Chapter 4: Reunion

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Knowing that Robin, Jay and Card, were on guard duty for Iwami and Zurrin, O'naisac wasn't so worried if he was away for a little longer. So, he opened a portal to Nidavellir. O'naisac stepped out onto a balcony of pure white...actually, he had no idea what the material was, but it wasn't marble. As the portal closed O'naisac looked around. No one was on the balcony except him and as usual, there was a fog, making it difficult to see the other buildings. O'naisac knew that Girgeth's corperation and headquarters, were based in the city of Ulgbeth. The city itself was built on and in a moutain, which happened to be named, Mt. Ulgbeth. O'naisac remembered one time when Girgeth showed a 3D image of the city mountain, including the interior. The mountain's root system was all natural. Some of the pillars were carved by ancient Dwarves to look nice, and it even made it easier to build homes, buildings and it did not weaken the structural integrity of the mountain. It was really impressive.

O'naisac's heart was pounding nervously. Like everything else, it had been thirty years. He then walked into the building.

As it was thirty years ago, the hallways were a bright and spotless white. His foot steps echoed as he walked. He reached the elevator, which opened at his presence. The doors closed and without the push of a button, the elevator went up. There was no music to pass the time and even then he arrived at his floor a lot sooner than before. The doors opened and O'naisac stepped out. He turned right and went a short distance. He arrived at a set of futuristic, silver doors.

“That's new.” thought O'naisac.

The doors slid open and he entered Girgeth's Laboratory. The lab was filled with an array of technological advancements, that any scientist and engineer on Midgar, would love to get their hands on. There were even more projects in the lab than O'naisac remembered. Most of which he didn't recognized. The only thing that was familiar was the large, bulky robot.

When he reached the other side of the lab the wall parted. It didn't swing, or slide on any noticeable hinges. It just parted as though it was loosing mass in the shape of an entryway. Someone entered the lab. Standing over four feet with a head covered in neatly trimmed and combed black hair was Girgeth. He wore his usual suit with a white doctor's coat and he still had the same square framed glasses. His green eyes stared at O'naisac, as they stood there in silence. Girgeth's hands were behind his back and for a frightening second O'naisac wondered if he had a weapon. He heeded what Selwyn said.

“So, you have returned.” said Girgeth, with no emotion. “Yes.” said O'naisac, simply. There was a moment and then...

“Thank Fafnir!”

Girgeth threw out his empty arms and hands, rushed over and hugged O'naisac around the waist. O'naisac groaned in pain at the gentle pressure the Darf was applying.

“Oh, I thought the worst.” Girgeth sobbbed. “Girgeth.” “I truly thought you had died.” “Girgeth.” “I mean, yes, there hadn't been a new Guardian.” “Girgeth.” “But I was afraid I would be the only one with a brain. And you have no idea what it's like to.” “Girgeth!” “What?” “CAN'T, FEEL, PELVIS!” “Oh, sorry.”

Girgeth let go and O'naisac tried to stay on his feet. He rubbed his sides to get circulation back.

“I keep forgetting how frail you humans are.” said Girgeth, in his usual tone. “Well, in any case, it's good to see you again.” said O'naisac. “And you.” said Girgeth, happily.

“Stop staring at me like that.” said O'naisac. “Well, my old friend, come on it. You must tell me everything that happened, thirty years ago.”

Girgeth brought O'naisac into his office. A rather spacious room with no windows, white walls and the only furniture was a desk with two chairs. There was usually nothing on the desk, because everything Girgeth did was through holographic projections, but today there was a small, round wine bottle and two glasses. They sat on the chairs and Girgeth poured the wine. He handed O'naisac a glass and said, “To a happy reunion.”

O'naisac, who had never had a Dwarf beverage, or drank in general, raised his glass and sipped. The second the liquid touched his tongue O'naisac's body went into a spasm. How the drink didn't fall out of his mouth, or the glass didn't fall out of his hand, is anyone's guess. The spasm only lasted three seconds, but those were some three seconds.

“Excellent year.” said Girgeth, enjoying his sip. O'naisac put down his glass and shivered. He didn't even register a taste. “So, what happened?” asked Girgeth, in a more serious tone.

“You already know.” said O'naisac. “Yes, and I'm sure Selwyn, will give her own report, but I want to hear it from you.” said Girgeth.

