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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story that takes place in the future. 3 young boys team up together to defeat an evil race called the Creepers. The boys are called Animuses. This story is sure to keep you entertained


A flash of orange light pierced him. He couldn’t do anything. Not even conjure a shield. He fell to the ground like a ragdoll while a mysterious person rose from the coffin. He was back. They were back. The strongest and most wicked group of magicians were back and they were coming to get me...

Chapter 1

I abruptly woke up! Magicians like me had dreams like this all the time. These dreams basically show what is happening in real life. We are called Animuses and we anchor the world of Asgard and the mortal world. We are all born with different types of powers. I was born with the ability of bending time, shapeshifting and telekinesis. 

I woke up in debris and destruction caused by the Creepers who had reawakened a month ago.

The Creepers were a group of evil magicians that had ruled all of Asgard by terrorizing all of the citizens. My parents both fell to the hands of The Creepers while trying to protect me. I didn’t understand what was happening then. All they told me was “We will come back dear. Stay here.” Twelve years have passed and they still haven't returned. My parents had sacrificed their lives to save me and to destroy the Creepers.. 

Chapter 2

This is the story of my life. A story full of dread, despair and carnage. Though, there were many happy parts. I mean, a person can’t always be sad can they? Anyway, at Camp Animus, I had 2 friends. Only two. Though they were my BEST FRIENDS. They would play an important role in the triumphs and failures in my life. Shakib, the awesome dude that I envy because he had Ice powers, fire powers and the ability to decipher anything, Ashwien. My other best friend. He had full control over rocks and long aiming, shooting, targeting powers. Camp was a beautiful place full of joy and kindness. It was one of the many places where different races and different people lived happily together. 

Chapter 3

After the Creepers came back, we rarely had time to enjoy the place. There were constant attacks and many of the people there died at the hands of monsters and even other Creepers. I’ve had enough. If it was me the Creepers wanted, then let them have me. I told the camp director to let me go to the Creeper’s base when he told me some shocking news. Apparently, I was the main part of a prophecy that gave information on how to defeat the Creepers. I couldn’t endure the pain. Everyday, at least four people at camp perished. How could I wait any longer and let innocent people die? We came to a decision.

I could choose two other people to accompany me on a quest to defeat the Creepers. Naturally, I chose Ashwien and Shakib to be my partners. We would leave the very next day. Though, we didn’t know that the Creepers had a spy in our camp and knew about our plans to come to their base. The leader told his followers to send their strongest monsters to capture us three alive. We sure were in for a rough adventure. 

Chapter 4

The next day, we packed everything we needed for our adventure. Pocket Knives, water, some food, Our weapons disguised as pens and finally the most important thing, Ambrosia, the food we can eat that heals us. It tastes unique to everyone. To me, it tastes like the homemade brownies that I yearn for everyday. We were given a book and map to guide us through the trip. Both of my friends said, “Jees. These people are overreacting. How hard could defeating Creepers be?” They didn’t know how many things many people have lost to the Creepers. 

Chapter 5

The first place was The Fiery Forest of the Furies. We travelled many kilometers to reach our first destination. As we were about to take a step inside, three furies stepped in front of us trying to halt our journey. All three targeted each of us. Shakib froze the fury and then burned it. I shapeshifted into a dragon and bit the fury really hard while Ashwien raised huge rocks and trapped the fury inside a rock tower. Honestly I felt like that was too easy. It was as if the Creepers wanted us to come to their base.. We voyaged through the forest avoiding deadly fire traps. Animals blew fire, talking fruits blew fire and even a lot of trees spewed fire. Since when were trees flamethrowers? After two very long days, we reached the end of the miserable forest. The next place was The Home of the Atrocious Arai.

