Chapter 1: The Witches Cafe

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 72

Brenda walked along a dark and narrow path

It was getting very late, time for her yearly bath


Whilst on her way she saw a frog, ‘You might come in handy’

The frog was green, slimy too, looking very dandy


On she went, time moving on, the moon was shining bright

The wind did blow, wolves a howling, her favourite sort of night


Up ahead, her lights were on, a shadow did appear

‘Who are you I wonder, I can feel a presence here’


Looking down upon the muddy ground

Something leafy, ‘Look what I have found’


She grabbed a bunch of the sharp green plant, put it in her pocket

The frog croaked ‘ouch!’ then slipped away, went off like a rocket


‘Not so fast you slimy toad, come back right here to me’

‘No way’, he croaked, ‘It’s not for me your horrid recipe!’


‘Drat, oh bother, just my luck’, she called in a screaming whine

‘I’ve plenty more where you came from, I’ll get you next time’


At the door to her Forest house, a flutter, just a bat

A shriek from above, ‘Oh Norman, you are a scared old cat!’


She went inside, lit the fire, put water in her pot

Put what she’d found upon the table, ‘I think I have the lot’


‘My bath can wait, things to do, and no time to lose’

Spell book out, big wooden spoon, kicking off her ruby shoes


‘Eye of toad, salt and pepper, let me just begin’

‘An old bats wing, a bunch of nettles, this will really sting’


‘This broth of mine is thick and juicy, but remember, it’s no lotion’

‘For I’m a witch who likes to cook’, ‘This is my favourite potion’


‘It’s eleven o clock, I open soon, just around Midnight’

‘I’ve got an offer on, two for one, every Friday night’


‘I run a Witches café you see, for all the Forest Foe’s’

‘Werewolves, Vampires, Ghouls and all, one with a hairy nose’


‘There’s my beetle bake, some roasted snake, dragon tongue in batter’

‘Some nettle tea, with moose poo muffin’, outside there was a clatter!


She looked outside, raised her voice, ‘What’s that commotion’

‘Sorry witch, I know it’s early, I need your secret potion’


‘Not open yet, you’ll have to wait, and be very, very, quiet’

‘My dog scar, he’s asleep at last, been on a healthy diet’


‘Don’t wake him up, else you’ll be sorry, he’s such a grumpy brute’

‘Last week he ate a wizard, along with his favourite suit’


First in the queue was Wendy, a Werewolf through and through

‘I need a potion for my hair, in fact, can you make it two’


Well Brenda poured, bottled it up, said ‘Is that all’

‘Yes thank you witch, I’ll pay in cash, take this, a big eye ball’


‘That’s not enough’, said the witch, ‘You know I need some more’

‘These prices have gone up a lot, will you take a dragon’s claw?’


‘That will do nicely, that’s spot on, my hairy smelly friend’

‘Just rub this in, three times a day, you’ll soon be on the mend’


‘Next’, she called, towards the door, the wolf left it ajar

Vince the vampire fluttered in,’ I’ve flown in from so far’


‘Well what is it, tell me quick, are you out of blood?’

‘Of course I’m not, rarely touch a drop, I’m really very good’


‘It’s these teeth of mine, they’re very sharp, I’m in a lot of pain’

‘It’s a dentist that you need old man, now go see wicked Wayne’


The bat flew off, looking for a dentist, whatever was his name

The café got chilly, Brenda turned, ’Oh no, not you again’


‘We have a complaint, the soup was good, meat nicely browned’

‘But when we ate, it went straight through us, onto the dirty ground’


‘You’re always moaning, you ghosts and ghouls’

‘No meat upon your bones, you fools!’


‘Try this special broth, it’s light, my frog spawn stew’

‘Ok’ they said, took three cups, then quickly off they flew


‘Glad they’re gone, time to close, it’s nearly ten past four’

All of a sudden, a ‘rat tat tat’, upon the Witches door


‘Hello, Hello, is there anyone in?, we just want to play’

‘We’re new round here, from the local pond, and have lost our way’


It was three fat frogs stood at the door, then they hopped inside

And the witch she beckoned ‘Come on in’, her grin was really wide


‘Why come inside, play my game, you can jump around a lot’

One by one, they hopped and hopped, into the boiling pot



Submitted: May 04, 2021

© Copyright 2021 sparkles9999. All rights reserved.


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