-----> "The SECRET UNDERGROUND MANSION & OCEAN-REALM ! " ------ Estancie & the Frosty Baths ! ---- ('SECRET ELDERS & Frosty Zone' ! )

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

--------- ''The SECRET UNDERGROUND MANSION and OCEAN REALM ! '' ----- Estancie and the Frosty Cave Baths ! -------- '' The ELDERS and Icy Realm ! '' ---- (FIND the Secret Entrance into the 'UNDERGROUND REALM' !) -----



NOTE: (THIS story is from 2005-2006.  It is VERY OLD.  One of my older pieces of writing.  It has been edited and revised but otherwise this is exactly as I wrote it back in 2005.  Thank you very kindly for reading. - This story was originally uploaded on this site in 2009 under the title ''EIOSAQUILLE'' under my old original account, 'Glisscie'.)




Estancie, a gorgeously alluring mermaid with glistening dark blonde hair and tanned skin, awoke to a soft rain essence, a beautiful shower of water overflowing.


The limestone beneath her was saturated and sparkled in an ethereal radiance while water was found luminously glistening from the rock crevices and stalagmites. Shimmering dewdrops of enchanted water glide along the slick surface.

 A beach of chocolate colored silky-soft sand is in one corner of the cave, magnificent seashells buried within, as foamy splashes of water flow across its surface. 



Listening to the sounds of the gently flowing waterfalls, she consumed herself wholly in the moment.  The stalagmites and speleothems within the cave grew fascinating and mysterious shapes.  There were smooth limestone pyrites, all aglow with a mystical, orange hue.  Pools of rich freshwater glimmered mercilessly amidst the lower-end of the cavern. 


The ‘Cave Bath’ sparkled with precious dewdrops settling on the edges of the limestone.  Enchanting, overflowing waterfalls flowed throughout the cavern as snowy dewdrops of healing essence hung in the air.  Once she arose, she swam over snowy pools of spring water to the ‘cave bath’, feeling the soft limestone beneath her. 


Dipping herself beneath the shower into the depths of the cave pool, she felt the sensation of lustrous, healing mineral water.

‘So exquisite, this gorgeous water’ she thought as she viewed the glittering nutrients’ ebb and flow.


Beneath the surface, she closed her eyes and ruptured the boundaries of enigmatic consciousness; enlightened periods of enrapture prevailed between her and nature.  Her mind remembered a vision from the past, a sequence of events unknown until now. 

Warm-hearted emotions of gracious unconditional love entrusted to her mind a forthcoming beauty.  Oblique formations on the eastern horizon of the world were luminescent by the universal display of the stars. 


“Tiesebiar”.  A voice from within has spoken.



The phantasmal splendor of an ever-changing universe is revealed.  Beautiful purity and warm tranquility fill the universe into eternity.  Her ears felt an immense rupture as she was resurfacing and the roaring showers resounded all over the cavern. 

 As glowing showers sprayed and frothed over her form, she felt an instant of time transformed into an eternity.


Estancie swam beneath freezing showers of soft healing and into the silky waves of the inner cavity of the cavern, behind the sparkling froth of the foaming waterfalls, into a secluded region.  Frothing waters cascaded into snowy pools as the spray dampened the bulky limestone.



The translucent crystals of almighty healing rested unaltered within the snowy mounds and there was a silence new to her ears.  She felt an essence in the air and caught sight of the curable truffle on the snow mound in the center of the environs. 



Snow slowly fell downwards from the dim light at the opening.  Placing her palms gently on the curing truffle, she wiped the excess snow away and saw a vibrant, pink hue glowing. 



The precious life-affirming truffle was miraculous and began to glow ever more vibrantly than before.  Many crystals within the rocks began to glow incessantly in-turn; there was a new life being born.  Enthralling, beautiful aromas wafted before her gorgeous, sparkling brow and she saw pink-lixische (healing salve) exuding from the truffles exterior. 


