On The Hill

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

On The Hill 

By: Sadie Reimer  

Valyrie and I had just gotten to the Earth Colony’s borders when I saw Him. He had messy brown hair and beautiful emerald eyes. His face had chiseled features and he seemed perfectly built. He was wearing hiking boots and blue jeans with a brown knit sweater that somehow matched his eyes perfectly 

“Neci! What are you staring at?” Val says in a whisper yell. 

 I start to lean a bit further over the top of the hill that we are laying on to get a closer look. But as I move my foot I step on a twig and it snaps, making a very loud noise. Valyrie ducks lower but my head snaps up and suddenly the boy and I meet eyes. Both of us staring at each other with such intensity that my mind has gone blank. His lips parted into a smile as he stared at me. That was when I suddenly ducked, shocked at how he smiled at me. 

Hey! What are you doing up there?” he yelled in a deep, yet somehow soft voice 

 I heard footsteps coming up the hill. I look at Val and whisper for her to run. She runs quickly, but still crouched down, into the brush right beside the hill. I stand up and try to act as innocent as a can.  

“H-hi,” I say with a soft tone of voice, “My name is Neci. 

 He takes a step towards me, but I step back, still acting shy and afraid. 

It’s okay, you are safe with me,” he says, “My name is Brooks. 




The girl seems timid. She keeps her arms down in front of her while her hands are entangled together. As we walk, I triy to talk to her and ask her things, like where did she come from and what was she doing hiding on the hill. But she just keeps on walking. After a while, I start to notice the way she looksShe has long and wavy brown hair. Some strands of hair hang over her face. She has rosy cheeks, glowing with a noticeably light shade of pink, she was a beautiful girl. She was wearing blue jeans and a baggy red hoodieThat’s odd, I thought. People don’t usually wear the colours of opposing colonies. 

 Once we had walked all the way around the borders of my home, we stopped and looked at each other. That was when I noticed her eyes. They were a flaming colour of amber, they made her suddenly look strong, not timid. They made her look powerful, and if I am being honest, they made me anxious. These are the eyes of fierce, confident, powerful, and strong person, these are the eyes of a member of the Fire colony.  

“So, you figured it out I see, she says in an extraordinarily strong voice. 

She turns around and yells out to someone. 

“Valyrie!” she called. 

Suddenly, from behind the brush comes another girl. She has flaming red hair and she also has flaming eyes. She was wearing a short maroon hoodie and tan cargo pants. She comes and stands beside NeciThe new girl looks like she is ready for a fight.  

“Look,” I say, “I don’t want to start a fight.” 

The new girl, Valyrie I think, takes a step forward and flames grow from her hands. She looks like she is about to attack me but then Neci puts her hand on her shoulder. 

“Look, Val. Lets just go home,” she says, “There’s no point in starting a fight.” 

Valyrie turns around and starts to walk up the hill. Neci starts to follow her. But before she gets too far, I reach out and grab her hand. She turns around and looks at me. We look at each other for a couple seconds but then I feel her hand heating up, so I let go. She continues up the hill, glancing at me one last time before walking over the hill. 

I start to walk back home, confused. Had I just fallen for a Fire girl? 



Brooks, the Earth boy. He looked so frightened once he figured out that I was a Fire girl. I guess I couldn’t blame him. We are known as being the most aggressive element.  

“What was that back there, Nec?” Val says, making me jump, “I’ve never seen you like that.” 

“I don’t know…” I say quietly“Something came over me. My heart was pounding, I felt like I was going to throw up and I couldn’t stop staring at him.” 

Val looks at me and smirks. 

“Do you looove him?” she giggles a little bit. 

I go silent. I had never thought of that before now. No. I cannot love an Earth boy. It is forbidden to love anyone outside of your own colony, and if I did love him, it would kill my chances of ever becoming ruler of the Fire colony. I will never see that boy again, so what is the point of loving him. But the image of him was still so clear in my mind, it was so clear that I could feel his hand touching mine, I could see how his messy chocolate brown hair moves slightly in the breeze, I could see the way his rosy lips parted into a smile when he saw me, and I could see the way his bright emerald eyes stared at me. But I could also see the way he became scared and anxious when he noticed my eyes. 

