The Great Babe Bambino: Episode I

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Table of Contents

Playing Pretend

"Roll call!" ordered Danny. Arthur snapped his arms to his side and raised his left arm to his head in a mock salute. His long black ... Read Chapter

Homeless or Not? That Is the Question

Danny Lewis had a problem. It wasn’t the type of problem one would normally expect a ten-year-old to have. He hadn’t forgotten to... Read Chapter

The Roach, the Necklace, and the School

It was a new day for Danny Lewis. To put it bluntly, after the events of Friday and Saturday, his Sunday had capped off a weekend tha... Read Chapter

The Precious Necklace Locket Pickpocket

Danny Lewis was flabbergasted. Without another word, Skyla made a tiny shrug with her shoulders that readjusted her bookbag. Her hand... Read Chapter

The Thing That Eats Who You Are

Danny Lewis was in a pickle. He was the only one who noticed it. He didn’t know how or why no one noticed the strange fog that was ... Read Chapter

The Everyday Dungeon of an Elementary School

Danny Lewis was speechless. He opened his mouth and then closed it again. He repeated this a couple of times until he finally found t... Read Chapter

Babe Bambina vs. Doll Master

Danny Lewis dropped the pipe that he held in his hands, and it rattled on the ground and rolled away from him. He had never been so happy... Read Chapter

The Things That Are Important

Danny Lewis was exhausted. He laid Olivia gently on the ground, and she still refused to move an inch, but she had a tiny grin on her... Read Chapter

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