A Different Shade of Blue

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

The British Transport Police are a specialist Police Force that are primarily employed to Police Britain's rail network. Mal Manders is a rookie Cop and is about to take his first steps into the local law and order arena. He is new, very green, and not a natural Cop by any means. This is his story and the prequel to a three part trilogy.

Table of Contents

A New Begining

This is just the start of a very steep learning curve for rookie cop PC Mal Manders. Just out of the Police Academy he quickly realizes there is a lot more to being a good cop than knowing the law.

Enjoy. Sparkles9999 (AKA Mark Sanders)
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First Arrest

PC Manders takes his first solo prisoner into the local Police station and finds that not all custody officers are friendly. To the prisoners, or indeed, the visiting officers.
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The Custody Sergeant

Chapter 3   Arriving home in the morning after that extended night shift I was not in a good mood. It was a Wednesday mornin... Read Chapter

A festival of violence

Manders experiences his first real taste of 1980's football violence and finds himself on the receiving end but not from the hooligans.
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A new partner

Manders finds himself paired up with a new partner, PC Andy Barton, and they hit it off straight away.
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Nothing happens on a sunday

It is Manders and Barton's first shift together and they don't have long before they stumble upon a couple of real criminals. Trouble is, one is now dead, having been chased into the path of an
oncoming train.
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Handing over to the locals

Manders and Barton have indeed come across a couple of serious villains and local Detective, DS John Collins knows it. He takes control of the situation and decides to take over the investigation
much to Barton's dismay.
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Chapter 8   We worked eighteen hours straight that shift and when we eventually arrived back at the Station office our own S... Read Chapter


Chapter 9   That night as I walked into the locker room Andy was waiting for me. ‘Ok Andy?’. ‘Yes Mal I am but... Read Chapter


Chapter 10   Beal Street railway depot is as the name suggests, full of old railway locomotives. They are either being refue... Read Chapter

A dodgy Cop?

Chapter 11   I headed out of the station and towards the Highfields area. There had been a few overnight burglaries in r... Read Chapter

Funny Money

Manders seems to have linked the dodgy money found in the lockers to a local prostitute, and possibly one of his colleagues. He is at a loss what it all means when DS Collins turns up once more.
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A difficult decision

Manders, new to the Policing game, is now faced with something of a professional dilemma. There may be a dodgy cop on his shift but before he reveals all to the persistent DS Collins he needs to be
sure there is no comeback on himself.
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A stranger on the platform

Chapter 14   Over the course of the next few night shifts both myself and Andy kept our heads down, trying to come up with a... Read Chapter

Protecting the informant

Manders is being pushed to give up his informants details. In an attempt to persuade her to cooperate with the on going enquiry Manders get's a little more than he bargained for.
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A love lost

Whilst Manders professional life is on an upward curve his personal life takes something of a nosedive. He turns to an unusual source for some comfort.
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One night stand

Manders marriage is over and he starts to focus on his career with his sexual needs being serviced by the young hooker Sally. That was until he unexpectedly bumps into a work colleague and things
start to take a different course, both personally and professionally.
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Something is amiss at the station and Manders seems to be in the middle of it. After a great night out Manders arrives at work to find that he is suspended from duty and cannot understand why. He
is being questioned about a crime by the person he slept with the night before!
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Twice in one day

Maggie has arranged a clandestine meeting with her lover, Andy. Andy has become suspicious and remorseful over his affair with Maggie and wants to end the relationship. Unfortunately for Andy their
meeting is interrupted by a visit from the Merchant Banker, Maggie's real paymaster.
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A knock at the door

Chapter 20   Manders was sat in the dark with the television on although he was not watching. It had been on for the last fo... Read Chapter

A surprise at Sally's

Chapter 21   ‘It’s not you Mal’. ‘Then who?’, I ask, stunned by what I am hearing from this woman I have just ... Read Chapter

Two hours earlier

Chapter 22   2 Hours earlier   As Sally opened the door, she was a little surprised to see a middle-aged man ca... Read Chapter

Target down

Chapter 23   The red dots appeared and started searching the room for their target. They found both targets via the kitchen ... Read Chapter


Chapter 24   Manders slowly opened his eyes. His head hurt. His arms were heavy. Tubes were attached to his left arm and str... Read Chapter

The London connection

Chapter 25   At the rear of Kings Cross railway station, the lock-up garages under the arches are rented and used by a varie... Read Chapter

Three of us

Chapter 26   A week later Manders was sat up in bed, a week after that he was walking unaided, and a further week on he was ... Read Chapter

The end of the beginning

Chapter 27   Six months later London, Kings Cross Station, 7pm. Stan watched the world go by from the small table he... Read Chapter

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An intriguing Scottish mystery crime thriller novel.

Fri, July 23rd, 2021 6:07am


Alas no. East Midlands again but will some Celtic characters Rob. Thanks for commenting and I hope you are not too disappointed at the lack of Scottish references as it proceeds.

Fri, July 23rd, 2021 12:29am

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