“I don’t know Val,” I say in a whispered tone, “For some reason, he made me…” 

I struggle to find the right word for it. 

“Wow, Neci…” she says, her expression is suddenly serious, “You know that canhappen, he is an Earth boy, and you are a Fire girl. Complete opposites and part of opposing colonies. 

Valyrie was right. I never even had a chance of becoming close with that boy. He was Earth and I was Fire. But no one had ever looked at me the way he did when he first saw me. It was at that moment that I decided I would sneak out tomorrow after curfew and see if I could find this Earth boy once again 


My home was beautiful. It was a huge, circular, and tall building, mostly made of glass. When you walk in for the very first time you have one thought in mind: colour. From the mossy green carpet on the first floor, to the multicoloured flowers growing everywhere. And best of allright in the middle of everything is The Tree. The Tree is a massive tree that is the source of all the Earth colony’s power. It has beautiful green leaves with budding blossoms all over the branches, and surrounding this amazing scene are the complexes. Each member of the Earth colony getone and each complex has a bedroom and a fully functional bathroom and kitchen. These complexes go all the way to the top of the building, so there is a glass spiral staircase, swirling around it all. 

“Hey Brooks! How was your walk?” says a familiar voice. 

Aronn, my best friend since I was twelve. He has blonde hair, light green eyes and pale coloured lips. Today he was wearing tan coloured shorts, a white shirt and a dark green leather jacket. He was almost as tall as me, he reached to about my nose. I had to tell him what had just happened to me. 

“Pretty good,” I say, “I met someone.” 

“Like a girl?” he says, suddenly acting like a dog excited to get a treat. 


“What’s her name? Where is she? What’s her complex number?” 

“Dude! Chill. I will tell you everything once we get to my complex.” 

“Okay...” he says, disappointed. 

My complex is on the sixty-seventh floor of the building. Once we get up to my complex, we walk into my bedroom and Aronn sits on the bed. 

“Okay,” I say, "here is what happened.” 


My home glows with colours of red and orange, and it still has me awed every time I walk in. The building was built deep underground so it could be closer to the earth's hottest flame: The Flame. I know, super creative, right? My ancestors found it a long time ago and built our home right near it. The walls are made of brilliant white quartz and the floor was made of deep black obsidian. Around the room there were different openings leading to hallways, and down these hallways were our rooms. All along these white quartz walls were flaming torches and right above our heads is the stained-glass skylight. It was a huge window made from red, orange and yellow stained glass that spread fractures of multicoloured light everywhere. Right in the middle there is a circle of black couches around a fireplace, this is where we spent most of our time. 

“We probably shouldn’t tell anyone about our encounter with the Earth boy, Val whispers, as she sits down on a couch. 

“Yeah, probably not,” I whisper back, sitting beside her. 

 The four Elemental Colonies, Earth, Fire Air and Water, have been at war for quite a long time and my mother has fought in the army for 9 years. I look around the main hallmy eyes start to scan the room for my mother. But I can't find her. She must have left for the battle. The Earth colony has been making threats towards us for weeks now and we finally decided to make our move. Val notices that I am looking for my mother, 

“I’m sorry that you didn’t get to say goodbye to her…” she says. 

“It’s fine,” I say“she is the best warrior in the whole Fire colony. She always makes it back.” 

My mother was raised in a warrior academy. So, as she grew up, she learned to fight. At the time, women were not allowed to become warriors, so my mother trained women in secret so that when the day came, the Fire colony would have the best, and the most, female warriors in all the colonies. 

“Hello, my darling Neci,” says and elderly voice. 

My Amma, she is the leader of the fire colony’s elders and she taught my mother, her daughter, everything she knows about being a warrior. 

“Hi Amma, how was your morning?” I ask. 

“Quite nice, Albert and I went for a stroll down to see The Flame. But enough about me! How was it?” 

“How was what Amma?” 

“Sneaking out to Earth colony’s borders, of course!” Amma says quite loudly. 

