Blood Ties: A Kiss of Life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A tale of life, death, love, and a lot of blood. When faced with certain death, Marty finally finds the woman of his dreams in the intriguing Vanessa. All too late for Marty and typical of how life had dealt him this bad hand. But Vanessa offers Marty more than one last night of passion. Vanessa offers Marty the chance to live. To live a life on the dark side. Vanessa is not the twenty something rock chic she appears. She is over four hundred years old and looking for a mate. She chooses Marty but will he accept the offer of immortality.

Table of Contents


Blood Ties: A Kiss of Life Chapter one introduces Marty, a young London student. He has his whole life ahead of him. At least he thought he did, until today.

More to follow. Francine Mayes (AKA Sparkles9999)
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Chapter two introduces the intriguing Vanessa to Marty. He is smitten at once.
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The Party

Marty decides to throw caution to the wind and have one final night out at the party and hope to see Vanessa.
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Trouble at the Party

Chapter 4 Snowy was perched high above the throng of party goers. Stood alongside Veronica, he was intensely searching the crowd for ... Read Chapter

Alone at the party

Chapter 5 I was getting light-headed as I danced with Vanessa. She had hold of me in what I can only describe as a firm grip. With on... Read Chapter

A tasty snack

Chapter 6 ‘This better be good Veronica’, said an angry Vanessa as the two sisters pushed their way to the far end of the dome sh... Read Chapter

First kiss

Marty finally finds himself alone with Vanessa who gives him a lot more than he expected.
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The headaches return

Vanessa gave Marty the boost he needed. But now, alone again, he is once again in pain.
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The First Bite

Marty, relieved to see Vanessa once more, is given the chance to have his pain taken away. A one off opportunity that comes with a grave price.
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Forty years later

Bitten by a Vampire, the love of his life, Marty has slept for forty years. Now it's time to learn what life as a modern day vampire is really like.
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A strange way to feed

Marty is quickly shown the reality of modern day vampire feeding by Vanessa.
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Sundown Care Home

Vanessa, a modern eco friendly vampire, only takes life blood from those who want to offer it or deserve to die.
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Chapter 13 Vanessa found Grace in a heated conversation with the girl on reception. ‘You can stick your job up your arse. I’m... Read Chapter

A Walk on the Beach

Three drunken men on the beach get a little more than they bargained for when attempting to take on the two nocturnal lovers.
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Back to 1981

Chapter 15 1981   After that first bite my body reacted slowly to the change. I found that I enjoyed the feeling of bein... Read Chapter

The Change

Back to 1981 and Vanessa helps Marty through the change from human into full blooded Vampire.
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A caged animal

Veronica and Vincent are in the area and have been spotted by Marty.
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Veronica and Vincent

Chapter 18 Vincent and Veronica were heading back towards his bedsit with Jane, their newest concubine. Vincent suddenly stopped and ... Read Chapter

Heading South

Marty and Vanessa need to escape from the controlling Vincent and her sister Veronica. They head to Cornwall.
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A cramped space to sleep

Chapter 20 We drove for two hours and on the way down towards the Sothern part of England we managed to book into a motel at a motorw... Read Chapter

Love in the motel

Chapter 21 When I awoke Vanessa was no longer beside me. I was alone in the boot of the cab. As I started to move myself around the l... Read Chapter

Taking their vows

As the couple arrive in St Ives, Cornwall, they make their pledge to each other. They re now husband and wife.
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A new life

Something is amiss with Vanessa. Hungry all the time she realizes what their love has produced. As Marty slept a long sleep, Vanessa nurtures the new hybrid life growing inside her.
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Grace to the rescue

Vanessa turns to the only person that can help her. Grace. Employed by Vanessa to run the care home, they had become friends over the years, and now Vanessa needed her help.
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Violet arrives

A vampire's pregnancy can take years and so it was with Vanessa. When a daughter Violet is born, Grace has aged and is now looked upon as the grandparent. Nanna Grace becomes the mother Vanessa and
grandmother to little sweet Violet.
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Hello daddy

Marty awakens from his long sleep to a surprise package. His daughter Violet.
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Hybrid child

Chapter 27 I sank to my knees, and if I could, I would have shed a tear. Since my transformation I had not shed any tears. But seeing... Read Chapter

Veronica and Vincent on the hunt

Chapter 28 Veronica watched the house until all the lights were extinguished. Vincent was stood in the shadows and preferred to remai... Read Chapter

Violet grows up

Violet is growing up, fast. Vanessa and Marty are shocked to see her wearing a ridiculous outfit to a teen party. Violet is dressed as a Vampire.
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Violet's first party

Chapter 30 Violet had a great time at the party. Having been at an all-girl school for the past seven years Violet was pleased to hav... Read Chapter

Grace the Witch

Chapter 31 Vincent and Veronica watched from the shadows. The Sundown Care home had lights on inside, not an unusual event for such a... Read Chapter

Violet's first kill

Marty and Vanessa go in search of Violet, now at University. They find her and are horrified to witness her first kill.
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Visitors from the past

Vanessa is finally tracked down by Vincent and Veronica.
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Summoned by the Vampire Elders

Chapter 34 ‘It is not a request Vanessa. The council have made a decree. You are to attend the next gathering in person. Just you, ... Read Chapter

The Vampire Council

Chapter 35 The Castle of Eger, Hungary Vanessa stood before the Council gathering waiting. An old bunch of Vampires, some dating ... Read Chapter


Chapter 36 The old Vampire stood looking down at where the young Violet and her mother had stood moments before and cursed the ground... Read Chapter

Introducing Freddie

Chapter 37 St Ives, Cornwall-Three years later   ‘Well done Violet. A medical Doctor at last. We are very proud of you... Read Chapter

The death of Nanna Grace

Chapter 38 Nanna Grace died suddenly of a heart attack almost one month to the day after she had said goodbye to Vanessa. Violet now ... Read Chapter

Someone is lurking in the shadows

Freddie has seen someone lurking around at night. He thinks he has seen Vanessa in the shadows but it is not Vanessa who lies in wait, but Veronica.
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He is coming for you

Chapter 40 Veronica found her food a little less satisfying tonight. Cornwall was not the flavour she preferred. Still, there was eas... Read Chapter

The veil

Vincent feels betrayed by Vanessa and wants revenge. He has a plan to use something stolen from a Witch to take Violet and leave her with his own legacy.
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