Visible from the flowing waters of the cavern was the silken, snowy tresses of iciness.  Originating from a cleft in the mountains, a dark waterfall flowed at the foot of the cavern, as she swam through the torrential showers of water and over the cool, snowy springs to the outer ice mounds, beneath the icy luminescence of the cavern's ledges. 

A precious spring of water was flowing softly nearby into the interior of the cavern grotto.  Softened waterfalls flowed along silken crevices above her into surging, glowing waves below.


The loveliness of the earthen snow and the beautiful tresses of eaves shimmering in the sparkly darkness enthralled her.  Visible in hidden springs in the caves were the blissful, smooth showers of the peacefulness of changing colours of ether.  Glorious snow fell into softened, sweet mounds of tranquil contentment.

The air was sweet with the melting snowfall, and the glorious, ethereal stars were above her.

Lapping, soft waves gently splashed as dewy extracts, pouring within the frothing waters, caressed her innocent essence.  Snowy, bubbling showers cascaded into the pouring ocean waves, as she bathed beneath drizzling beauty, invigorating her being in the glacial springs.


 ‘Gracious beauty of warmth from the mermaids of ocean’s foam.’


Magnificent fountains of drizzling springs poured over the lowly overhang of a cavern sea cliff while snow on the cliffs began to crystallize and form icicles, as the mountainside and caves below were overflowing with waterfalls from the melting snow. 


Dazzling mountains, with sparkling radiance within the snow, encompassed the oceanic caverns.  Nourishing, purifying showers cascaded over the tops of the mountains’ limestone clefts, pouring into shimmering icy floes below. The overflowing, silky soft waves of the mermaid’s lagoon gush through the drizzling icy springs of the ocean grottoes.


Glowing stalagmites form on the edges of the limestone and bow over the ocean while the overflowing, snowy drops of icy-spring water cascade softly into the foaming current. 

Ice pearls softly float in the ebb and flow of the glossy waves while torrential showers of spring water form dazzling pools over the limestone.  Showering waters descend into mineral cave-bathes and the overflow pours into lapping waves. 



Pure, glistening oceanic waves engulf smaller islands of icy-soft snow with eternal tides. The night’s sky shimmers above the crystal blue ocean with sparkling stars ever glowing, as the lustrous waters shimmer beneath the ocean.


 Sparkling, ethereal radiance of the stars fill the night sky as the distant planets with their ever-changing nebulae are perceptible far away in the firmament of the cosmos.  Much universal amazement is habitually seen in the night-time sky.  Various colors of ether shine forth far in the distance of mystical space. 


Atmospheric occurrences affect the blizzards amongst the icy grottoes.  Showers of water often flow from openings in the limestone rock further into caverns of grottoes where hygienic, icy springs emerge.  Pools of the icy springs form therapeutic cave-bathes with healing minerals in the sparkling water. 

Overflow from the springs eventually reach the limestone openings in the caves that lead to the Eilo Ocean.  Overflowing waters are seen surging into the depths of the sparkling, crystalline ocean.


Pearly fins of exquisite, unknown mermaids splash the snowy pools of the ocean’s surge as they bathe beneath the icy-soft showers, dipping inside the snowy springs of the caverns, rejuvenating their being with wholesome healing minerals.

Oversized pearls extend over the springs as the mermaid’s being rest beyond the shimmering waters in the darkness of the inner-pearl.  Mysterious, magical seashells of gorgeous hues float within the cavern’s splashing ocean waves.


 Caverns encompass calming warmth of the flowing waters.  Large stalagmites hang over the icy springs.  Therapeutic, overflowing showers of water pour into an icy bathing spring while ocean waves sway over the edges of the limestone, splashing their pearls onto the rock. 

Snowfall brings a sense of universal silence and wholeness. The eternal naiveté of an ever-abiding winter remains with an angelic glow and exquisite snow with sparkling gossamer.