“It was good. Uh-um I mean, we didn’t. I mean...” I sigh, Okay, we did.”  

“It’s okay my darling Neci. I won’t tell your mother.” 

Amma has always been extremely kind to me, even when she knew I had done wrong. One time, when I was seven, I had snuck out with Valyrie to go see The Flame. Back then I had had no idea on nearly how dangerous really The Flame is. leaned over the railing to touch it, but my mom caught me before I had leaned too far and fallen over the edge. After that incident I couldn’t leave my room for five days straight. But Amma stayed with me for almost all of those five days, bringing me food and water when I needed it. 

“Why don’t you go see how Albert is doing? He probably misses you already!” I say. 

We stand up and go find Albert 


“Why not?” Aronn whines. 

“I am not ready to tell you who she is man,” I say. 

Okay… Can I at least know what floor she lives on?” 


“Okay! Okay, chill. I am going to go get some ice cream from the cafeteria, do you want any?” 

“I’m good, I am going to try and get some sleep, I say. 

“Okay dude, bye.” 

Once Aronn leaves, fall onto my bed. I cannot believe what happened today. I was with Neci for a short amount of time, and she barely talked to me. But I feel like a am falling in love with her. She was a beautiful girl. Her wavy brown hair, her rosy cheeks, and her fierce flaming eyes. Those eyes, which I now somehow admired. This was how I fell asleep, thinking about this magnificently beautiful girl. 


When I woke up, it was still night. I stand up, confused. I walk to my kitchen, and find note waiting for me. It reads: 

Hey manhope you are feeling  

better than you did yesterday. You 

slept through the entire day today. 


P.S. I left you some ice cream in the freezer. 

Wow. I had slept through a whole entire day. 

I walk over to my kitchen and open the fridge. I grab the milk and pour myself a glass. When I finish my glass, I walk back over to my room and open my closet. I pull out a white shirtthe blue jeans that I wore the day before. I put them on and head to the door. Before a walk out, I grab my hunter green jacket. I walk out the door and down sixty-seven floors. Once I am out of the building, I head toward the hill where I first saw Neci. 


cannot believe Im doing this. I should not be doing this. Brooks probably won't even be there, and it will all be a waste of time. Once I make it out of my room, I walk down into the main hall. I must be extremely quiet because the elders are meeting tonight in the main hall and I really don’t need them hearing me. I tiptoe as silently as I can, crouched down, across the room. I make it all the way to the door when I hear the elder's conversation. 

“How are we going to tell her?” Pelena, the head if the elders, says. 

“My dear Neci will be devastated. She was awfully close with her mother.” 

No. No, my mother cannot be gone. Maybe she just will be away for longer than we expected. 

My daughter was an amazing woman. She never gave up on the ones she loved. It’s just so devastating that her life was ended this way. 

My heart stops. A single tear falls down my cheek. I feel like I cannot breathe. I slowly stand up and walk out of my home, more tears streaming down my cheeks. Once I am out of there, I break into a run. Trying to get to the hill as fast as I can and trying not to think about the fact that I did not get to say goodbye to my mother before she died. The last time I saw my mother was when I snuck out with Val, and just as I was about to walk out of our room and she said, 

“Where are you heading, Nec?” 

“Oh, me and Val are going to go and get some lunch together,” I had said. 

The last words that I ever said to my mother were lies. And I never even got to apologize. Why did she have to go out into the middle of a war? She knew she had a daughter at home. A daughter that loved her and cared for her and a daughter that didn’t want her to get hurt. She also had a loving mother and tons of amazing friends. But she had to go to war and sacrifice herself for the colony and knowing that if she died, she would hurt everyone she loved. 

I get to the base of the hill and try to catch my breath. Once I do, I look at the top of the hill and start to walk up. But as I pay closer attention to the hill, I see the dark outline of a human. I duck down and slowly get closer. 

“Neci?” the shadow says. 



Neci is here. On the Hill, staring back at me 

“Brooks,” she says, shocked to see me, “what are you doing here?” 

