Legendary Knight

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

This tale speaks of a Legendary knight... Sir Rogar

Brave, kind, handsome and strong was he

Yet his greatest challenge was no ogre 

Hide stronger than steel, a roar worse than any banshee 


A Dragon plagues his life 

Poisoning his heart, with darkness and illusions

Contumely filling his , mind and soul with strife

For this beasts greatest weapons was dissolution 


For whatever heroic deeds he did 

All he could hear was “ugly, unworthy, worthless” 

And these voices he could not rid 

For all they did, was cause, pain anxiety, and The uncertain 


Then came the day

When the great Knight went to slay the dragon 

For he knew the way 

And all he would have to do is find the courage, not from a flagon 


As hours turned to days 

And days turned to weeks

All he could feel was the pressure of the haze 

“Die alone, not deserving of happiness, you are weak” 


The full weight of his insecurities and fears

Weighted heavy on his Worn heart 

That has been gained over years and years 

But someone followed our hero, his sweetheart


As the Knight looked to see his whole kingdom 

A quiet hand grasped his ever so gently 

An angel Of unsurpassed beauty and wisdom 

The love of his life, victoria, the Valkyrie 


Seeing her love, In tears in shambles 

She began to speak 

“My love Please see yourself through different eyes, here’s an example

As his heart, laid clinched by the beast, just the tiny light began to peek


The local blacksmith 

Talking about him in kind 

He would always come forthwith 

how I will alway have his back, and him mine 


As more light shines through

The Knight heart saw more light 

Sir Lower Begin to have a breakthrough 

His heart Began to Glow oh so bright 


As the young knight saw himself differently

Though all the lives he has touched 

Though his, Kindness, his Love and his Chivalry 

And how Fair victoria saw him made him Smile and blush 


For how she saw him, Her Rock, Her foundation

She saw him for all the love he embodied

Whear with kind words, or a Funny Conversation 

Not to ever say being handsome With a Rocking Body 


“I'm afraid” the knight spoke “ That i will lose everything”

“So i have learned to be guarded” the Knight continued to speak

“That no one can love what's Within, but this im beginning to rethink” 

As tears continually beat down this Gallant knights Cheek 


The knight statins to his feat, with the light of his Friends 

And the Love of a Good Women 

His life Examined though a new lenz 

Finally Ready to fight his Villain 


The battle that took place was legendary 

The Knight Clashing, with Steal and scales

Breath Weapons and Talens parried 

A battle truly deserving of the end of the tail


Sir Rogar Returned home Victorious 

The Dragon Beaten not slain

Now being able to see he his metriouous 

This is the Tail of Legendary knight sir lower, Long may he reign 


Submitted: April 29, 2021

© Copyright 2021 TheG-man9. All rights reserved.

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