Covid-19 Fears This Oxygen

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This is a good reading I like to recommend. Every positive thought that you give for our transitory lifetime needs this refreshing blessings. All we need is a simple change that reflects our true integral identity. How simple I try to summarize this evidence we need to observe, delivers the gift God has given us. Let us be this day lived for our oneness everywhere. Thanks.

Everyone will have corona, keep in mind. When a prisoner was sentenced to death in the US, some scientists thought that an experiment should be done on this prisoner, then the prisoner was told that he would be stung to death by poisonous cobra instead of hanging. On the day of hanging, a big poisonous snake was brought in front of him and the prisoner's eyes were tied to a chair. After this, he was not bitten by a snake and was pricked by a safety pin.

Surprisingly the prisoner died in 2 seconds. In prisoner's body in post-mortem report "Venum Sadushyam" Poison found, where did this poison come from which the prisoner died? After post-mortem, it was found that this poison was produced by the prisoner's body due to mental fear. At the end the meaning is that Positive or Negative according to our own mental state.

Energy is generated accordingly HORMONES are born in our body 90 % of disease root cause of negative thoughts energy.

Today, man is destroying himself by making the ashes of wrong thoughts.

According to my opinion, don't attach Corona to your heart.

People from 5 years to 80 years have become negative.

Don't go by the statistics. More than half the people are settled.

Those who died not only because of Corona but also had other diseases, which they could not compete with. Remember this, no one died at home due to Corona, everyone died in the hospital.

Reason is hospital environment and fear of mind. So keep your thoughts positive and be happy.

: Think Positive and Believe good will happen

* advice from a psychiatrist *.

* 1 * Don't see or listen to more news related to Corona, you have already known all the information you need.

* 2 * Stop trying to gather more information from anywhere because it will weaken your mental state even more.

* 3.* Don't give virus related advice to others because not all persons have the same mental capacity, some may be victims of depression i.e. depression.

* 4.* Listen to music as much as possible, can also listen to spirituality, hymns etc, play board games with kids, sit with family and make programs for years to come.

* 5.* Wash your hands thoroughly at regular intervals, also clean all items, meet any new visitor from 1 meters away.

* 6 * Your tendency of negative thinking will increase depression and decrease your ability to fight the virus. On the other hand, positive thinking will enable you to fight any situation or disease by strengthening you physically and mentally.

* 7.* URGENTLY IMPORTANT... Keep the faith that this time is going to pass soon and you will always be healthy and safe.

* Stay Positive - Stay Healthy.

Think Positive and Believe good will happen ..

* Come together - spread positive thoughts*


Submitted: April 29, 2021

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