“Um, I live right there.” I say, pointing to the Earth colony’s home. “What are you doing here?” 

“I came on behalf of… I mean. I was sent to- I mean, I-I came to find you.” 

I smirk, and bow. 

“Oh, so you didn’t get enough of me the first time we met?” I have no idea why I am joking with a girl that I met just yesterday. 

She smiles for a split second, and then she bursts into tears. 

“Hey, its okay. Did I go too far?” Im confused, I didn’t think she would be so sensitive, her being a Fire person and all that. 

“No, it wasn’t you. I just found out that my mother died in battle.” 

“Oh my gosh, Neci Im so sorry.” I pull her into a hug. 

I’m fine.” 

No, you’re not. Your mother just died.” 

“You’re right I’m not fine.” Then she laughs, “We met a day ago and I am talking to you like I have known you for ages.” 

“I know,” I say, “we probably shouldn’t even be here.” 

“Well,” she says with a smirk, “breaking the rules is my speciality.” 

“Come, laydown.” I say. 

We lay down beside each other, staring up at the beautiful sky. The sky around the Earth colony is extremely clear due to how much less pollution the earth colony emits and at night it is a sight that you will never forget. The sky is filled with millions of stars glowing shades of white and forming constellations. All around these stars were the nebulae, glowing shades of pink, purple, blue and white swirled into miraculously beautiful sight. 

“Whoa…” Neci says. “The sky here is amazing, back home there is so much smoke and pollution that at nightthe sky is just black and grey,” 

“This is all I’ve ever known. Green trees, bright flowers and beautiful night skies,” I say. 

I feel Neci move closer to me. I turn my head to the side, and we lock eyes once again. Just me and her, staring into each other's eyes. I notice how Neci’s eyes have a little speck of red right underneath her pupils. We lay there for the rest of the night, asking each other about the other and by the end of the night, I know everything there is to know about Neci and she knows everything about me. Before we know it, the sky is beginning to get lighter. 

“Hey! Man! Have you been here all night?” say a familiar voice from the bottom of the hill. 


Neci jumps up and runs over to the brush. I turn around and see Aronn, standing at the bottom of the hill, confused. 

“Yeah, I like to watch the stars.” 

“But they're there every night, why tonight?” 

don’t know how to answer that one. As I am trying to quickly think of an answer to his question, Neci must have tried to move in the brush because there was a very loud noise coming from over there.  

“What was that?” 

“Oh nothing, probably a squirrel,” I say, hoping that Neci will get away in time. 

small cry comes from the brush. 

“That, was not a squirrel,” 

I run over to the brush, Ronn right on my tail. When I get there, Neci is on the floor of the brush completely unconscious and covered in cuts. 


That last thing I remember was hearing another boy’s voice and running. I hit my head on a huge broken tree and fell into a pile of sharp twigs. When I wake up, I heard the same new voice that I had heard before. 

So, this is her.” he says, “A Fire... he trails off. 

“Yup,” says Brooks. 

“Hey! I think she’s waking up!” says the other boy. 

I hear footsteps rushing closer to me, I open my eyes and their faces are looking down at me with wide and worried eyes. I jump up onto my feet and make flames grow from my hands, I’m still not sure if this new boy is a threat. 

“Neci! It’s okay. This is Aronnremember?” 

Yes, I rememberAronn is Brooks’s best friendApparently, he is very hard-headed. Aronn sticks his hand out to me. slowly reach out and shake it, sending a small spark through the palm of my hand. He jumps back and I grin. 

“You’re feisty one, aren’t you?” he says. 

“You could say that, I say. 

“So, what’s it like being a Fire? I heard that you live in a volcano,” says Aronn 

“Um, no. We live in a cave deep underground, the inside kind of looks like a giant mansion.” 

He looks disappointed. 

“What time is it?” I ask. 

Brooks turns and looks at the giant clock on the outside of the building. 


“I should probably head back home; everyone will wake up soon and I need to be back before they do.” 

“Okay,” say BrooksAronn, I will meet you inside.” 

Aronn turns around and walks back inside. 

“Can you come again tonight?” Brooks asks. 