Closing her eyes, she remained a steady conscience as she felt the atmospheric current of the gentle wind.  Exquisitely, she squinted her hypnotic, decadent eyes through the silky soft snowflakes and viewed gorgeous, sparkling ambience in the starry night sky, beyond snow-covered peaks far in the distance.


 Ever was a universal peace within these icy soft cavern springs as the foaming, surging waters sparkled in iridescent vibrancy.  Sparkling, incandescent orbs of glowing illumination softly glide along the ambience in the atmosphere, creating shimmering sparkles that trace their movement. 


Further into the depths of the cave were glimmering waterfalls with pink shimmers of syrupy essences flowing within the water.  Rocky outcrops near the water become saturated with pink phosphorous and crystallize into shapes that seep essence. 

Exjia-topia crystals drizzled a healing, icy syrup that dampens the limestone rock above the waterfall, glimmering within the darkened portions of the cave.



Dipping beneath the silken foam of the waves, she swam in the glimmering darkness of glacial ice grottoes in the mountains.

Fragrant, rich waters, pouring with luscious froth, dazzled beneath a lovely underground waterfall all aglow with glittering nutrients.  The darkness of the cave made the water luminescent with sparkling dew that splashed from the foam at the surface.


Dipping her hands in the sparkling waves, she sipped of its essence; its taste was as sparkling honey. Her voice honeyed with the sweet, saccharine essence, as sparkling extracts gave forth peaceful warmth.  Snowfall was melting, as the overflow cascaded softly over the rocks and crevices in the cavern. 


Glimpsing a sparkle from behind the foaming gushes of the waterfall, she saw a glowing, pink crystal in the limestone.  It was mercilessly lovely and resembled a crystalline form she had seen many years before in the drizzling, frothing showers of the snowy eastern ocean.



‘I’ve reached the warming calm of the Grottoes of the Ancient Mermaid Queens,’ she thought, swimming through warming springs, frothing with splashing beauty, and beneath the waterfall’s gushing foam.


The cavern’s entrance was dripping wet with luminescence.  Beautiful pearls lay beneath the surface of the water on marble cave-baths.  A great roar of steadily rushing water met her ears and it was such a soothing effect that she wished to stay forever.  Many uprooted speleothems and stalagmites encumbered the area while cascades flowed down into showers of water. 


Stooping her head to swim beneath the freezing showers, she glimpsed translucent glimmering shadows of glossy waterfalls to each side of the cave.  The environs lay within pure-spring water, ever flowing downwards into the depths of the grotto.  Sparkling gemstones and crystals were found plentifully growing within the stalactites, effectively illuminating portions of the limestone. 




Upon beginning her descent down the slope, a steady flow of icy water was pushing her ever forward as the smooth pearls commingled on the surface.  The stalactite’s protruded low while resonant crystals glimmered above.  Ever changing shapes of icy crystals rested on snow mounds.  Soft essences hung in the air.  Twinkling blue lights from beneath the snow’s illumination shone forth a mystifying light in the cavern. 


Viewing miraculous cave formations, she glimpsed a sparkling pool of pink, saccharine and glittery, below her into which the water was overflowing. 


Overly precious was the cavern pool with an overall pink hue while shimmering pink specks illuminated the surface.  Water flow in the cave splashed and foamed while she swam over the bubbling rock ledges into the pool.  Stalagmites were prevalent from beneath the surface, as the waves would splash to a billowing roll.


Ethereal, light blue snow, decorated with the most lustrous pink-sparkled essences, shimmer with honeyed splendor in the glacial recesses, within the snowy, lapping soft waves.


 Exuberant, drizzling spray and lovely aromas of glorious ether and sweet snowfall gently caressed her senses.  The sparkling, sweet snows and their loveliness enthralled her.

Stalagmites covered in pure-dew snow etched the limestone of the snowy springs and she swam beside one as the overflow of beautiful showers resounded nearby. 


