Outsmarting The Heart Breaker

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is derived by the song Queen of Broken Hearts by Blackbear. This is purely for creativity and my interpretation of the song and how I see it.

A new girl comes to Kingston's High School and learns that there is a boy breaking everyone's heart. She plans to break his before anyone else gets heart broken.

The class was roudy like always, gossip spread like wild fire. Is there a new student coming? Is it a boy or a girl? Is she hot? The teacher walks into the classroom and the students quiet down. "Okay class, we have a new student coming into our school, please show her respect." The teacher motions for the new girl to walk into the room and the room got real quiet. She had a sllim build and beautiful long, lushious brown hair. She looks like a model! The students were whispering to eachother. "Okay class, quiet down so the young lady can introduce herself."

"Hello, my name is Alice Jacobs and I am 18 years old." She caught the eyes of a boy in the back of the room, He winked at her and she blushed slightly, shaking her head to continue. "I hope to be friends with everyone here." The teacher gestured for Alice to sit next to the empty seat next to one of the girls in the second to last row. She said hello and from then they began to be friends.

? ? ? ? ?

During down period, the two girls had a tour of the school and talked about the different clubs and groups. "What ever you do, do NOT get together with Jake Michelle." The girl pointed nervously toward the boy that winked at her in the last class. "He is trouble, broke half girls' hearts." She shook her head."

"Oh really, has anyone tried to stop him?" Alice tilted her head toward him and stared intently at him. "Looks like someone needs a taste of their own medicine..."

The girl looked surprised at her statement and shook her head, "N-no! No one has ever tried stopping him, everyone just tries to avoid him." She looks down and plays with her fingers. "I have had friends that moved schools because of him.." She starts to tear up and Alice comforts her.

"Don't worry, I know exactly what to do, I have been going school to school stopping heart breaking jerks just like him." The girl wipes her tears and looks up at her, smiling gently. "He won't be breaking any more hearts, trust me."

? ? ? ? ?

After school, the boy walked up to Alice and waved hi, "Hello there, I am Jake. I am in your math class."

Alice smiles and shakes his hand, "Why hello there, you already know my name, Alice." She scans his demenure, strong build and has handsome blonde hair. "I hear a lot about you."

He laughs and wraps his arm around her. "I bet, I am basically a celebrity of the school, can I have your number?" He winks at her as she grabs a piece of paper and writes her number on it.

"No calling after 8 o'clock, I have night classes at that time." He chuckles and waves goodbye as he walks off to the bus. Now that I have his number, I can find out all of his secrets. Her brother was a good hacker that makes money for the government, stopping internet attacks from other countries. He has done some favors for her in the past, so this should be fine, right?

"Hey bro, can you get some dirt on Jake Michelle? He is a heart breaker at school." Her brother sighs and goes onto his computer, going on his database and searches up his name.

"Looks like he is the son of a famous company, thinks he owns everything and doesn't think twice to hurt people." Alice looks at the webpage and takes a picture. "You are not doing any illegal, are you?"

"Of course not, just giving him a piece of his own medicine~." Alice walks out of the room before her brother could protest.  She was used to him lecturing her about how people could be going through something at home where they act the way they do at school, but this boy has hurt half the school already. Thats HALF the school that he has broke, they need justice. I am here to give it to them.

The next day at school she has hung out with Jake, walking to classes together and getting more information about him. In their math class, there was a partner project that they were assigned together. Half the girls in the class looked at Alice with envy, thinking that she would fall victim to him.

Days has past and he has been flirting with her and talking to his buddies on how he will break her heart at the school festival. At the same time, Alice has been planning the same exact thing. The theme ironically was a deck of cards. She was very handy at sewing so she made a dress that had altering patterns of red hearts and black broken hearts. Plain red at the top with a white skirt with the hearts in a pattern.

She made a suit for Jake to wear with a white button up shirt and a red suit and black pants. She brought it to school and gave it to him, saying it was for the festavl that Friday, sayign she was excited to spend it with him. She could tell that he was excited to break her, not knowing she knew it was going to happen.

"Okay class, I know that the festival is this Friday, but you still will be having homework to do! Don't plan all week for the festival-" The bell rang for the end of class and the teacher just gave up on talking when all the students got out of their seats to leave. "Do pages 50 through 65 in your textbook!" The teacher had to yell down the hall, for only half the students to acknowledge what she said.

? ? ? ? ?

It was the day of the festival, classes were canceled since it lasted the whole day. Jake wore the suit Alice made, which made. Everyones' jaws dropped when Alice walked into the school. Her dress was done perfectly with her natural looking makeup and red lipstick. Her friend rushed over and told her that she looked gorgeous. "You plan on doing it today? That will show him!" She went quiet right when Jake walked up to Alice, smirking and eyeing her up and down.

"Nice dress there, gorgeous." Alice was disgusted, knowing that he didn't mean a word of it. His syrupy words was not moving her. She knew that this was for the girls in the school. "Let's have fun today and then go to my place?" Alice smiled and nodded her head, laughing on the inside.

"Okay students, the festival has officially started!" The principal has addressed on the intercom throughout the whole school as students cheered and different events were in different classrooms. Jake and Alice had went to almost all the classrooms doing different activities.

? ? ? ? ?

When it was time to leave, Jake pulled Alice aside to the Sakura tree in the field. I have something to confess to you.." Jake turned to face Alice and she looked straight at him.

"I do too actually, may I go first?" Jake agreed, thinking that he would be so sly saying that he never liked her, just pulling her leg. What actually happened made his jaw drop. "I never liked you to begin with. I don't think this is working. I have seen the way you treated girls and made them fall apart. I have heard you talking to your friends, laughing at how you broke half the girls here." He just stood there speachless, he was being one-upped right in front of him. "Not to mention, I know that your father is the owner of some fancy company, what if I were to leak your history in this school all over their company? I don't think your father would like that, now would he?" 

Jake was sweating now, he was just about to say something when Alice cut him off. "Look, I-"

"Just save it, I am not done yet." Alice leaned in to his ear and whispered to him, "You are no longer going to break any other girl in this school, I have recorded everything that you have done, and this conversation right now. I plan to leak it to the whole world. Your dad's company will fall due to your pathetic act in this school." She leaned back and saw his face turn pale. She was getting a kick out of this but kept it civil. "Oh, and keep the suit by the way, see it as a goodbye gift~." She turned away and started walking back toward the school. The fireworks began to go off as she walked back and the whole school was cheering and having a good time.

Alice did exactly what she planned to do. She went online to his father's buisness blog and leaked everything. Their partners and customers quickly left, saying how can a CEO have a son that cruel. It has been said that a son is just like their dad, so how the son has treated others was assumed to be like his dad. Alice went on an interview live with Jake's father, exposing everything and footage of how his son really is in school.

All the girls in the school have cheered her on and cried with joy, knowing that Jake has been expelled from school and won't be accepted in any other school, forcing him to go to a strict school for boys with bad behavior.

Alice has done her job and was done. She has stopped the school from being torn apart. Jake has grew out of his bad habit and had a good family, teaching his sons to not be like him.

Submitted: April 28, 2021

© Copyright 2021 LunaKitten10. All rights reserved.

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