if the crime amounts to Cyber terrorism.  Snake has electronically filed fraudulent tax returns from 2098 to 2114. Snake said the IRS allowed him to illegally claim two of his brother's child tax credits. He also bragged about having claimed two of his brothers, and an infant sister who suffered S.I.D.S. I suspect that his  mother was in on his actions as was his brother. I only know Snake said the government owed him this 

annual allowance for living in the United States. 


Cyber piracy, Snake's involvement was his relationship with Pirates Bay he and his  friends were guilty of Bootlegging defined as The unauthorized uploading of music files to the public  or downloading these files from an Internet site is referred to as Internet or on-line piracy. Snake downloaded or uploaded movies and music from Pirates Bay to his apple ipad and occasionally When I discovered the pirated ware

Music or film I delete it


Outside sources had informed me Snake has a wife. Her name is Kathy. She is incarcerated for 5 years on an Embezzlement charge. Snake had mentioned that in casual conversation but he omitted any mention of marriage, he gave himself the  moral high ground, because of her conviction they went their separate paths.


My gut instinct tells me the embezzlement was for Snake's  have an instinct . Snake was an accomplice, he could have been the embezzler. My instincts tell me Snake shifted the blame to Kathy enabling himself to get away . 


 If it had been me facing embezzlement charges, Captain Gnarly would have made restitution for me. He would have fought Heaven and Hell to expunge  the charges . As a last resort Gnarly would have confessed and taken my prison time as his own.


 I know what Captain Gnarly would do because he did it more than once No, not the prison but, the rest of my misadventures.

Snake requested I give him two weeks , he wanted to find his biological mother . 

with prison and foster care he had not seen her or spoken to her for fifteen years . 


I wasn't in a hurry to have him come aboard. I was desperately hoping Snake would reunite with his mama and decide to stay with her in North Carolina. For these and my own professional and domestic conflicts to resolve.


The decision had been made , I would enslave  Snake . I'd take him into my life and aboard my ship and into my home as my swabby and Cabin boy.


This was an executive decision. The decision wasn't an easy choice to make, it was the only choice my conscience would consider.


Morrighan was experiencing a space hurricane. A 620 mile wide swirling mass of plasma that swirled above Morrighan's atmosphere. The plasma hurricane began in late  September. It is now February 6, and the threat is still Present The torrid rains of electrons are affecting Earth remnants and the remnant inhabitants. Theoretically such storms were not known to exist, not in space and  not in deep space.


The spiral-armed space hurricane swirled roughly 125 miles over the NorthPole of Morrighan ,churning in place.for approximately 127 + days.


"You could see flows of plasma going around, which were like the winds of the space hurricane," he said. "These flows were strongest at the edge and decreased as you moved toward the eye in the center, before picking up again on the other side, just like the flow of air in a regular hurricane."


But that's perhaps where the similarities end. Unlike with regular hurricanes that can dump huge amounts of precipitation over Earth's surface, the scientists instead observed electrons raining into the upper atmosphere.


Space hurricanes, like other space weather events, are caused by streams of plasma unleashed from the sun in what's known as the solar wind. As these clouds of charged particles hurl through space, they can fuel magnetic storms and trigger stunning displays of the northern or southern lights.


Echion where I was, wasn't any more hospitable.





Submitted: April 26, 2021

© Copyright 2021 M.L.Williamson Hume. All rights reserved.

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