Atop the cavern the visual display was as of a starry night sky with the glittering stars all aglow.  Glimpsing the many celestial planets and their distant nebulae, she marveled at the colours of the terrestrial worlds. 

The beauty was astounding and she waved her fingers in the direction of the ethereal display, a soft screen moving her hands along the celestial universe, ever abiding in her direction.



A softly flowing, magnificent waterfall was seen expelling into the depths of the grotto while the effervescent glistening enthralled Estancie.  Glimpsing its many hues and easing herself in the amazing aroma, she found herself contented.
Froth and sparkling bubbles foamed at the base of the overflowing falls. 


From behind the flowing waters she glimpsed a silken fin of many concentric talons and spirals.  It was rounded as wholly as a pearl and shown visibly behind the shimmering, glittering waters that foamed forth a peaceful fury before her. 


Stalagmites grew in fascinating formations behind the waterfall, as a vast shadow was visible in the distance, altered by the flowing water.  A soft, blue hue was prevalent as spring-dew waterfalls overflowed into the pool of the grotto from all sides. 

The exquisite fin was solitary until it reverberated and made a splash, which generated through the waterfall and dampened Estancie.  It was as though softened snow with a tingling sensation had softly struck her and instinctively she wiped a portion from her arm.  Pink snow filled her hand and it was as beautiful as a celestial star covered with gleaming earth.


‘Lovely it must be to exist a mermaid hidden within this cavern of mysteries. A star would not be as divine. ‘Tiesebiar.’ she thought. 


Dazzling with loveliness, the fin began to glow a light pink hue, which emanated throughout the cavern.  A bond had been shaped and a light that had once been concealed was now brought forth.

Life-affirming, pink truffles began to appear at the base of the snow mound in the foaming showers of the waterfall.

A soft snow now fell where the truffle lay with effervescence. 


Swimming forward, she glimpsed the pink hue behind the waterfall grow ever more radiant.

As the fin grew brighter the truffle followed the same pathway of light.

Dipping her lovely palms into the snowy essence of the truffle, she felt a healing sensation from within her heart.



Visible was the innocence of life and its precious fragility.Billows of loveliness were beheld to Estancie and she felt the exquisiteness of the world.

Peace, hope and happiness for all eternity of time.  The celestial delicateness of consciousness was seen throughout the cavern and a brightly shown tone was visible.



 Afterwards, the fin exquisitely splashed the foaming waters and snow as Estancie felt a sensation unlike anything ever felt before.

Milky soft snow began to descend over the waterfall and the mermaid’s existence glowed with life.Tresses of snow fell on the truffle and mermaid while each shone in successive turn.


Life-souls were bonded and Estancie swam beneath the pink sparkles of the cavern pool, feeling the soothing sensation of tranquility.

Swimming near the precious, fragrant waves of the surface, she saw a gorgeous fin, glimmering with precious nutrients, and was overwhelmed with a sense of overwhelming happiness and calm.



 Swimming over the soft snow and peaceful pools of water, she met with a wonderful creature, enraptured by their presence. - A presence of serene wholesomeness, where the pearly honey-dew of life flows eternally.  Tranquil presences of the mermaids bestowed healing warmth and life, enlightening her spirit and enriching her heart.


Essence filled the air.  Estancie swam in sparkling pink snow with glittering nutrients on her brow.  Glimmering waterfalls shone an inexplicable beauty as she viewed pink snow in mounds beneath the pure-dew water.

Smooth and silky limestone speleothems covered the cavern’s vicinity and she would reach out to feel the texture, as petite waterfalls of sparkling essences glide along the surface.  Lovely, gorgeous aromas of dazzling richness, fragrant with the healing nutrients, sparkled forth on her brow in an otherwordly brilliance.


