Forgotten by the sun II

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

What was the truth?... What was the lie?... When everything you thought was to be, becomes what you feared, and everything you feared becomes the hidden truth. Could you trust those around you? Who was the enemy? Who was not? When foe and friend seem to blur into one single line in which either side does not exist...


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in written form from the copyright owner

Table of Contents


Amika drove in silence. The whole hour ride she thought of pretty much everything that happened to her ever since she had met Rhayne. She... Read Chapter


After all the greetings from the family, Rhayne placed Lauren on the living room couch. Amika stumbled slightly through the front door bu... Read Chapter


“How was it?” Suzanna asked as Quade and Amika entered the cabin.  “Quite peaceful actually. I kind of needed that myself.... Read Chapter


“What the hell!” Nikki yelled. When the group entered the cabin. Everyone froze, taken by surprise. “How the hell did you t... Read Chapter


The smell of bacon and pancakes woke Nikki up. She inhaled and exhaled the sweet smell slowly. She rolled out of bed and stepped into the... Read Chapter


Nothing happened. He simply stepped to the side to allow her to pass. A cold chill shot down her spine. Just being mere inches from h... Read Chapter


Several hours passed after the incident with the demon who went by the name Leon had left, and everyone was finally somewhat at ease. Aid... Read Chapter


"Where is she?" Andrew asked, storming into the living room. Everyone stopped what they were doing, turning to him from where they st... Read Chapter


"Who the hell is she?" Nikki growled from the back seat as they waited for Suzanna in the car. Quade glanced over to her, whose eyes ... Read Chapter


Quade pulled up to the curb of Andrew’s house waiting patiently as the two bickering teens loaded the trunk with their belongings. The ... Read Chapter

Letting Go

January 28. Nikki didn't know how long she stared at the current date on her phone before finally tossing it on the bed next to her. ... Read Chapter


 Tensions ran high the moment those words left his mouth. Few moved in their seats uncomfortably while others sat rigidly, eyes set ... Read Chapter


 The group exchanged glances at one another. Uncertain about this new information. Nathalie squeezed Rhayne's hand giving him an unc... Read Chapter


 Silence. Complete and utter silence. No one moved. No one said a word. All was silent. Had no one heard?... Had anyone ... Read Chapter


Quade quickly sat up in his chair, eyes roaming the room around him. For a moment he dozed off. His intention was not to the entire night... Read Chapter


Damien stared the demon down who held his wife hostage. He felt Aiden and Rhayne walk up from behind him to stand next to him. "D... Read Chapter


"What?!" Nikki cried out, falling to her knees. Andrew stood frozen in place next to the coffee table, his face as white as snow.&nbs... Read Chapter


A bead of sweat rolled down her temple onto the side of her face and down her chin. Her limbs and muscles quickly spasmed and released cr... Read Chapter

Kani (part 1)

Aiden stepped outside, his eyes scanning his surroundings before joining the rest of the group. Many of Hale's wolves and people were sca... Read Chapter

Kani (part 2)

Quade shot out through the soil, immediately beginning to push aside the soil next to him that covered Trinity. Trinity gasped for ai... Read Chapter

Kani (part 3)

"What the hell?" Andrew said in disbelief as the large creature circled above them. Hale made his way over to the group, his eyes int... Read Chapter

Nightfall (part 1)

Quade gently wrapped a fresh cloth around Trinity's waist. Even as gentle as he was, the slight pressure and movement still earned him a ... Read Chapter

Nightfall (part 2)

 Nicolae stepped towards Hale and Quade as soon as they came into view. Hale unwrapped his arm from around Quade's shoulders, gi... Read Chapter

Nightfall (part 3)

Rhayne placed a hand on Nathalie's rigid back, his dark eyes intently on the glowing eyes from the shadows. He felt his friends and famil... Read Chapter

Nightfall (part 4)

Suzanna stared upon the fire as her husband sung. In all the years they had been together, she had never heard him sing. It had brought t... Read Chapter

Nightfall (part 5)

Andrew and Nikki looked at one another. "Cheating?" Andrew questioned. Teanna laughed softly. "There are these "games" we play. S... Read Chapter

Morning Light

Michelle slowly opened her eyes as she heard several of those around her begin to stir and move, though she doubt any of them really slep... Read Chapter


Hale kept his eyes forward. The fog seemed to have tightened in around them as the boats came to a slow halt. The choppy waters become ca... Read Chapter

The Keeper

The mysterious man's rotten smile widened as he stepped out from the shadows. His long dark matted hair reached the top of his shoulders.... Read Chapter


The Keeper gestured his hand towards the large slab of stone blocks behind him.   Suzanna's fingers slipped away from Quade... Read Chapter

Memories (part 2)

A wooden object slid out from the thick fog, losing momentum and stopping short for several seconds before a young child who looked no mo... Read Chapter

Memories (part 3)

  Lauren wrapped an arm around Suzanna's waist in an attempt to comfort her when the memory disappeared. It was the memory of the mo... Read Chapter

Memories (part 4)

The keeper stood with his arms crossed over his chest looking deep in thought as he stared upon the mist loosely hanging just above the w... Read Chapter

Breaking Point

The group silently made their way through various chambers with each door occupying them that opened on their own accord, leading them to... Read Chapter

Last Hope

Damien stood to his feet, bringing Trinity up with him looking back and forth between Hale and Quade. "What? What is it?" Andrew aske... Read Chapter

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