“I don’t know... I have snuck out already twice. But I will try. I will meet you here, on The Hill, I say. 

“On the Hill,” Brooks repeats. 

He reaches down towards the ground and puts his hand on the grass, suddenly a plant grows, and it buds into a beautiful red rose. He picks it up and hands it to me. 

“For you, my lady. To keep us together no matter what.” 

“I will see you tomorrow night, on The Hill.” 

“On the The Hill,” he repeats once again. 

I turn around and start to walk back home, wiping the blood from a cut on my forehead. I give the rose a sniff, suddenly feeling much better. 



She’s pretty, man,” Aronn says to me, as I come back inside. 

I know,” I say, “if only she weren’t a Fire.” 

“Are you meeting her again?” 


Every night for the next five days, me and Neci become close. On one of our nights, Neci says: 

“Brooks, I think I am in love with you,” she says. 

I smile. 

“I know I am in love with you,” I say, “you are beautiful, did you know that?” 

She blushes. 

“No, I’m not. My hair is disgustingly matted, my cheeks are a chalky shade of pink and my eyes, I hate my eyes.” 

“Your hair is beautifully wavy, your cheeks glow with an amazing shade of pink and your eyes are amazing, I can't even begin to explain how incredible they are. You have a fierce look in your eyesand they just make you, you.” 

She blushes, “Thank you, Brooks, she whispers.  

We are laying down in the grass, staring up at the amazing sky. Once again, I can feel Neci move closer to me, and once again, I look at her and we meet eyes. She leans in closer and kisses me. Right on the lips. Her lips are warm, and soft. 

“I have to go” she says. 

“Okay… I will see you here tonight, on The Hill.” 

She walks over The Hill and back towards her home. I go back inside, up to my room and into my living room to watch some tv. As soon as I sit down Denzel, the coordinator of our army, comes in. 

“Brooks, we need you to get down to The Basement, now.” 

“Yes, sir,” say, not wanting to make him mad. 

The Basement was where they prepared soldiers to go out and fight. But me and Aronn were not soldiers. Once get down to the basement, get my armour made from Aumaz wood. Aumaz wood is the strongest wood in the world, it can’t burn, and it can stop a bullet. Then someone tells me to grab weapons at the weaponry station, just across the room, walk across the room and pick up a small dagger, a gun and a small belt full of vine bombs. Vine bombs are little circles that when you throw them, they explode into huge balls made of vines that can do up to 11 meters of damage. I look to my left and someone else is grabbing their weapons. 

“Hey, do you know what is going on?” I ask her. 

“Didn’t you hear? We have to stay down here all day and train because the Fire colony has declared war against us.” 



Once I am home, I sneak quietly back into my room. I make sure my rose is still between the pages of my favourite book, I put it there to preserve it for as long as I can. Once I make sure it is out of sight, I fall onto my bed. I can't believe what just happened. I fall asleep for a while and when I wake up, its already night. Suddenly, Valyrie bursts into my room.  

“We declared war against the Earth colonyThey were the ones that killed your mom.” 

“What!? Val! Brooks is an Earth boy!” 

“Oh no…”  

“We are leaving now for the fight. You should probably get ready.” 

Val leaves and I start to prepare, I grab the gun I keep in my room just in case I need it. I put on my uniform and walk out the door. All the troops were lined up outside. find my place in line with the soldiers, and we start marching out to battle. Our marching is unbelievably coordinated. It's so coordinated that it sounds like one drum beating extremely loudly. 

“Where is the battle happening?” I ask the person next to me. 

“There is a Hill just outside of their borders, I think we are going there,” she says. 

“Well, good luck,” I say. 

“You too. 

Seriously? The place where I am battling the person I love and their family, is where we met. We march for about another twenty minutes until we reach the Hill and when we get there, all the Earth colony’s soldiers are standing there. My pulse quickens and my eyes start scanning the mob of people, looking for Brooks. After looking for a couple seconds, I see him, and I am pretty sure he sees me. He nods his head toward the brush. Then suddenly, the leader of the Earth colony’s army screams. 