Showers of wholesome water glimmer within cave-bath pools on the limestone and their drippings shape radiant formations of rock. - Estancie swam through the glowing, drizzling waters of a perpetually darkened chamber of the grotto.


Vast oceans of the deep resounded underneath her as she swam over the gushing showers of a natural limestone bridge.  Viewing below, she glimpsed glowing ocean’s foam surging against the limestone rock. 

 The waves passionately swayed against the magnificent, sparkling gossamer of the darkened grotto.  Great seashells and rare pearls of whole size would commingle on the ocean’s surface.


Swimming within the silken, gushing springs, she swam beneath soft, icy waves and into a bubbling, bathing cavern where the icy soft mermaid snow rested considerably in mounds along the limestone.  Stalagmites stood in the overflowing snows and she swam alongside the sparkling spray of the foaming showers.


 Eventually, she swam to an area where showers of glistening water completely covered the limestone on the eastern wall while the opposite side of the grotto shown forth startling waterfalls with pearly fins of elder mermaid creatures visibly resting behind the smooth waters.



Gorgeous, shimmering fluid of a pearly pink hue was seen drizzling from the lateral side of the fins, pouring slowly over the limestone, into the depths of the fountains below.  Dazzling cave-baths with whole pearls were visible in a smaller area behind the flowing showers of water.

Icy-soft falls were seen showering into the mineral springs of the cave-baths and it was the most calming, relaxing, and exquisite place Estancie had ever seen.

Aromas of melting snow and sounds of waterfalls overflowed her senses with ethereal beauty. 



Swimming over soft snow and beneath soothing showers of spray, she came to a dazzling waterfall.

Lustrous waters were expelling from each tranquil side of a wondrous limestone boulder, forming two separate showers of water.

Vibrant bubbles foamed from the froth at the surface of the falls creating a world within its own.

Silken limestone formations, covered in luminescence, enclosed the interior of the waters so that the showers were in a smaller cave themselves. 


Dipping herself beneath the water’s sparkling foam, she felt effervescent warmth that enthralled her and she lowered her body further.

Silky-smooth spray fell onto her luscious head.  She relaxed her being wholly into the moment.


Meditating in a celestial mindset, she felt nurtured, warm and at peace with her inner self.

Breathing deeply within herself, she imagined a nurturing, universal nature full of vitality and grace.  This loveliness that surrounded her being was in sync with the entire laws of nature.


 Gently, she massaged her neckline as the relaxing showers of the limestone spa engulfed her body.  Unending tranquility flowed within her mind. 


‘May I dwell eternally within the heart of celestial matter.

May my spirit be free from suffering and all harm.

May I be wholly in peace.

May I bond with all life forms and be one with Mother Nature's powerful, eternal glory. 


 Feel the beauty and calmness of the showers of pure-dew water.

Peacefulness surrounds my being.

Stillness fills my mind with a silence that is calm and reenergizing.

Relax and recuperate my inner being.

Calm down.

Inhale through my nose and hold.

Exhale and calm down.

Be grateful for this time of harmony and quiet. 




Embracing herself entirely, she relaxed at the wonderful sensations of  foaming warm waters.

Massaging her being was comfortable and she remained at ease. 


  The cavern’s ceiling appeared as a sparkly darkness of eternal stars glowing within the recesses of the shadows.

Darkness soothed her as she drifted into a calming and deep sleep.  Estancie dreamed of vast worlds of ever ending awe, waterfalls gushing into mystifying limestone rocks and caves of unfathomable splendor.


Exquisiteness encircled her as she awoke slowly to the crashing sounds of ocean waves affecting the limestone. - Foaming waters were seen surging gently and  splashing onto the limestone rocks below her at the eastern cavity of the grotto. - The waters appeared as a bright, glowing  blue that twinkled in ether. 


  Pearls occasionally would bathe themselves beneath the waters and wash up on the limestone fissures and upon the sandy underground beaches.   Estancie examined one whole pearl as it had an opaque colorization.