O'naisac took a breath. If there was anyone who he could tell his story to, without a fear of consequence, it was Girgeth.

He told him everything that happened on Svartalfhiem. He even explained how he got there in the gap of A.C.E.'s surveillance. Girgeth knew there were gaps in his technology, but he never liked to admit it, or hear that someone took advantage of it. Still, he remained quiet.

O'naisac also told him of Karn and their duel. Gigeth seemed a little impressed, especially at the Dark Elves, ingenuity at making a means of traveling through the cosmos.

Girgeth sat back in his chair, processing all the information. O'naisac wondered what would happen next. Girgeth looked at him and said, “You did the right thing. Not neccisarrily the legal thing, but the right thing.” O'naisac let go of a breath he had been holding. “Though, bringing the Dark Elves to Midgar, that is rather questionable judgement.”

“I know.” said O'naisac. “But it was the only option.”

“Yes, I understand.” said Girgeth. “But after what happened at the U.N. it doesn't look good.” O'naisac wasn't sure if he meant the General Assembly, or the sniper. “Well anyway, with everything you've just told me, it all makes sense now.”

“Girgeth, there's a couple things I want to ask.” said O'naisac. “The virus, the H.K. Virus...what happened? Where did it come from? Was it Demon related?”

Girgeth took a deep breath and said, “I don't know. There has been no Demon activity in over thirty years. Your reputation as a Demon Lord killer, must still be renowned to them. Even with your absense. The virus went nowhere else in the Known Worlds. I even studied the virus through the medical reports of your world's best scientists, and I found nothing suspicious. As far as anyone is concerned, your virus, was as self inflicted as the Bubonic plague. The other races believed the Human's fate would be the same as the Dark Elves. But, as you can clearly see, both survived. Though, I will admit, it is strange how it just died on it's own like that.”

O'naisac exhaled, not really sure to be relieved or not. He believed Girgeth, more than anyone else at the present time, so he now fully accepted everything that happened to Midgar.

“And, what was the second thing you wanted to ask?” said Girgeth.

O'naisac paused for a second. He thought about the sniper and what he had said. “When I fought Karn, he said something. He said, that it would not just be the Guardian's who hunt me, but also my people.”

“Oh, that.” said Girgeth, dismissively. “That's just an old curse Guardians have been using on traitors for millenia.” That did not reassure O'naisac. It must've shown on his face because Girgeth added, “Oh, there's no real magic involved, it's just an old saying. You see, most of the worlds adhere to Guardian lore, so if a Guardian did...what you did, their own world would consider them a criminal and

hunt them down. Fortunately, Nidavellir, never really cared for Guardian law. We Dwarves believe Guardians have too many freedoms and we don't like the idea of other races coming and going as they please. Which is why I always ask everyone to arrive outside the building if it isn't an emergency. And yes, I am a Guardian, but I'm more of a symbolic acknowledgement that we're part of a larger universe. But my point is, you're safe here.”

“What about Midgar?” asked O'naisac.

“That's a completely different matter.” said Girgeth. “Midgar, just found out it's part of a collection of worlds and even then most don't consider Midgar, as actually being part of the Known Worlds. Yes, it to has a Guardian, but because of a long tradition of keeping it's populace ignorant, and that our laws are...not as enforced, but neither are they restricted. We just don't see Midgar as an equal. It's only because of the Dark Elves, that anyone is talking about Midgar, again. But that's another matter. You're not safe on your own world. If Selwyn saw what you told me, they will come for you and nothing will stop them. If you wish, I can grant you sanctuary, so long as you're on Nidavellir, but if you leave, you're on your own.”

“Won't you get in trouble if you help me?” said O'naisac. “Won't they consider you a traitor?”

“They wouldn't dare accuse me of treason or raise a hand against me. I'm too valuable.” said Girgeth. “My technology, though the others won't admit it, has been invaluable. We are more efficient than ever before. If I were to be stripped of my Guardianhood, my tech leaves with me and they know it.”

“Well, I appreciate it, but I can't leave the Dark Elves on their own.” said O'naisac. Girgeth nodded. “So, how are the other Guardians?”

“Well, they weren't exactly happy when you suddenly arrived with Karn's body.” said Aquaria.

