The Quest For A New Life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is about two women. Pam Wilson is tired of her mom and sister interfering in her life. Pam wants to get away. Pam’s dad pays for her and brother David to take a cruise. Pam meets Ben Stewart. Ben also wants to get away from his mother and grandmother. Pam and Ben fall in love and get married.
Emma is a princess and she promises to Prince Henry. Emma runs away on a cruise with her maid. Emma meets and falls in love with a man named Randy Bailey.
Pam and Emma are both going to fight for their happiness regardless of their family’s rejection.

Table of Contents

My Miserable Life

Pam get angry with her sister for trying to set her up on a date
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My Vacation

Pam and her brother David take a cruise.
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Family Problems

Ben really likes Pam, but he is worried his mother would be causing problems for them.
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The Storm

Ben asks Pam to marry him
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The Wedding

Ben and Pam get married in England.
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The Family Reaction

Ben and Pam's family are not happy about them getting married
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Escape to a New Life

Emma falls in love with Randy
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More Family Problems

Pam take Ben to meet her family
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A Happy Life

Randy and Emma get married
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The Hidden Princess

Queen Pollyanna give Pam one of her twins
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