Chapter 6

This time, we were able to make it halfway through before trouble struck us. Many Arai, curse spirits, surrounded us and started screaming curses. Shakib was about to blast them an important piece of information. “Don’t directly hit the Arai because you will suffer deadly curses. Instead hit objects around them and try to slow them down.” We all started dropping trees on the Arai but whenever we defeated one, another one replaced the fallen arai. Many of the arai surrounded Ashwien, because Ashwien had rock powers and rocks were the Arai’s natural enemies. They started to carry him. Shakib and I couldn't help him because we already had our own share of Arai to fight. I got so angry that I screamed with pure anguish. The power of my scream evaporated all the Arai around us. Since the Arai evaporated, Ashwien wasn’t being supported by anything and started tumbling to the ground. We heard a crack, the sound of bones breaking. We rushed to his aid and he was groaning worse than me after eating twenty cookies. Shakib muttered a healing spell and Ashwien started to regain his strength. I was confused and asked Shakib how he healed Ashwien. “It's a power from my dad. I can only use it two times.” Oh yeah. Shakib had a dad. I didn’t. 

Chapter 7

We were almost at the final place before the Creeper’s base when we got stuck in a series of obstacles like trenches and spikes but somehow, after a lot of screaming and struggling, we got out. We had arrived at our second last destination. The Teddy Bears of Terror. In less than a minute, we were bombarded by a horde or teddy bears that tried to gnaw on our shirts. It was not until we were rescued by rock men, friends of Ashwien's. WHY DID EVERYONE GET SUPER ROCK PEOPLE AND HEALING GIFTS AND I WAS STUCK WITH NOTHING? Ah well, I can’t get everything. I mean, I totally have way more awesome powers than Shakib or Ashwien. Don’t I? Anyways, after travelling for a long time, we had to stop abruptly because we were hit by a flurry of arrows. I managed to slow down the speed of the arrows using my powers and when we reached the area where the arrows came from, I could make out a fortress decorated with skulls around it. We had made it to the guarded fort of the Creepers. 


Chapter 8 

We made a plan to split up and defeat as many enemies as possible. Shakib and Ashwien went through the weaker parts while I went straight into the middle, which was the most guarded area. I pondered on why they let me handle such an important task. Then it dawned on me that they trusted my abilities so much, and also believed in me. I decided to not let them down. I shouted my infamous battle cry “Peanut Butter” and went to war. I sliced through enemies like they were made of paper. No one stood a chance. A few times I gave a crazy laugh that scared me more than my enemies. We were winning until I spotted my friends hanging above a boiling pot of lava. I immediately came to a halt. I heard a cold and cruel laugh that sent shivers down my spine. “Yesss. I see you have come here at last.

 I replied back, stuttering in fright, “ Y- you killed my parents.” He said five words that made me stand there dumbfounded. Any guesses? “Nonsense. I am your father.” He took off his hood. I could recognize that face anywhere. 

“Father? Is that really you?” I broke down into sobs. 

“No, I have simply taken refuge in your father’s body. Suddenly, A blur of knives and I saw that the villain’s elite guard had been killed by Shakib and Ashwien. 

They asked me” So can we kill him? Do you somehow know this guy?” I told them he was my father. Still, just because he was my father I couldn’t let him go because he had taken the lives of thousands of people. Naturally, I did the thing everyone does. I charged him.

Chapter 9

I first used my powers of telekinesis to create a force field around Shakib, Ashwien and I. Then I started attacking. My father and I had an epic battle of spells. I used telekinesis to throw nearby objects at him. Though, they didn’t cause much damage because he always managed to deflect the debris back at me. In fact, I had to focus more on defending myself than attacking the enemies. It felt like swimming with rocks attached to my feet while carrying two backpacks full of weights. It was too much to handle. The force field protecting us started to weaken. We were about to be defeated but I suddenly heard the sound of a conch horn. Camp Animus had arrived.

Chapter 10

I looked around the battlefield and everywhere, it was Animus against Creepers! Vines grew around enemies and tightened them until they couldn't breathe, giant waves swept the Creepers away, stone fists slapped the Creepers to Neptune! You get my point! I transformed into a lion and pounced on my father, pinning him to the ground! We were finally starting to turn the tide! Nice pun there, ey? It was until I slowly realized that my father was reciting an incantation under his breath. When listening closely I recognized that it was the spell used to create mass carnage. I knew my father's plan. He was planning to wipe out the entire place! I couldn't let that happen. I was ready to make a move that would cost me my life. Quite literally. First, I have to explain something really important that I hid from you.