Limestone stalagmites, covered in pure-dew snow, hung in the snowy showers, above the foaming waters, which splash the snow off the rock.

Limestone stalagmites meet with a stalactite to form enthralling columns and snow mounds rest in these columnar spaces, the foaming waters splashing over the snow.

Swimming within sparkling gossamer of therapeutic snow springs, beneath the foaming waves, she viewed the many formations of limestone rocks above and beside her.

Soft and smooth formations with circular edges were seen in many inlets of the foaming waters while the receding tide left a delicate radiance on the rock.


Swimming further beneath the snowy gushing showers, she gently swam against the pouring waves of waters foaming from the sparkling darkness above.


 Existing here in this area, near the caressing ocean’s foam, was an embracing, cavernous aperture in the limestone, beneath the frothing waves.   Soft, smooth, oceanic waves were echoing in the distance through the cavern’s foaming aperture, as she swam through the lapping waves beyond.

Glimpsing essences of snowy crystals within the limestone, she swam through bubbling springs gushing from the cleft in the cave and resurfaced into a darkened, hidden grotto.  She viewed a silken waterfall before her.

The waters shone forth as a glimmering light in the darkness.


 Approaching the frothing spray of the waters, she sensed a hidden mermaid's abode existing in a secretive space beyond, and she splashed beneath the glacial showers of the waterfall and swam through the lapping waves.


Awe-inspiring, miraculous essences of light were seen floating within the ether above the splashing foam.  Dampened billows of limestone formations etched her sight. 


 She swam within the pouring crevices and onto a snowy mound with pink dewy extracts glowing beneath.

Swimming beneath the spraying bubbles of the showers, she glimpsed in the distance a vast cave-bath lagoon with oversized, torrential showers of therapeutic water emanating from dampened, sparkling environs far in the darkness above her. 


Estancie glimpsed up into the glossy darkness of the showers, far into the sparkling essences above, and saw excessive waterfalls flowing even further within the glistening, glacial recesses of the tranquil darkness.

The grotto appeared completely dark except for the foaming ocean’s waves that splashed at each side of the cavernous entrances of the cave-baths. 

The water’s appearance was a bright blue tone within that made it glow vibrantly in the dark.

It was as if glowing waters were splashing against the limestone, making the rocks sparkle in ethereal radiance. - Many numerous seashells were seen expelling onto the limestone rocks and she marveled at their many unique hues and gorgeous shapes. 


Sparkling bathing springs were seen far above the foaming lagoon in the crevices of the limestone wall.

The limestone wall arched above the lagoon facing the splashing waves below while each bathing spring’s waterfall flowed into the depths of the lagoon.  Each bathing spring is enclosed in a significantly smaller, separate cave situated above the foaming ocean waves of the grottoes below.

 Icy soft pearls commingled in the flowing mineral waters of the glowing waves.


 Large and powerful mermaid fins, covered in gleaming dew, splashed the snow filled waters and were visible behind the gorgeous, resounding showers.   Snowy tresses of sparkling specks were seen flowing within the water’s spurting as overflowing waves created a natural harmony.

Restful caresses of soft waves swayed among the limestone rocks, creating small waterfalls in the crevices as the tide resided.


 Stalagmite and stalactite formations grew in varying shapes within the lagoon’s grotto.

 Drizzling, shimmering honey covered the limestone walls, sparkling in endless radiance.  Vibrant mother-of-pearl markings augment the limestone beneath the swelling waves, splashing their foaming pink froth on the surface.

Icy floes follow the sparkling bubbles of the waves as pink pearls softly glisten in the torrential waters.



Estancie swam over soft, snowy pools of icy springs, eventually reaching a limestone precipice in the lapping waves.  Various bubbling showers of therapeutic waters were drizzling from stalactites onto silky limestone fissures, overflowing into a lustrous lagoon below.


