Chapter 1: Acussed

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

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“WHOO WHOO!” the crowd screamed intensely as the man who had just sang got off stage. “Next up, performing their first hit,  James Leon, and Jonah Lester!” the man from the stage yelled. As they went up on stage someone insisted to “BOO!” “oh SHUT UP!” Jonah yelled back. “Angie, do we clap for JJ?” Katie questioned. “Nope, not yet.” she responded. They giggled.


 Suddenly the music stopped.

“EXCUSE ME!” a ruff deep man's voice yelled from the back of the Lakens auditorium, making the room silent. “I am Officer Flatfoot, and this here is Detective Ambrose, I am looking for Jonah Lester.” the officer stated. Jonah walked off the stage, and to the officer, “I’m Jonah, what's going on?” “Jonah, you are under arrest for the murder of Tracy Belmont, anything you say or do will be held against you in the court of law, you have the right to a lawyer, if you can’t afford one, one will be appointed to you, do you understand your rights?” the angry officer recited, leaving the room silent, and cold. No response came from Jonah, but James wasn't too happy. “You can't just take him, he was with us!” He yelled. Katie started to run after her brother crying and saying “you can’t take him.” “KATIE WAIT!” Angela yelled for her. “Lets go.” James raised his voice to Angela, with his teeth clenched in anger.


The three followed them to the police station, and waited until it was safe to go in without causing too much attention. James yelled at the front office lady when they got in. “Where is Jonah Lester?” “Name?” the lady demanded “JUST TELL ME WHERE HE IS!” James was getting frustrated, clenching his fists in order to demand with less anger. “Tell us where he is, I'll finish the paperwork,” Angela requested. “Then hand me a lollipop while you're at it.” she added. “Down the hall, through the double doors and up the stai-.” Before the lady could finish James ran after them. Finding his way, he bursts through the doors to the Interrogation room. “Jonah, shut up. He needs a lawyer, in fact he will return with a lawyer.” He interrupted. “Excuse me sir, but you can't be in here.” the detective hissed. “Then neither can HE, you can't just come lally gagging into a concert and accusing people of murder.” James exploded, defending his friend. “He’s right, I want a lawyer.” Jonah said, and sanctioned himself lower into the chair, kind of scared. The officer and detective looked at each other and nodded. “You're free to go.” they said. James grabbed Jonah’s hand and they left the room, with a brotherly hug to one another. Out front waiting were Angela, and Katie, sucking on lollipops. They both ran for hugs from Jonah. “Are you okay JJ?” Katie whimpered. “Yeah Katie, I'm fine, thanks to you guys.” “Alright let's go, JJ you got some serious explaining to do.” Angela rudely interrupted. 


The group went to drop off Kaite at her moms. Then they were off to the house that they all happened to share. “Alright, please tell us WHAT THE ABSOLUTE HELL happened back there JJ?” James exclaimed. “I didn't know until I got there thank you, but they said im accused of murder, like I have the guts to do that.” Jonah responded. “M-murder, yeah this is happening” Angela stuttered, still in disbelief. “But why you? With what evidence?” The silence grew longer. “ANSWER GOD DAMMIT JJ, THIS IS SERIOUS!” James exploded, letting go of the anger, and some confusion. “JJ, you know, don’t you?” Angela asked in a soft, uncertain voice. James looked at Angela, then at JJ, then back and Angela, then he walked around the room with his hands above his head, controlling his temper. “I- what? No, i'm just as confused as you both are, i'm still trying to process this as well.” Jonah knew deep down he was lying to his friends. “They checked every address they ever had of me, and I wasn't there, I'm here, because I still didn't change my address, we all didn't and it clearly made me even more suspicious.” JJ added, for assurance. 


“Hey, James can I talk to you for a sec?” Angela asked. “Mhm” he replied.They left for the other room, then Jonah had left to find someone he was looking for. “Don't you think he's acting kind of suspicious?” Angela asked. “Mhm,” James repeated, letting out a long, but quiet sigh. “I just don't understand why the cops chose him, like clearly they have some sort of evidence against him, and he can't deny it, and he didn't.” he added. “Yeah, I know, let's just not say anything to him, okay? Let's make him think we believe him.” Angela felt funny, she knew she had to always follow her gut instinct, but this time her gut wasn't too good. They went back to the room that they had left Jonah in, and to their surprise when they got back they couldn’t find him anywhere. 


