Forever I wish, forever I appeal

This heart’s a wreck unless you heal

The word or two would do suffice

Even a gaze would blow my might


A nonchalance you hold is so cruel

It makes me think if my love’s a fool

Pains and aches are all I surmise

I love you much, why don’t you realize?


Let me love you to the moon and back

Unchain your heart and hand me the latch

I promise I would not create a mess

Own my soul, don’t drag my life a test


I wonder at dusk you’d kiss my head

Or at dawn, I’d draw you in bed

The coffee in mug would warm the air

Our fingers entangle and prompt the flare 


So if I’m silent, wait the storm

It has to come_ in a poetic form

I’d sing my poems just for you

You’d give them ears if my love’s a true

Submitted: April 28, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Rehmat Tanzila. All rights reserved.

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Mike S.

A fine lover's lament poem, Rehmat

Wed, April 28th, 2021 4:14pm


Thanks Mike

Sat, October 22nd, 2022 11:10am

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