“Charge!” they yell. 

The two mobs start running at full speed towards each other. 

I run towards the brush. An Earth boy tries to attack me, but I create a fireball in my hands, and I hit him right in the chest. Another soldier, this time a girl, comes at me from behind with a sword. But as she try’s to strike, I grab her arm and I make even more fire in my hands so that it burns her so bad that she falls back. Once I get to the brush, Brooks is there already, trying to stay hidden. 

Why did your people declare war?” he asks. 

“One of your soldiers killed my mother, who was the best warrior we had.” 

“But she was killed days ago, why now?” he yells over the noise. 

Apparently, they have been planning this ever since she died, but they wanted to perfect their plan” 

Brooks’ eyes go wide, and he backs further into the brush. 

I turn around and two soldiers are trying to sneak up on me. I sigh. 

“Bad idea boys,” I say. 

“We can take a little girl,” the one on the right says. 

“Yeah! We aren’t afraid of you. What, are you going to tell your mommy that we hurt you?” the one on the left teases in a voice meant to sound like a baby. 

Your people killed my mother.” I say, taking a step forward. 

“Oh well,” one says, “she most likely deserved it!” 

That was the last straw. I take another step forward and then kick one of them in the gut, and he falls back and drops his sword. I pick it up and face the other boy, in one hand I have the sword and in the other I have a flaming ball of fire, I throw the ball of fire at him, but he dodges it. His other friend must have gotten back up because a spear comes flying at my chest, but I dodge it. I hear a small cry behind me and then I hear rustling in the brush behind me, like someone falling. Brooks. I drive my sword into the boy and then hit the other boy with a huge flame. After I make sure they are both dead, I turn and run to the brush to make sure Brooks is okay.  

When I turn around, I see Brooks lying on the ground with the spear lodged in the middle of his chest. I run over to him,  


“Neci…” he says in a raspy voice, “You are an amazing warrior…” 

Well that’s Brooks, he is dying and he is still complementing me. 

“Shh… save your energy. I will get you out of here.” 

“No, Neci. I don’t have anything else I need to accomplish; I met the love of my life.” 

“But Brooks, I don’t want to lose you!” I am crying now. 

“It’s okay, go live your life. Become the best warrior, be the leader you were born to be.” 

“B-but… I love you. I can’t lose another person that I love.” 

“You wont lose me; I will always be here.” 

He put his hand on my heart. 

I kiss him very softly on the lips and then I hug him one last time. 

He wipes tear from my cheek, 

“I love you my Neci, I will always love you.” 

Then I feel his breath stop. Brooks is gone. Then, I feel my breath stop. I just lost another person that I loved. If only I had let the spear hit me and then he would still be alive. Brooks would be here, still living his life, instead of lying on the ground, dead. I feel like my heart had been ripped out of my chest and then broken into a million pieces, my eyes were swelled up with tears. He told me to go and live my life, but I am not sure if I can without him. I am still kneeled beside him, so I close his eyes and then I stand up and, still sobbing, I yell: 

“Somebody kill me! 

Nobody even looks my way. 

But then, there is a loud bang, someone had heard me. At first it didn’t hurt, at first it felt like someone had thrown a tiny pebble at me. But then, a searing pain came over me and I fall back. I could feel exactly where the bullet hit, and I could feel the burning hot metal inside of me. The blood started to pool around me. I was in an insane amount of pain, but I didn’t care, I was going to see Brooks again. A bright light starts to shine above me, so I laid down and gave in to it. I could feel my breath slowing down, the pain became more intense, and close my eyes 

“Thank you,” I whisper. 

I feel one last tear fall down my cheek before I let myself go. 

I will always remember meeting the love of my life, right here, On The Hill. 






I love thee, I love thee, 

with a love 

That shall not die; 

Till the sun grows cold 

and the stars grow old 

-William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet 



The End 

Submitted: April 27, 2021

© Copyright 2021 s.g. reimer. All rights reserved.

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s.g. reimer

sorry about the fonts it is my first time post here so i messed up a little bit

Tue, April 27th, 2021 2:21pm

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