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Polis Narcissism is a satire of Science Fiction

People in this city are a strange lot. They look at each other, at first a glance, then as a frozen stare, and then eyes turned away. They recognize, reflect and distance themselves from being looked at, and then their bodies start shivering, their bowels start trembling and then they get an emotional high, similar in vein to what the saints have called mystical. There is Borges who lives in the city —a writer in one dimension— a dictator in two dimensions—-a programmer in the third dimension and a composer in the fourth dimension. Borges says: “It has been the policy of Polis Narcissism to compose people with a certain attitude, homeliness, self love, a certain guarded judgment of others and so forth. A machine called memory infiltron works day and night, ceaselessly, without leisure or pleasure, without woe or grumbling, and programs the dwellers of Polis Narcissism within Thetan waves through a computer program called Mesmerism-Flows. These Thetan waves were captured from a strange being called the Thetan Spirit and stored in the reservoir of memory vaults by a strange cult called the Scientologists who lived in the city as predecessors. Borges the writer decided that one day he would take control of the Scientologists and used various methods for the same. One was the art of wooing the psychic body of a Shamanness Ms. Thetan, This he did by contacting her body through secret midnight carnivals of ritual writing. One day when the full moon was up, Ms. Thetan said: ” Oh darling Borges, I am feeling so saturated. There are two procedures for capturing Thetan waves. One is Brain Merism that is brain and mesmerism and the other is Brawn Merism. While you are indulging in both, I will use my rituals of charm and magic and allure the entire race of the Scientological Thetans so that they go on a high called body and mind locked in numbness. And then it’s yours, the power of ownership, of Thetan Waves. Thus by crafty Sycoraxology as well as Calibanology as well as Prosperology, Borges became the Shakespeare of the city as a ruler, writer and feeder of the city’s inhabitants. Every minute action and experience of the dwellers is recorded psychically and physically by a machine called feed-back-on-psychics. Every evening after a Presidential diet of the choicest banquets, President Borges switches on the Feed-Back-on-Psychic machine. There are three categories of the processed in the machine: one the product feed back, two the process feed back and three the experiential feed back. President Borges clicks on the machine and images start appearing on the plasma screen, decorated on the sides with carved ivory resembling the fangs of a saber toothed tiger. The product that appears is a Sony Experia. A woman is holding it alluringly, and walking through a busy metro.She is absorbed in self love and is talking, laughing and crying at the same time. The next scene is even more revelatory: people are walking on the foot path of the busy metro holding Nokia Psychics; they are full of catharsis similar to the program created by the model and projection of the project. They are all enclosed in absolute self hood of human multiplicity, of emotion hardly knowing they are bodies and walking with footsteps, hardly being aware that others as their fellow citizens are doing the same thing. Borges smiles with contentment….burps the delicious content of the meal that he has savored and then exclaims: ” the program on the product of fictions has become a success.” Borges says to himself: “this too is good.”Borges clicks on the second button and watches the scenes that emerge as the process. He gasps at the scenes: enemies of the neighboring country, Tyranny-Tron, have invaded the city with violence unknown and unheard of in the city. However in the ensuing scenes Borges is dazzled; though the citizens of Polis-Narcissism don’t know how to fight, the moment they encounter an unknown and bizarre stimulus such as war and bloodshed, they strip. And they exclaim with the art of finding and identifying their bodies; they shout in language unknown to the Tyranny-Trons: “We are self lovers” and start laughing as Joy Bombs. In the next screen image, Borges observes that the coup-d-etatists are totally flummoxed. They don’t know how to react to this uncanny spectacle of non violent warfare enacted by the peculiar citizens of Polis-Narcissism. They leave the city with an emotion unknown to the Polis-Narcissists as shame. Borges’ emotions swell a bit and then he becomes tranquil and mutters esoterically: “this kind of tranquil- tantalization fed to the citizens of Polis-Narcissism through Thetan brain wave programming has worked so horrendously, so democratically, and so peacefully. Borges, the master self, overcome with emotions takes his luxury Mont Blanc, which has a strange blade attached to the nib and incises his hand. Few drops of blood spurt and he uses them to write a strange symbol called narcissism. He feels waves in his brain electrify and feels a strange sensation in his loins, a sensationalism or animal-ism.



Submitted: April 27, 2021

© Copyright 2022 anand bose. All rights reserved.

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LE. Berry

Interesting write anand.

Wed, May 26th, 2021 8:27pm


I enjoyed reading you satire anand bose particularly the long words played and stretched to senselessness, as in this ‘programming has worked so horrendously, so dramatically, and so peacefully’.

You have been kind enough to read my work in the past and I’d really like to have your feed back on my latest diamond poem called ‘Defiance’.

Enjoy your writing.

Fri, October 15th, 2021 1:27pm

olive tree

Well said. I love what Gandhi did for the proletariat. The British would still be lashing natives on indigo plantations in India if they had their way.

As the official nineteenth century commission report stated “Not a chest of indigo reached England without being stained by human blood.”

Gandhi demonstrated how fighting power peacefully, is much more effective than fighting fire with fire.

Thu, October 21st, 2021 5:53am

En Raiter

This is comedic art. How playfully serious this piece is. I enjoyed very much reading it.

The grand ability to take loosely associated things and welding them together with the sweltering heat of our human nature in all its madness and glory to create a dazzlingly accurate likeness of our face as a species. Masterful.

Sat, January 29th, 2022 2:05pm

Pink Wish

ironically, for me, it lacked the simplicity that makes works accessible. I could not enjoy reading it and tbh I could not finish reading it. Maybe it was also too political for me.

Fri, May 6th, 2022 2:28pm

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