What God is Thinking Now?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Christian Writers

Gifted is every moment faithful for its best servants. Today when the master visit his home for this need to change, we must know only some choices can inherit everything we have lost in time. So let us deliver this promise for being faithful what take care the future so blessed. May be God knows who is responsible to be the best in this vision. Let like an angel of many treasure you seek, see through generations this statement of my life. I hope there will be more than a human story for this innovative instrument God want to play to have a better quality for everyone's life with value, integrity and humility to be kind and truthful to themself and God.

Only if our future merely revisit the next game,

How well do you take care of yourself?

No other responsibility of our own life,

Just cannot feed an animal bleeding failed watching,

How cruel seven deadly mistress failed the forgotten war,

A single word hard to get these days see where do we live,

Why do we live for executing this halucinations?

Someone kept I don’t choose what matters these problems,

I try rearranging its artfulness see into your life-values,

We can choose how these winning signs took to be loyal,

We don’t have to kill each other to be intelligent survivors,

We do know what the devil see into his character,

How can we leave this politics without principle?

Why am I blaming a pleasure without conscience?

How did the wealth without work get into wrong hands?

What work without character made its humility married to sacrifices?

Today it’s all about living the values you know what life matters,

Consider I am how I choose who knows himself for everyone to see and feel,

Which alone breathe I am together to do something of value for making you our winner,

If I see an evelope ever opened that you are earning more in this vision,

How you used this tougher decision live for true leadership traits on daily basis,

Tells me it doesn’t just change how a good thing hinges is free,

Yes I’m happy your examined life is worth living loosed upon this world,

How about difficult choices you bear as the story of our saviour,

He who didn’t command himself with your life purpose by helping you,

When you truly act if you trust this element of faith is truly god gifted,

I request this dedication be a legacy to our all time future generation,

You don’t have to kill one person’s obligation handicapped to be kind and truthful,

I believe when you generates leaders to realise one’s destiny which further this vision,

Why do some thirst about this art can’t tell you how exactly you do it?

Some passion how it does something strange pauses this genuine need,

Some compassion how it style this conversation with one another and within you,

Some care follows the way in prayerful cannot be imposed or mapped,

You are born not just to survive this advise,

We need your participation that can command a dream God requests,

Every child courageous when God wants something upon this future we want,

Where the rule of peace worth living well planned events by God,

Where a great man knows he generates leaders guiding the light that don’t show favouritism,

Today you know why this infinite faith within is here on this living Earth,

Life of Jesus is an example where death surrendered for the simplicity of a heart,

Think what would Jesus do if whom you seek was God’s will whom he is pleased to listen?

Mother Teresa once rightly said: “Each one of them is Jesus in disguise.”

If this is your day and your sacrifice is worth make the biggest choices in life,

Don’t wait for all external expectations,

Help this language of love sent for a mission on this living Earth,

You don’t have to be a saint not living self-absorbed lives,

Your reaction this overnight fall into make this happen by helping eachother for the sustainable future we want,

One of us couldn’t dream what God is thinking right now?

So requested God what is your exceptional inspiration for all your thoughts can change,

When I am told all human actions will rise to top to know the will of God,

Can I resolve this oneness what made me write this letter to my teacher so saved a dream with deadlines?

If I hold back this thought upon the trustworthiness of God,

If I am faithful welcoming this friend for the world of possibilities,

Please do enjoy every moment how these trials exist for the rest of our life,

If you don’t know what matters most,

Do keep commitments promised and put the vision of a human soul nurture the gift God has given us,

Every moment you reach the faith open before you,

Truly a transitory lifetime will make your story as a hero of this entire kindness gifted without deadlines.

Submitted: April 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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