This I Believe Book: Many Different Ways to Write

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

This book is made up of many different story types, of my belief's that I have gained during all of my 14 years. Inspired by the book "This I believe" The idea of the book and person who took the interviews is Jay Allison, and Dan Gediman was the publish/editor of it. Starring many regegnizable names, such as Sarah Adams. Please leave comments! Thanks for reading!
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Chapter 1:

The Impossible Universe

A This I Believe Personal Philosophy of Deagan Trembley


I suppose I believe many things, for example, I could believe in peace, I could believe in equality, or I could believe in the planet, maybe even I could believe in the future. I think that one word can sum all of these and much more together. That one word is what I believe, I believe it because it is beautiful, the vast openness is utterly stunning. I believe it because it’s peaceful, there’s no harm where I believe. So many different things smushed together, yet, it’s empty, it’s cold, but at the same time it’s warm. It’s so spread out, yet so clumped together. This is why I believe in the Universe.


When I was 8 years old, in the second grade, it was just a normal day, learning, playing, having fun, and just being a kid. It was at the end of the day, our last recess for the day, and one of my good friends came up to me and said that this other kid called me a very horrible thing, not a normal insult, a thing way beyond repair, it had to do with me being black. At the time I had no idea what it meant, but being a second grader and not liking being called names period I tattled to the teacher, little did I know that what I was about to tattle was so much more than “tattling”. It happened so quickly, the teacher got, well, ticked, and I was immediately whisked to the office, they asked me if I was totally sure that’s what this other kid said and I said yes, being a second grader and all. Well, it was not until late that night when my parents came in to tuck me in that someone finally explained to me what such a word meant. I was young sure, but I wasn’t completely stupid either, I understood then, how bad this one word was. How much trouble this one word can cause. This one word, if uttered by the wrong person, could start a riot, a protest, maybe even war. This is why I believe in the Universe, it’s peaceful up there, among the stars, I believe that one word would never be said in a place like the Universe.


Have you ever done a science experiment? Have you ever failed at a science experiment? Did your science experiment end up as a big mess and everything was a blob of mess? Or have you made a collage? Has your college turned out great? Did it turn out as a super cool blob with specific items sticking out? Of course, both are true, and this is what I believe the Universe to be like. Like someone made a picture, then blew up a science experiment on it. To be more precise, The universe is made of an endless amount of galaxies and black holes and white holes and, all of which are tiny little stars to the Universe. So I think the universe is one big fail, mixed with great success, depending on the way you look at it, it could be even more of a mess or even bigger of a place full of inspiration. When I look at the Universe I see a perfect world.


The Universe, peaceful, vast, open, and what I’d call my perfect world. But at the same time, it's a disaster. Nothing is equal in quantity, everything is just thrown together to form one big recipe. This big recipe represents all of the people on earth, we are all different, but up there we are all treated with equality, down here, well, let’s just say we have some problems to fix. Never underestimate the power of the most important things, like the universe, if we didn’t have it, then we wouldn’t have a sky, we probably wouldn’t even exist, for all of these reasons, the Universe, is what I believe. 



Chapter 2 (Parts 1-5) Chapter 2 Part 1

The Beginning of Puppet

I have no clue how I managed to acquire this name,

The name of Puppet might seem to be a shame.

Really though, the name fits me like a glove,

pulled every which way.

I wish I could be calm, like a morning dove,

but it's impossible, no matter how much we pray.

I believe this name works for me,

It supports me like a sturdy tree.

It allows me to express,

my feelings in verbal.

I truly am a mess,

especially that day I was thrown a curveball.

It started slow, then looped around,

 seemed my future was bound.

When the full weight of the newly discovered,

when I finally realized that I was blood red.

Inorder to make it through,

I had to keep myself true.

So I made my nickname Puppet,

because to make it,

I have to fake it.

To be the best that I can be,

Not really showing my personality.

Puppet is a literal term of my life,

having to live up to everyone’s expectations.

As if your every movement is controlled,

however this is how you become bold.

By preparing for struggles by following rules,

because I once thought that I was one of their tools.

so Puppet is the proper name I think for me,

because it defines my fragile tree. 

As someone who understands the regulations,

and yet also manages to see the viewable nations.

I believe in Puppet fit for me

because it expresses everything about myself, as clear as the sea.


Chapter 2 part 2

The Life of the Lonely

We live in a Pandemic,

Can you believe that?

Living completely isolated from literally everything you love?


This has been the worst year and a quarter of my life and we still aren’t done.

I remember that day me and my friends got the email from school.

Something about not being able to go back to physical school. 

I really only remember us being at a store shopping for a refrigerator…

When we got the emails and I freaked out to my friends about it…

Until my dad took my phone from me…

I mean come on!!!

I wasn’t going to be able to “see” my friends for an unknown amount of time.

And you guys are more worried about a fRiDgE?!?


Anyway, its not my best memory, but the real pain didn’t start until February,

Of 2021

When I realized I missed my friends with such ferocity it hurts.