“Jonah, my name is Jonah Lester.” Jonah said. “Okay Jonah, would you like a single bed?” the lady asked. Jonah nodded. He went to a hotel because he knew he couldn’t go home, and his friends are already mad and suspicious of him, so a hotel he chose. “Okay, $45 for you then” she added. Jonah walked up to his room, and laid on his bed, after a few moments of silence his phone rang.“Jonah, where are you, is she taken care of? I have another job for you.” A mysterious man said, on the other line. “Clearly, I'm being accused of it now. '' Jonah replied. “Well you did do it, but they don't know that.” the man then stated, “Come to my office in about 5 minutes.” Then they hung up the phone.


Jonah arrived at the building, it was located just between the alley and the hotel Jonah had been staying for the night, followed by a long dark alley, Jonah had been there before so he knew what to expect. The gate opened, and Jonah walked in. “Sit” declared the man. Jonah sat, but with this time, an uneasy feeling had crept on him. A man walked past Jonah, with a long, eye-contact stare, Jonah knew this wasn't going to be good. “Jonah.” A woman called, nodding her head to where he was stationed. The man that Jonah was assigned to, always wore a mask, not to be identified. “I told you, don't get caught, or even anything to get ruled as a suspect,DID I NOT!” The man barked. “Y-yes-sir” Jonah felt as though he was going to choke. He knew the bad things this man would do. The man then told Jonah where to go and who was his next target. 


Instead of following the man's order, Jonah thundered, “You know what, NO, you did this to me, you made me end two innocent two people, for YOUR pleasure.” Jonah roared at the man, he was tired of getting pushed around. If he wanted to kill someone it would be on his own terms. “ I'm done” Without another word, the door closed. A few days went by then Jonah called the man. Jonah needed this job, the only ‘paying’ job. “Game on.” “Great, don’t get caught this time, or I'll hurt him.” The man insulted. Jonah replied with “I want something out of this from now on. I’m not going to be doing this for free.” Then Jonah hung up the call.

*Ding* Jonah’s phone went off, he had got a message from James asking if he wanted to hang out. Jonah didn’t know what to say, even though he hasn’t talked to either James, or Angela since the incident, he was trying to decide if he should go hang out with James, who he’s had a crush on for quite some time, or if he should go and find his next victim, that he's been assigned. He texted James back and asked if it was just going to be just them or if Angela is going to come too. James replied with, “no it’s just us.” “Ok where should we meet up then?” Jonah texted back. They agreed to go to the fair. They met up. “So, JJ, we were really worried about you, you just left, we tried calling, but no response, what happened?” James puzzled. “I’m sorry, I went to a hotel to clear my head, I was just tired and I turned my phone off for a few days.” That was the little lie Jonah told James.” Can we change the topic?” Jonah asked, “Wanna go get something to eat, and sit on the bench?” “Oh, um,sure,” James replied. “So how have you been?” Jonah asked James.

Before James answered there was an awkward silence, Jonah just stared at James, while James was watching the ferris wheel spin. “Hotel, and hanging around.”


They all regrouped after. Not bringing up any of the murdery stuff.

 “So how was your day?”  Angela quizzed. “Oh, it was good, we just hung out at the fair, ridden the ferris wheel and ate food, LOTS of it.” the boys said, finishing each other's sentences. They all giggled. “How about you?” James asked. “It was fun, I hung out with my friends at the fair as well, it's funny because I saw you guys at the food bar, but you were enjoying yourselves so I kept going.” she smiled. The boys looked at eachother and looked away fast. “Oh.” Jonah said nervously. “So now what?” “SLEEP!” in unison they screamed. 

“Oh and were getting you a lawyer soon.” Angela added before dozing off. 




Submitted: April 30, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Destini Jersee. All rights reserved.


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NICE.. and i hope angela will soon find out what james and jonah are up to.

Fri, April 30th, 2021 7:10pm

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