Broken Heart for Broken Heart

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Song Lyrics  |  House: Booksie Classic

Do you hear that sound?
It’s the sound of my heart
Shattering, falling apart
It’s the sound of my soul,
Screaming, sinking low
It’s our world that we built
Breaking, wrecked by you

[Verse I]
I’ve had my heart broken before
And you were the one who saved me
From hurting myself even more
Saved me from my cage, you set me free
But now, you’re gone with someone else
Chosen to love someone who’s not myself
You led me on, believed that you were mine
But now I see the truth

[Pre Chorus]
Ant it hurts, oh-oh
It really hurts, oh-oh
We were happy with each other
But you left me for another

I loved you, I really did and I still do
I trusted you, I broke the rules
For you, thought you loved me too
I really loved you, oh I was such a fool
I lost my head, gave you my heart
And now I’m back to the start
With nothing left, no one to hug
No one to trust, no one to love

[Verse II]
To me, you were my everything
But to you, I was just a toy
A jester for the King
An objected to use for your joy
I was your Juliet for Rosaline
But you were my Romeo all the same
Hate how you used me
When I truly loved you to my grave

[Pre Chorus]


I have nothing more to lose,
May as well seek my revenge
The pain you brought on me,
I’ll give it back to you
Retaliation as lament
They say an eye for an eye
Makes the whole world blind,
But I don’t need eyes to see
Through your façade of acting kind
You broke my heart in two
After I left everything for you
Just you wait, you see
Two can play at this game
Give me some time, I’ll make you mine
Then tear your heart apart,
Broken heart for broken heart.

Oh, I know what they’ll say
A heart for a heart
Only takes two lives away
But let them talk, it matters not
We can leave this world together
And burn in hell forever

Submitted: May 01, 2021

© Copyright 2021 Luna Cai. All rights reserved.

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