Chapter 11

So basically I have known for quite some time that there is a special power that my dad and I inherited from his family. We can blow ourselves up like a human Tnt and destroy everything around us! Though it comes with a beneficial twist, we can protect all our loved ones and destroy only our enemies! . That is the move I was planning to use. It was my last resort. I told my friends my plan. They took this new way worse than I thought! After a lot of argument, we all managed to agree that it was for the best. Though, Shakib and Ashwien were extremely depressed because they had never lost a loved one before. They took me for granted so much that they couldn't imagine parting with them. I mustered up my courage and prepared for my demise.

Chapter 12

that my friends were far from the harm. I started to glow brighter than the sun. My father sent a lot of villains to stop me but it was too late. I exploded into a million pieces and the whole place burned. There was fire everywhere. All the enemies burned into oblivion. The entire camp tried to shield themselves from the flying debris but they didn’t have to worry. My power protected them. The Creepers vaporized into seeds that replanted themselves into oak trees. I had saved Asgard. Camp could rest now.

I opened my eyes and looked around the barren piece of land that was once home to a group of evil people.

Chapter 13

I was floating in midair. My hands were pure white, like mist, and I was able to pass through anything. I had become a ghost. I self reflected on my life. I knew that I should have battled more fearlessly. I was too scared something would happen to me. I should have fought better. My powers weren’t useful for everything. If I had done any of these things better, then I could have defeated the villain and still be alive. I was thinking when I saw a black portal open and I was pulled inside. I tried to fight back, but it was too hard. I evaporated into mist and entered the portal. I looked around and saw many screens. Each one was showing a family laughing and having fun with each other. I heard a shrill voice. “Welcome Yasinth. Would you like to be reborn?”

Chapter 14

*A lot of years later*

I woke up. I could see the faces of my father and mother.  I was about six years old. I tried to remember the names of my parents. I think my father was called Shaba. No Shibai. Ah yes. My father was called Shakib. I had memories of my past generation. I remember how I died. In fact, I could remember that my best friend was Shakib. 

*Six years later*

I am now grown up. I am now the age where I perished. My father never knew that I remember my past life. He always told me the story about his brave friend. My story. One day, I absent-mindedly told Shakib all the details. I still had my powers. A pretty shrewd idea came to my mind. I told my dad to invite Ashwien to his house but to not tell him that I knew about my past. Once Ashwien arrived, I put my idea into action. I used my time bending powers to make Shakib and Ashwien young again. I saw them get younger and younger. Ashwien looked funny when he was twenty. Ashwien looked at me, shocked. Yasinth? Is that you? You remember everything? “Yes, I do.” I replied Shakib told me some shocking news too. I wasn’t his child. He found me at his doorstep as a kid. He wasn’t my biological father then! He could still be my friend and not a relative! The three of us had regrouped and we prepared ourselves for more adventures to come.


In the kingdom of Asgard. The king woke up. He felt different. He could feel a different presence inside of him. The voice spoke “Hello Charlie. Don’t you remember me? It's me, your sister! You killed me ruthlessly because I was a witch. I was able to split my soul and transfer it into yours! When she spoke again, her voice had a steely touch to it. “Now, I want your kingdom or your precious Asgardians will know know that you are a murderer”. 

“I will never give my kingdom into the hands of you Morgana.” the king replied back.

“Very well, there is no man in this kingdom strong enough to oppose me. Therefore, I shall obliterate this kingdom completely and then take over your throne. All in your body. HAHAHAHAHA.”

Shakib, Ashwien and I all had the same dream. We knew that we would have to face Morgana. We wanted to win and rub it in her crooked face. Oh. How fun life was.






Submitted: April 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 hi1234. All rights reserved.

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