 Rising out of the beautiful shimmering waters were hypnotic, entrancing Mermaid Elder Queens, radiant with dazzling majesty and grace, with caressing honey-dew sparkling on their lavish, splendorous forms.  Swelling ocean waves dappled their shimmering bodies while pink, glossy waterfalls cascaded on each side of their fins.



 Estancie splashed her dew-honeyed fin against the snowy ocean waves and the divine presence of the exquisite Mermaid Queens before her vibrated with all their being.  Bonds of life shaped miraculous forms of restoration in her mind.


Effervescent, sparkling orbs of luminosity flashed in the darkness of the glossy falls.Syrupy sparkles of healing essences trail their saccharine movements as they gently splash within the surging ocean waves.


 Engaging essences in the air of the cave-bathes renewed Estancie’s being with vigor and a warming calm.

Pearls splashed within the bubbling foam near the mermaids, which glowed behind the sparkling showers, creating a restful atmosphere.  Estancie swam over the peaceful pools and bubbling, soft, snowy waves to the edge of the limestone precipice.

Before her was the most dazzling and immense cascading showers with sparkling, drizzling effervescence apparent below where the foaming ocean’s waves surged. - Pink sparkles of luminosity flashed in the atmosphere of the therapeutic springs. 

 Icy, drizzly showers cascaded out of the limestone cavern.


Oceanic waves of crystal glowed in the sparkling darkness of the cavern and atop were as a starry night sky with celestial brilliancy.


Estancie felt an ever growing warmness of gracious love within her heart as she swam over the ridge of swelling waves, softly embracing the gentle warmness of the healing lagoon’s waters.

Entities bonded life within her essence.  The celestial universe reveals a gracious, life-affirming presence.


Eternal presences of warmth and wholeness create exuberance in an ever-changing universe.



Enthralling waves of gorgeous, rich fragrance softly caress icy snow with ethereal calm.

Exuberant, warm essences shimmer in glistening waves of ambience as lapping softness gently pours against exotic stalagmites glowing in drizzling, rich waters of the darkness.

 Sparkling shimmers of saccharine essences shower with dewy iciness in glacial waves, splashing beneath the shimmering, celestial universe.


  Estancie's spirit is renewed with an ever abiding healing that remains eternal forevermore.



Copyright 2006 Zelda Vaxandorf.





(Misc. Writing from 2005-2006.  Outtakes from Estancie's Healing Innocence.  Mermaid Realm.)

Gorgeous starglow, ambience in enthralling, essences of ethereal magnificence, glisten calmly with precious nebulae peacefully caressing dazzling richness of eternal, shimmering stars of loveliness. Ever-ending, glowing ambience enthralls in warming darkness of celestial consciousness, eternally exuberating peace and calmness with silky, honeyed splendor.


 Richness of mind, bestowing warming, lovely rest, overflows with sparkling, frothing loveliness in conscious hearts of celestial delicateness. Frothing, rich waves of precious loveliness glow with eternal, ever-ending awe, splashing silkiness of dewy extracts in cosmic, celestial beauty. 


Richness of heart bestows calming peace and whole sound of mind of ever-ending peace and tranquility to your essence. Serene being, dazzle with loveliness always, as aromas of melting softness fill you with fragile essences of grace and overflowing silence. Tiesebiar.


Rich, sparkling dew with dazzling essences dapple the soft, precious snow of icy showers. Drizzling effervescence, shimmering on silky limestone stalagmites, radiate with crystalline splendor beneath glowing, lapping ocean waves. Honeyed, saccharine essences pour into snowy limestone spas with luscious froth bubbling within.


 Splashing, rich waves, glowing tranquilly in icy soft snows, caress shimmering essences splashing with nutrients. Icey-honey, shimmering with rich, sparkling essences, glow with tranquil warmth beneath drizzling, pouring showers of dazzling richness.

Submitted: April 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 ZELDA VAXANDORF. All rights reserved.

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