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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic



Running is not easy. My lungs felt like they were filled with lava. My heart trying to escape my chest. I have been running for about 13 minutes now. My arms and legs feeling like fresh baked bread. I was running from the fires. The fires that ripped me from my family. The fires that made me feel as though I had no air.  

I could see the clearing and I could hear the helicopter. I wanted to make it to that clearing so that the helicopter could see me. No, I need to get to that clearing. But my legs refused to go any faster. The word run burning into the side of my brain like someone branding a cow. I could see the helicopter flying over the clearing now. 

 I was not going to make it. 

 Tears streaming down my face. I screamed and cried for help, waving my arms like a psychopath.  

Then suddenly, the helicopter turned. It started coming towards me. Some how I managed to run faster. The helicopter landed on the left side of the clearing. I ran so fast you could not see the smile plastered across my face. I jumped into the chopper and slammed the door shut.  

The pilot was a middle-aged woman. Her hair was like waves lapping against each other in a violent sea. Her brown cargo pants made her blue smiling turtle shirt stand out. Her name tag read Marieann. Her face was dead serious as she looked at my ripped jeans. I felt like a mess, my blonde hair frosted with black from the fire and my red shirt was covered in leaves and sap.  

‘’What where you doing in the middle of the forest?’’ she asked. 

‘’I was running from the fires,’’ I said. 

Marieann replied ‘’Well I know that, my question was how did you end up in the middle of the forest?’ 

‘’Oh,’’ I said ‘’ I was camping with my parents when the flames came out of nowhere and separated us.’’ 

Then came the awkward silence. The helicopter’s rotor roared as we flew. I could no longer see the flames, but the smoke was huge, black and everywhere. I moved up in the sky like a snake climbing the CN tower. Finally, I asked a question to break the silence. 

‘’How do you pronounce your name?’’ 

‘’MARIE-ANN is how you pronounce it,’’ she exclaimed. ‘’ it means survive in Scottish’’ 

‘’What is your name?’’ she asked. 

‘’My name is Ree-‘’ 

 The engine cut out. 

The helicopter went into a steep dive. I screamed as Marieann tried to stop the helicopter from falling. My heart was trying to jump out of my chest again. The ground was getting closer and closer. I closed my eyes hoping it was just a horrible dream. I opened my eyes and, nope I was still falling.  

‘’Put your head in your knees and cover your neck.’’ 

‘’WHAT?’’I screamed. 

‘’If we cover our heads we might survive!’’ she said. 


The fall was not as bad as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, it still felt like a 1000-pound elephant being dumped on my back. But it was not as bad as I expected. The helicopter landed in a tiny clearing in the middle of the forest. I tried to open the door, but it was jammed.  

I could only see in front of me. The window was smashed so I climbed out. My arms and legs hurt to put pressure on. When I finally squeezed my way out, the sun shone in my face. I could not see Marieann. I called her name, but my voice was hoarse from screaming.  

I crawled around to the pilot’s side of the helicopter and saw Marieann, with her head on the steering wheel, lying there, unconscious. I opened the pilot’s door and pulled her out. Her arms were red from the blood. Her brown wavy hair now covered in dust. I propped Marieann up against a tree. Making sure her head would stay up straight. The sky was the colour of apple juice and the air was filled with this horrible smell of gas and sulfur. A thick yellow smoke poured from the helicopter’s engine. I winced in pain as I tried to lie down. My mind flooded with thoughts and questions of how the helicopter could have possibly crashed. But as soon as my head hit the ground, I was asleep.  

When I woke up Marieann was rummaging through the helicopter. I made a small grunting noise to try and let her know I was awake. Then she casually turned around and sat back down beside me. 

‘’Are you hurt?’’ she asked. 

‘’Not too bad,’’ I responded, ‘’how about you.’’ 

‘’Fine, just fine.” Marieann said. 

By the way her for-head was sweating she was probably in a lot more pain than she wanted to admit. Her arms had stopped bleeding, but she had a huge bruise on her left hand. She handed me a canteen of water and I took a huge gulp. I had not realised how thirsty I was. The water trickling down my throat. It was cold and refreshing. Then suddenly, a burning stick flew through the air and landed in front of me. 

‘’ We need to leave now,’’ Marieann said, ‘’It’s coming.’’ 

Again, with the running. Why did it have to hurt so much? I tripped and tumbled as we brushed away any bushes that got in our way. I could hear the flames getting closer now. The roar of destruction. We ran through the forest not stopping for anything. Nevermind, we did stop for something. We heard a small squealing to our right. Marieann stopped dead in her tracks.  

“I know that sound,” she exclaimed, “we need to follow it.”  

“Why?” I said, “No we need to keep running.” 

“NO!” she yelled, “I need to help that animal.” 




It was a losing battle. I could not persuade her to keep running. So, I ran alongside her. We didn't have to run long. We found the animal that made the noise. It was the size of a small dog with brown fur. I couldn’t see what animal it was though, my eyes were too blurry and yellow. It must be from the smoke I told myself. The animal squirmed under a huge log.  

Marieann screamed over the roar of the fire, ‘’ Help me get the log off!” 

I used all my strength (which was not a lot) to lift the log off the animal. After a lot of lifting and pushing the animal squeezed out and ran away. The fire was so close now that I felt like it was burning every hair on my body off. We bolted in the same direction as the animal. We zoomed passed trees and jumped over logs. My body soaked in sweat. We ran for a long time. We stopped here and there to free some animals. My eyes were getting really blurry but It did not matter. All that mattered was running from the fires. The trees started to thin out. There were less and less logs and bushes to jump over. I think I saw a lake. I asked Marieann to make sure I was not hallucinating. 

“Do you see that?”  

“Yes!” she answered. 

“If we can make it to the lake, we might be able to escape the fires long enough for someone to save us!”  

We ran as fast as we could (which was pretty much the same speed considering we had no energy). The lake was right in front of us. I jumped in thinking I was going to hit water.  

This was not a lake. 

Just as we fell off the edge off the cliff I grabbed on to a root of a tree. Then I had to grab Marieann because she jumped too. We were both hanging on by my hand. I held on for dear life. My eyes were so blurry I could barely see Marieann’s face. It was not the smoke from the fires that had made my eyes go blurry, it was the yellow sulfur smelling fumes from the helicopter. We were swaying like crazy now. My arms getting more tired by the second. My hand was slipping.  

We were going to fall. 

I screamed and cried for help but obviously no one was coming. Just before I let go my body felt like it had lost two hundred pounds. 

Marieann had let go of my hand. 


Submitted: April 28, 2021

© Copyright 2021 s.g. reimer. All rights reserved.

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