“She thought you killed him.” “Well, she was right.” said O'naisac. “She'll probably be at the head of your execution. She and Karn were devout Guardians. They believed soley in the law.”

“What of the others?” said O'naisac. “Well, Rune, is impassive as usual. Gabral, is unsure of what to do with the entire Midgar, Dark Elf situation, but once Selwyn tells everyone he'll issue your execution. Gungle, is the same, and you've already seen Selwyn.”

“What about you? How are things with you?” asked O'naisac. “Oh, y'know, my company is flurishing and my position as a Guardian hasn't changed.” said Girgeth. “How's your husband?” “That unfortunately, ended shortly after you disappeared.” “I'm sorry.” said O'naisac. “It's alright. Guardians, were always the ones with difficulties in relationships.” Girgeth's tone was sad. “He simply wanted more and I wanted to provide...but I couldn't.”

To destract him, O'naisac said, “Want to see my new sword? It's made of Xifirion steel.” Girgeth's eyes lit up. “Yes.” O'naisac drew the Siege Perilous, and placed it on the desk. Girgeth eyed it with a hunger of curiousity. The blade was black, with a gold guard and pommel. The handle was a very red wood. In the base of the blade was a blood red gem, in the shape of a four point diamond.

“I've always wanted to study Xifirion.” said Girgeth, more to himself.

“If this were a better time I'd let you.” said O'naisac. “But I'm going to need this soon.” “Indeed.” said Girgeth. O'naisac picked up the sword and sheathed it. “It was good to see you again Girgeth, but I have to go.” “Wait.”

Girgeth reached into his coat pocket and pulled something out. He placed it on the table and O'naisac recognized it. A sleek, black communicator. O'naisac looked at Girgeth.

“Won't they find me more easily through that?” “A.C.E. is my creation, not the Guardian's. He will not aid them in hunting you.” said Girgeth, reassuringly.

With that, O'naisac, took it and slapped it on his left wrist. He then pushed the middle button and said, “A.C.E.?”

“Greetings O'naisac, it is good to see you again.” said the voice of the Artificial Companion Enhancement. “Though, I must admit, I did not appreciate how you callously left your communicator in your apartment for anyone to find.”

It never cease to amaze O'naisac, how this artificial inteligence, despite being made from an entirely different race, could act so human. O'naisac lowered his arm and said, “I'll see you soon.”

“Take care my friend.” said Girgeth. “And my Fafnir's might be with you.”

O'naisac stepped out of the portal, which he had opened in the hotel suite. The portal closed and the room was dark.

“You couldn't have used the elevator.” said Card, annoyed.

Robin, Jay and Card, began to glow, illuminating their corner of the room. O'naisac looked around the room.

“Where's Iwami and Zurrin?” “They're in the bedroom, asleep.” Jay answered. O'naisac sat down in a chair. “So, how did it go?” asked Card. O'naisac sighed. “Well, I have good news and bad news. Good news, we still have an ally in the order. The bad news, is that I'm a dead man.”

“You look alive to me.” said Card. “Who did you talk to?” asked Jay. “Like we don't already know.” said Robin. “I met with Selwyn. Needless to say, she was not happy with our antics on Svartalfhiem.” said O'naisac. “I am considered a traitor and I will be executed.”

“Well, we all knew the risk.” said Robin. “That's easy for you to say. I'm the one who's going to be killed and you three will most likely go to Vannahiem.” Robin scoffed at the notion. “I also spoke with Girgeth, he's happy we're alive, but he won't help us unless we're on Nidavellir. On the plus side, we have A.C.E. again.”

“Oh, good, I missed A.C.E.” said Card, excitedly. “Now that we have eyes everywhere again, we can protect Iwami better.” said O'naisac.

“How is Girgeth, and the other Guardians?” asked Jay. “Girgeth, is fine and the other Guardians are as we knew them.” O'naisac answered.

“When will they come?” asked Robin. “I don't know.” O'naisac answered.

There was a knock at the door. “Room service.” Suspicious, O'naisac, walked towards the door. He looked through the peephole and saw a man in a suit with a trolly. He opened the door and the man did not pull out a gun. On the trolly were three trays. He lifted the lids to see what they held. One, had vegetable. Another had sliced fruits and the third had a variety of cheese slices with crackers. O'nisac looked back into the room at Card.

“I was hungry.”

Submitted: April 27, 2021

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