I mean really,

I have trouble going and staying asleep because I think about them,

I have trouble getting out of bed because I wanna keep thinking about them, 

And when I bring this up to my parents they say “welcome to being a teenager”

Well guess what? “I hate being a teenager if this is what it causes” 


I don't have anything to do without them besides get in trouble, I can do school…

but I can't ride my bike, take a walk, or anything outside unless I have…

*sigh* yes, supervision

because (and I am guilty of having an interest) I am accused of seeing my pals,

When really, i'm just trying to find an excuse to let me be alone with my thoughts,

If you haven't noticed, family’s can get super irritated.

So yeah, that's pretty much it about my lonely life, 

Although, since i am thinking about it,

I think being lonely can have benefits to, No I believe being lonely has benefits,

For example, I am super close to my family know (A little to close actually)


Chapter 2 part 3

My Newly found (and regretful) Greatest Tragedie in my life (literally)

In remembrance of Shakespeare

:10 syllables per line:

It all started in middle of 6th grade,

A boy, we did not take seriously,

Had started following Covid-19.

Me and my pals thought it was no big deal,

Little did we know, it would bite us back,

He told us from the beginning to look,

But we were to self absorbed to see,

The strange, growing attacker before us,

And because of this we were unprepared,

That boy, whom I won’t say his name, I owe,

I owe him greatly for being a jerk,

 This is my acknowledgement to that boy,

I am very, and greatly, deeply sorry,

For Doubting you when I should have listened,

I will live knowing this fact forever,

Now you made me think, to listen to all,

You taught me the real meaning of friendship,

It is something of extreme importance,

A real good friend is someone who listens,

A real friend is a person who is there,

A real friend is someone who tries to help,

A friend is someone who does not ignore,

This tragedy, given to me from you,

Will stay with me forever, I thank you,

I believe this moral will help me through,

The future is close, I can feel the change,

Hopefully my future can be brighter,

Because you have taught me some true values,

Now I believe in value of friendship,

This is my neverending debt to you.


Chapter 2 part 4

My Very First Basketball Game

I had waited 12 years for this moment to finally come,

but since it was my first time, when I got the ball I went “um”.

That single moment of inevitable hesitation,

caused my team chaos and indecision.

I was really good at basketball,

my whole entire team knew that I was dangerous even if I wasn’t tall.

I could make anyone slip, I could fly down the court,

because I am extremely hyper just like Mort.*

There was a reason that they made me point guard,

because I wasn’t something you wanted to just discard.

I could shoot from half court,

I could find gaps they couldn’t because I am short.

I was fair and passed the ball,

so I was ticked that I became a haul.

That one moment ruined my game,

cost me my time for fame.

Everyone tried to make me feel better,

but my fault, had made me tender.

besides, I wouldn’t listen,

I focused hard to not be mistaken.

It took a while but I finally found it,

The place where I had left my kit.

The kit to success,

The kit to access.

I found my skill once more,

and with the new rage I felt I tore.

I tore through the court and found my game,

to fulfill once more, my very special name.

In the end we won the game, my first ever game,

and after, I found it suddenly plain.

That I believe in my disdain.

That one moment taught me something,

we all make a mess on our first thing.

I struggled in that moment trying to find my way,

but all you have to do to find the way is play.


Chapter 2 part 5

Appreciate: Written By L.E.O

(Actual Lyrics to Real Song Made By (ME!) L.E.O


Note: I would like everyone to know that I understand completely that I am a pain, that I am sorry to the people in this piece for being a pain, and that this piece is dedicated to you guys who saved, created, and spoiled my life.

(Do not have idea for beats or music for this piece)


There are 3 people I would to mention,

Although I created a lot of tension,

I need you guys to know that I care more,

Then you seem to keep in store.

There are three people in world,

That I need to know my word,

My dad #1

My mom #2

My little brother #3


#1 is my dad,

I was really bad,

Although I appreciate you the second most,

I had just feel that I was closer to you, no need to boast,

Although I was a pain, in the end you come through,

You tried to keep me straight too,

I understand the facts,

You got mad and yelled at my stats,

I know it doesn’t help that I am ignorant,

I realize the most, that I am super bent,

I don’t think their is, a way to fix myself,

But I Appreciate you, because dealt with me, and tried to set me straight,

Everything you did, 

Was to keep safe my bid,

Thank you for giving me a fresh start

Even if I didn’t do my part,

Thanks for being there, after all of the despair.

#1 is my dad

#2 is my mom

#3 is my little brother


I appreciate you mom, the most,

Cause you get all the way to the coast,

To get the money we need the most,

If it weren’t for you I would be, utterly lost,

And although you are a bomb,

You will be with me to my tomb,

Because I understand, I really do,

Why you get so angry with me to,

I don’t pick up my mess, 

And I make you have more stress,

But I love you.

Because without you,

I wouldn’t have any blue,

So thank you.


Dad is #1

Mom is #2

Bro is #3


Bro I always wished for you,

When you came along though, I realized what was true,

Although I still loved you a lot,

It became clear what my wishes brought,

They may have brought love,

From something up above,

But I realized soon, 

That you were the main tune,

But I love you, because you kept it true,

So thank you.

Yes thank you, Thank you all,

I have never said this enough before this call,

Thank you, I love you, I appreciate you all.



Submitted: April 28, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Leo-the-Shy-0n3. All rights reserved.

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